Autumn leaves are red.

Golden Autumn is a season of harvest. Autumn is cool and fragrant. It is an excellent tourist season every year. With the advent of Qiushuang, many places are colorful and intoxicating in the mountains and mountains. The red leaves are rich in color, long and beautiful. Walking in the world of red leaves, you can feel the magic of the leaf color changing with the season.

Hometown Hongye is the most beautiful

Li Zhongyong (Shijiazhuang)

My hometown of Gulan Village is a small mountain village located at the junction of Jijin. It has a history of more than 1,700 years. In the past, it was a poor ravine that “there are many high mountains and stones, climbing up when you go out, and eating by the sky, nine years of nine years”. Since the reform and opening up, tremendous changes have taken place. In the golden autumn season, I brought my wife to the hometown of my hometown for half a century to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors of Wanshan, remembering the hard life of my childhood, and stroking my hometown of grass and trees. I felt particularly kind.

The mountains here used to be a bald mountain. Because the people are poor and have no money to buy coal, every family uses firewood to cook and warm up. As soon as winter, people hold the sickle, carry their heads, cut the roots of firewood on the mountain, and cut the wooden grass on the mountain slopes. , Severely destroyed the forest vegetation, causing soil and soil loss. At that time, my family was in Hongye District, but I couldn’t see Hongye. Later, rural cadres organized the masses to develop production to make money to buy coal by the masses. On the one hand, the mountains and forests were sealed to make the mountains from cutting firewood. When I was at home, I also participated in tree planting activities. At that time, the small pine trees planted now had grown into pine forests. The small persimmons trees climbed as a child, and the persimmons were covered with branches like a red light cage.

In the continuous layered mountains, there are three magnificent mountain peaks, namely the tip of kiln kiln with high, strange, and beautiful characteristics, which is 1233 meters above sea level. The first peak “Beauty of Daqing Mountain, with a total area of ​​more than 40 square kilometers, and a main peak of 1223 meters above sea level. It is the red -leaf tourist scenic spot; the steep peak of Lou Zishan, 989.6 meters above sea level, dense shrub, becoming a beautiful green mountain. My trip this trip is Daqing Mountain. On the same day, the autumn wind learned, the sky was clear, climbing to the main peak, and the eyes were far away. Looking at the mountains, “the spiritual realm is beautiful, the green mountains are deeper. The four o’clock is colorful, and the eight sections are different.” The accompanying folks introduced that the flowers here are full of flowers, the summer is lush, the red leaves are full of mountains in the autumn, and the silver is wrapped in winter, like a paradise.

Not only is the scenery beautiful, but also rich in products. It belongs to the “natural botanical garden, wild zoo”. There are many trees, lush vegetation, bushs, and hundreds of Chinese medicinal materials, and have become habitat for many wild animals. According to the local fellow, there was a tiger cave in the middle of the mountain, and a pair of tigers and their children lived in it. They went to a mountain farmer yard not far away every night to drink water. They are ready for water, and they have nothing to get along with mountain farmers. It wasn’t until the pitying hunter came up in the mountains. The tiger moved away. The mountain farmers moved down the mountain and lived in the village, but here left a beautiful story of the peaceful coexistence of people and animals.

Not far from Daqingshan is the boundary of Pingding County, Shanxi. Before 1958, Daqingshan also belonged to Shanxi. The army of Shanxi warlord Yan Xishan was stationed here. Essence The local people prefer to call Daqing Mountain “green”, which means the whole mountain peak.

Why do you need to go to Xiangshan? The hometown is the most beautiful red leaf area. Nowadays, Daqingshan has developed into a natural ecological area, and Cai Dougou has also become a forest park. Red and yellow leaf forests such as maple trees, yellow crickets, ginkgo, and persimmon trees should be exhausted. The flames, each color is full of warm and charming autumn, like the tailing palette, melting in this thick picture roll, it is intoxicating. Recently, the village has been listed as a traditional ancient village for protection. It is believed that it will definitely develop more beautiful and more desirable in the future.

