Diablo 3 set story: Delsini’s masterpiece

Author: Domineering Wong yong

You are a good guidance, teacher. And I did learn your lesson.

But you can never understand the talent we get, that is, the reason why I (we) will be blue.

— Magician Li Min


There is a difference between the two names of the magician and the mage, but the difference between this word happens to reflect the development and differentiation of the mage tribe in the land of asylum.

The famous king of the magician in Diablo III, “Delsini’s masterpiece”, also just reflects this history, but no one knows what the future of this differentiation means to the land of asylum means.

1. Differential beginning

There is a set in Diablo III in the actual combat set. The masterpiece of Delsini is the control of time and space. Essence

Figure 1 German set special effects and time delays


Time -based delaying skills can be distorted and influenced by time and space, which is also the most mysterious mystery of Olympic energy.

After the author analyzes the evolution of Olympician energy in the place of shelter, and the most important thing is the loosening of the stones of the world for the origin of the origin of the Austrian arcane. Come.

I heard that a young student in Sarri is in full swing.

These rebellious students were dissatisfied with their old mentors, so they claimed to be the “magician” (ironic that this was a curse to the mage) and practiced dangerous prohibition.

They are said to control the original power of the real world.

— Di Kald Kane

Including the witch that supports these students in Diablo II to the Taimo Mountains, and those students who pursued meteers in Diablo III to Xin Cui, they and most of the tribes who chose Mingzhe to protect the old law do not need to use the old law. Essence

When evil rises, they resolutely come forward, using their unique power to maintain the peace of the shelter, and prove the right power of the Olympician.

However, in the historical long river cognition of the mage group, Olympic arms are undoubtedly considered taboos.

Figure 2 Ao can thirst

This is a passive skill of the magician in Diablo III. There is a word from Fubo Donna, one of the lords of the mage tribe,

I just can’t see what those who claim to be a magician … (Olympic energy, the author’s note)

They wandered between righteous and evil spells.

I said so politely! That (October, the author’s note) is simply not a legitimate spell.


The brutal history of the Master tribe war thousands of years ago was still engraved in the minds of the mage’s group. The Wizjta Assassin’s organization was to prevent the use of time and space spells to communicate hell.


However, the hostile energy and the suppression of the assassin tissue cannot change the overflowing of this energy in the land of asylum. The way to move forward can only be accepted and applied to protect the homeland in danger.

Figure 3 Mage in Diablo

The masters who participated in the Dark and Immortal Battle were this group of rebelliously studying Olympician. They regarded themselves as the power of Austrian power and manipulated the power of Austria to fight the dark forces.


Second, confusing

Delsini is one of the masters of Sarri Sheng Institute, and one of the earliest wake -up mages of arcane talent after the crash of the world. Before Li Min, who was just a child, he had already been obsessed with the Olympic race. Essence

Regarding the secret intelligence content of the Leadrim organization for the research of Olympic arcane research, high -level members need to organize the writing and sealed the file.

Even if these are the secrets that are prohibited, the young mage Delsini has long been fascinated by this.

— Excerpted from “Taboo Documents”, the book administrator of the Sarri Institute

Although the Master of the Masters of the Masters of Sarry Sheng has begun to study, it can only act quietly under the pressure of taboos.

Until the arrival of Li Min, the young mage was directly ignited to the movement of the magician.

Figure 4 Destiny Boot Boots

Like many of his fellow initiates, Delsini’s obsession with Li Min can be described as a goal.

He said that his masterpiece was to express his respect for Li Min, and he vowed to put her on his feet one day.

— High-level member Wayaka

The name of the fate boots is very vivid. The magicians who are rooted in the energy of Olympician and the destiny of the asylum land will change greatly.

Wartek is a character we are familiar with. The current head of the mage tribe. The death is also a direct order of Wartek.

In fact, the magicians in Diablo III also live in the shadow of the assassination command issued by Wartek.

The set of arcane energy -based suits left by Delsini, each part of the explanation of Wartek said. We cannot distinguish it seriously. We can only infer the one from the Delsini and the mage tribe. Duan entanglement.


When Delsini took out this guard to make me tasting, he just wanted to know what kind of visual impact of the guard’s appearance brought me.

I couldn’t understand his problem for a while, but he left angrily.

The language description of the Delsini suit components is in order. This is the second time that happened in the second time. At this time, Delsini was displayed in the mage tribe due to its ability. When Delsini discovered that the Olympic armor of the discussion and the response to Wataka’s response to Fengma and Niu was dismissed, he left angrily.


From the perspective of Wartek, this is all the disrespectful things made by some rebellious students, just like Li Min:


Li Min was soon unable to satisfy the knowledge of Ethano. Their relationship changed, and Li Min began to treat her as a peers, not the same mentor.

— Edited from “Fireflies”, Watak.

And from the perspective of Delsini, Wartek’s tone of the tone of the arms -based armor -based armor is full of contraindications, and the trains and authority of the mage tribe cannot be shaken, which makes Delsini very very very very. Disappointed, he wanted to make the mage tribe reversing the Olympic views, and found that he couldn’t do it at all, and he naturally dispersed.


Figure 6 Mysterious leg armor

Delsini remembered this leg armor over and over, each time it was just a slight increase in magic attributes.

When I asked him about this question, he scolded me as a blind idiot.

The words of Wartek reflect the research of the senior executives of the Master tribe that are not satisfied with the research of the arcane of the rebellious students, and began to actively interfere, as Wartek began to interfere with Li Min’s practice:

When I discovered that Li Min intended to study those documents that were blocked by being blocked by too dangerous, I knew that nothing would be done. I disregarded Essen Zhuora’s opposition, received the duties of training Li Min, and strictly took care of her.

The truth is not necessarily Delsini scolding people. Wartek’s suppression of Olympic taboos and advising Delsho without great effect should arouse his resistance, and Wartek’s identity can only be discussed like this. Essence


Figure 7 Desperate shoulder

Delsini’s crazy loss is really a huge loss.

He melted one after another that he thought he was not elegant enough, but each of his works still made most of the craftsmen reach.

Is Delsini crazy? This is just the words of Wartek’s family, just like he talked to Li