Red leaf golden persimmon green winter green

Liu Zhenguang (Yannan)

Entering late autumn, what is the scenery on the streets of our small town? Red leaf golden persimmon and green winter!

You see, the landscape trees on both sides of the street, maple trees, white wax, ginkgo, 桕 您, French tung, the leaves are stained with red and yellow, and the autumn wind blows up. Essence Are you not beautiful? The beautiful people raised their eyes to look at the branches and stepped carefully, lest they woke up the dreams of fallen leaves.

You see, at the door, next to the house, and downstairs, the persimmons of the tree are ripe, and the small lanterns light up the streets and illuminate people’s eyes. The persimmon trees planted a few years ago have reached the fruiting period this year. The persimmon tree grows on the side of the road, and the persimmons are stubborn, but there is no pedestrian picking persimmon. Are you not beautiful? A kind of civilized new wind flows.

You see, with the development of the small town, the main streets broaden the roads, and the isolation zone is set up between the sidewalks and the motor lanes, and the winter green trees are planted. In the first year of planting, the horticultural workers set up a cold -proof shed before winter, so that they could survive the safe and overwinter, and then watered it on time. Now it has grown into two green and uniform landscape walls. Are you not beautiful? At this time, the red leaves on the trees fell on the “wall”, as if they were blooming with flowers. Who would not look at it?

The red -leaf golden persimmon and green winter green have become the beautiful scenery of our small town in the late autumn. However, this was not the case in the early years. At that time, the landscape trees on both sides of the street could not be planted. Some people no matter how much you spend, no matter what kind of labor you pay for horticultural workers, as long as he hinders his hands and feet, he will pull out or killed those planted saplings. No trees are planted in the year. Who dares to plant persimmons at the door, next to the house, and downstairs? It is those winter youths, and some people are greedy for the first time to facilitate the passage. Since the implementation of the “three packages in front of the door”, the landscape tree on the street has amulets. The landscape tree in front of the door is dead, the isolation in front of the door brings out the problem, and who must buy the same varieties of the same size of the same size and the same size, and the living band must be returned to the original. Otherwise On the “public wall”, he shamelessly. People still love face, and with institutional control, they all have a look, and the world style has changed. The landscape trees and isolation bands are normal and lush growing.

The high -rise buildings, the flat roads, the garden green space with the stars, and the green -leaf golden persimmon and green winter green, our small town is beautiful. Golden persimmon, red leaves beauty, winter green and green. The scenery is beautiful, people are real, friends, you have to be free, please come to the small city to play and play.

Who is drunk

Liu Naigang (Wu Qiao)

Look at the red leaves, still go to Jinan. The southern mountainous area of ​​Jinan is the best place to look at the red leaves.

The late autumn of Quancheng is not as small as other cities in the north. In Beijing, the street scenes in autumn are accompanied by the sound of the hoe, the yellow leaves are withered, the pedestrian is in a hurry, the long winds of the writing buildings roll up the dust, and the lively neon can not hide the killing of the temperature. Only the modern cities will become vast. Different in Jinan, the autumn of Jinan is clear, and it can afford the words of the autumn. Liu Yuxi’s “Sadness from ancient times to ancient times, I said autumn to win the spring dynasty”, which is the most suitable. In Quancheng, it is suitable for autumn poems, wine, and feasting, but the most wonderful thing is the red leaf.

Mr. Lao She wrote Jinan and said that Jinan was surrounded by mountains on all sides, like a sweet sleeping baby. If so, Nanshan is the red cheek of the baby, and the red leaves of Nanshan are a touch of red on the cheeks. At this time, walking in the mountains and forests, like walking into the creator’s smile, the breeze blows, the yellow crickets and maple leaves of the mountains are swinging, the mountains are red, the forests are stained, and the blue tile blue, the blue tile blue, the blue tile blue, the blue tile blue, The crystal clear sky is like a flame in a blue crystal. The wind blows the yellow cricket seeds to the hillside. Standing on the top of the hills, looking at it, the autumn is clear, and the goose will go south.

Jinan Duoquan, Hongye Valley is adjacent to Shengshui Spring. The Royal Mountain Creek is like Shushu Zhu, flowing down from the hillside. The red leaves are also drifting by water, and they are very smart. From the morning, the bells of Xingjiao Temple sounded, and the solemn bells echoed in the mountains and forests. The red leaves of the branches falling on the yellow monk robe, did they remember their relatives at home? Hongye has been the name of Acacia since ancient times! “Why is the flowing water too anxious? The deep palace is free. Thanks for the red leaves and go to the world.” The deep palace girl once wrote a poem on the red leaves and started a lingering love story with the poet who picked up the red leaves. Is the monk in the deep mountain also occasionally put the poems on the red leaves, and flow into the red dust with the sanctuary springs?

When the sun was shining, the twilight gradually sinked, the broken sun fell, and the sunny weather was also cool. The weaving tourists gradually dispersed, and Yu Yu’s tired bird and Cen’s mountain forest. The deeper autumn, the stronger the leaf color. The oblique light is on the red leaves, and it is slightly placed on a layer of Phnom Penh. The original gorgeous red leaves are silent, and at this time, it becomes converge and calm in the light of the sky. This situation is almost Zen, just as Tao Qian’s “there is a truth in this, and the desire has forgotten.”

Late autumn frost is when the red leaves are flowing. Strolling the red leaf valley, picked up a piece of red leaves and detailed details. The delicate petiole cream is still there, and the fine leaf veins are extended layer by layer. The sun is approximately translucent, such as Dan as jade, which is dazzling. It is: I wish you to pick more, and the shadow is dragged. Whoever gets drunk in Quanquan is always red Yemei.

Let the fallen leaves float for a while

Li Hongli (Baoding)

This year, Beijing launched 21 red -leaf scenic spots, and has entered the best viewing period since mid -late October. Among them, 15 park scenic spots promised to slow down the leaves, leaving the color leaf viewing belt for citizens for appreciation. It’s nice to let the leaves float for a while. Nowadays, the north winds are getting stronger, autumn is getting stronger, and the landscape of the landscape in the park scenic area is about to usher in the best viewing period. Everyone prays silently: let the fallen leaves float for a while. In fact, in order to satisfy the citizens to enjoy the beautiful vision of fallen leaves, cities in various places in recent years have followed the humanized commitment to delay the cleaning of fallen leaves in Beijing in recent years.

For a long time, fallen leaves have been full of “literary and artistic” in literary and artistic works such as poetry, painting, and photography, but they often use garbage in real life. The beauty of fallen leaves can only exist in literary works. In real life, the thinking of “fallen leaves is garbage” has long been used to it. In the autumn and winter seasons, in order to keep the pavement tidy every year, cleaning the leaves in time is the most worried job of cleaners. Still vivid. With the improvement of the civilization of citizens, the ability of aesthetic taste and beauty has also greatly improved. More and more citizens feel that deciduousness is actually a kind of beauty. Whenever the autumn and winter leaves are the highest and most literary protagonist in people’s eyes. Especially in the ginkgo leaves, Jin Chancan’s upper and lower mellow integration is spectacular. It looks like an oil painting, which attracts citizens to rush to take pictures.

In fact, fallen leaves are not just good -looking, but also the ecological value of fallen leaves. Falconum is part of the forest ecosystem and an important source of nutrient supply for forest land. After the deciduous deciduous rot, it is turned into nutrients to return to the soil and improve the soil. It provides the most natural nutrients. At the same time, fallen leaves can cover the naked surface of autumn and winter to reduce dust; pollutant particles attached to the deciduous wax layer will also eventually precipitate in the soil to supplement the mineral elements of the surface. It is understood that nowadays in many countries, autumn and winter leaves are allowed to cover the surface under their falling trees, and it has become the norm without making special cleaning.

Suddenly, I thought of a song “The Love of the Green Leaf on the Roots”, which was popular in the 1980s. I think that in the affection of the green leaves to the roots, the roots of fallen leaves are the most in line with the laws of natural ecology. In order to meet the citizens’ needs for beauty, the Beijing Garden Greening Department “let the leaves float for a while”, which facilitates the citizens to get close to nature and feel the beauty of late autumn. This humane promise is to speed up the rhythm of people and nature in harmony.

The red leaves of the mountain for a long time

Yang Xiaoguang (Qinhuangdao)

I like the red leaves of autumn, which originated from the beauty of human nature and the beauty of love. Rendering the red leaves into a poetic movie is the “Waiting for the Man Mountain Red Leaf” filmed by the film factory in 1980. This is a beautiful scenery of love story, beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful.

During the “Eleventh” holiday, our family traveled to travel by car and drove to the Lao Biangou Scenic Area in Dongyingfang Township, Benxi County, Liaoning Province to watch red leaves. The autumn in the northeast was a little earlier than Qinhuangdao. The old side gap had just rained, and Lin Hai fluttered overnight. Walking along the valley boardwalk, the beautiful scenery rushed to face, making people dazzling.

Qiuye is mainly red, and the colorful weaving is covered with the earth, looking at it, and the mountains are all red oceans. In the distance, the mountains are like a festival’s dress. The peaks and gully are surrounded by orange red, or bright red, or light red, and the red is warm and unrestrained. Relaxed, those red leaves and yellow leaves, when the sun shines, the wind turns the back of the leaves, the whole tree is fresh and tender; Love and heart are fascinated. The combination of streams, red leaves, and wooden bridges constitutes a beautiful picture of painting. In the painting of tourists, it has also become a scene of painting.

From September to October each year, all kinds of leaves of red, yellow, and green in the mountains are scrambling. The colors are extremely rich, and they look at it from a distance. In this gallery -like mountain road, the feeling of tree shadows and mountains is extremely shocking.

Whenever the mountains are full of red leaves, standing on the top of the mountain, using our camera to take the brilliant brilliant, we pick the brightest red one to make a bookmark; whenever the mountain red leaves are full of mountains, we are side by side with the bushmammer tree. , Let the gorgeous colorful Xia Xia reflect the heart; whenever the mountain is full of red leaves, we use joyful atmosphere to infect the mountains and call the mountains; whenever the mountains are full of red leaves, look at the layers of forests, watch the wild Qiuhong, Yunxia full full God, let’s get colorful autumn together!

It exactly: The red leaves of Manshan have been creamy for a long time, and Mingyan still loves his old branches. When I traveled through the mountains, I was looking for a path.

Look at you when you are the most beautiful

Yang Fang (Baoding)

“The cold rain knocked on the window cold, and the beginning of winter was shocked.” When the last cold autumn rain knocked on the window late at night, when the “Lidong” came from the order that could not help but say, it would surprise the golden fan -shaped leaves on the ginkgo tree. In the end of autumn and early winter, it is the best time to watch ginkgo leaves. Ginkgo forest is the protagonist with the highest face value in this season.

There is such a ginkgo forest in the suburbs of the small city, saying that it is “forest”. In fact, there are only five or six columns and a dozen of each. Essence Under the tree densely covered with golden fans, I ca n’t see any other miscellaneous colors, just like a grand festival is about to usher in a soft yellow carpet for the earth. The golden yellow on the canopy is still very full and dense. Like the spiritual silver -haired elderly, it is a kind of distinctive dignified, noble, mature and elegant, as well as calmness, calmness and tranquility.

The golden finance under the tree is spectacular, and it looks like the oil painting on the canvas. This golden yellow is a little moving, and the blue sky, white clouds, and birds seem to be admiring the beauty of ginkgo trees. The golden yellow ginkgo leaves are like a small fan, which is chic and beautiful; it looks like a bright yellow skirt, youthful fashion; combining two leaves together is a golden butterfly, gorgeous and charming.

Recently reading a beautiful text, the author wrote a fallen leaves: “Some of them hold hands, like brothers who are suffering from Gan; some are tightly hugged together, probably lover of life and death; At the bottom of the place, I won’t shout to suffer a lot. This may be a family who loves each other. “I think that the ginkgo leaves that fall down should also be like this, a bit crowded The beautiful scenery attracts people’s attention.

The enthusiasts who like to take photography are holding a long and short shot, and they meet under the ginkgo forest to let the ginkgo tree walk into the camera. The beautiful women deliberately put on beautiful clothes, showing their beautiful figure with the golden background of Ginkgo Forest. Others will treat ginkgo leaves as props, grab a handful of ginkgo leaves in the air, and let the golden leaves walk into the camera with themselves in the ups and downs.

Listening to a painter friend said that at this time, he reads the micro -ginkgo forest in the suburbs at this time, and meets his friends, family members, or sketching or taking pictures, which is almost a small concern in his heart. And since I met this ginkgo forest, I remember longing every year, taking a lot of photos with joy and pleasure, with a few words of vassals and elegant poems, and then sent to the circle of friends to let more friends see her. The beauty, which is also my spiritual sustenance.

Last year, I made an appointment with my friends to see the ginkgo leaves. Unfortunately, everyone was busy with their own affairs. The ancients said that “stealing for half a day” and living in Fanchen. This “half -day leisure” sometimes “steal”, and it is separated by many geniuses. The golden yellow on the crown is no longer full and dense, sparse and sparse, as if the white hair that is about to fall, the leaves under the tree are not so oily and heavy, and slightly embarrassed. The “golden blanket” has been stepped on. Black.

This year, because of the preparation of time, I went to the state several times in advance, but I did not encounter the state of “goldenness under the tree”. I think the beautiful ginkgo forest is waiting for the little rain of the “cold rain knocking on the window” after the beginning of winter?

Some people say that the fate is the most beautiful encounter, and it must be early, but I think “just right” is the best encounter. When you meet in the most beautiful time, it is always a happy thing. The ginkgo forest in my heart, this year I must see you at your most beautiful time.

Go to an autumn date

Zhang Li (Xingtai)

“Go to see Hongye on the weekend.” A group response, who brought children, family members, and alone, after a while, a 12 -person autumn tour team became successful. When the climbing tiger in the street garden became red, I was counting the red leaves of the mountains that should be dyed through the mountains in ten and a half months.

Along the way, the noise was left behind. When the ears are getting quiet, the window becomes more and more colorful. The city is on the platform of Taihang Shanshan. When the weather is clear, the weather is overwhelming. The peaks and mountains are stacked by raising their eyes.

The travel conference and bicycle competitions have been held, making the roads entering the mountains particularly smooth, and the scenery on the roadside has been carved. There are children in the middle school in the car, watching the flashes and locking grooves passing by the window, and curiously asked the origin of the names of these villages.

Xing Xiguan has always been a place where soldiers must fight. According to legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, General Zheng Guo Cai Zhongxing army fought here and was seriously injured and captured. He waited for the opportunity to escape while chaotic. The place where he escaped from the same time was the current Qiaogou Village. After running more than thirty miles, he was hungry and thirsty, and he was unbearable. The shouting of the chasing soldiers came from a distance, and Cai Zhong continued to panic and escaped, and eventually died on a village called Jingliangdian because of his injuries. The kind villagers buried him on the spot, and Jingliangdian Village was also changed to the general tomb village. After the story, we just drove through the general’s tomb town. Now it is already a town -level system.

Akihami was red, and the mountains of Taihang Mountain set up the Red Leaves Festival. We chose one of the closest attractions in the journey. The closer to the scenic area, the more people, the more people, and the queuing of tickets for nearly an hour. Entering the scenic area, the flowing water and the red leaves coming from the noodles squeezed the unhappiness to the clouds. We jumped into the color panel of nature and became one of the colors.

Tracing up, walking between the rocks, the red, green, yellow, and red -edge leaves were squeezed into the branches in a lively manner. Under the shade of the trees, the tourists who took a mobile phone by the stream and took a picture of the mobile phone. A group of old people wearing gorgeous clothes attracted everyone’s attention. In their sixty -year -old age, their skirts fluttered, and the long gauze scarves danced around their necks and chests. The old people’s clear smiles were the most touching, and they couldn’t help but take the camera to them again and again. They just felt that they were the finishing touch of the Mid -Autumn Festival.


After noon, the sun was no longer strong, and the shiny red leaves became calm with the tenderness of the light. We easily went down the mountain and admired the beauty around us more leisurely than when we went up the mountain. We are friends in middle school. From the teasing years to the years of confusion, we have gone through 30 years. In 30 years, we study, work, family, and parenting. Sometimes they are closely linked. Sometimes they are busy, but friendship boats have been steadily sailing.

When I walked out of the mountain gate, I happened to meet the group of vibrant people. Seeing them all kinds of shooting as a big mountain, we couldn’t help laughing and smiled, and made a promise. In the future, we will go together until the silver silk dyed the sun.

Maple leaf in spring

Weixinmin (Baoding)

After graduating from finance and accounting, I was assigned to a socks factory as a textile worker, and then got off the workshop, and the accounting I thought was 10,000 miles. To this end, I was very depressed.

Bring my master’s surname Jiang. Master Xiaojiang graduated from Textile University. He was a few years older than me. He saw my emotions and often enlightened me and said that he was young.

I didn’t believe his ghost words. After so many years of study, just for the three shifts, listening to the noise of the machine, full of thread velvet? I don’t accept it. I am lazy every day at work, the machine is broken, and I do n’t worry about it. I have made a lot of disabled. Master Xiaojiang once held the disabled product: “If you get a pair of disabled factories, you will post two yuan. How much, you count it yourself! Just your attitude is not good! “Master Xiaojiang shot like a gun, and I was ashamed. In order not to let him look down, I concentrate on work, live beautiful and neat, and the machine is well maintained. I have made a good progress in the whole workshop.

In the fall of that year, the unit organized to go to Xiangshan to see Hongye. The list was announced. There were Master Xiaojiang and an old employee who had active workshops. They have high qualifications, I understand.

On the day Master Xiaojiang went to Xiangshan, the leader asked me to talk about it. The general factory recruited the workers and wanted me to bring it, and asked me if I was willing? Of course I was willing, and I went to the general factory to report with my luggage that day. It is said that the colleagues of the Xiangshan trip were very happy at that time. I took a lot of photos. Most Master Xiaojiang in the photo was playing with maple leaves with both hands.

It was already early spring when I returned to the unit. It was still very cold. That day, it was snowing and the sky was dark. Master Xiaojiang picked me up at the door of the factory area and said that he would surprise me. Back to the women’s dormitory, there is a three -story birthday cake on the table, and the cake is decorated with red maple leaves around the cake. Master Xiaojiang and my workers ignited the candle for me and sang a birthday song. But that day was not my birthday at all, Master Xiaojiang remembered.

The birthday cake shines under the dim light, with a soft and warm color, the lights hit the red maple leaves, the maple leaves are red and red, bright, flashing, so beautiful! That’s the most beautiful maple leaf I have ever seen.

Master Xiaojiang said: “Today is not your birthday, but today is your rebirth day. It is worth celebrating the positive and peaceful mentality of life.” In the applause, I burst into tears. I know my rebirth is inseparable from the care and urging of Master Xiaojiang. But I am even more strange that it is already early spring.

The workers said that when Master Xiajiang was collected in Xiangshan, the maple leaves were sandwiched in the middle of the wax paper, ironed with an iron, the maple leaves were waxed, and both sides were ironed, and the fixed photo frame was stored.

No wonder, Master Xiaojiang’s photos of Xiangshan is compared with maple leaves. It turned out that he was picking the perfect maple leaves. Master Xiaojiang said: “Everyone is a beautiful maple leaf. As long as he works hard, he will be red for a long time. On the contrary, he will wither soon.” This sentence gives me the motivation and great conviction of struggle in the future.

In the season of Red Ye Manshan, Master Xiaojiang took the clothing design and left the socks factory. Later, the company that made handmade clothing was made, hand -made, one stitches, and ingenious. I have seen his lively back, as if seeing that he made wax maple leaves in late autumn, and the snowy night made of maple leaf cakes. The body is bright, true and good, and any praise and gratitude language is redundant.

Later, I did my favorite accountant. There were always those maple leaves in the spring. As long as I worked hard, I would become a maple leaf that was very red for a long time.

(Yan Zhao Metropolis Daily)

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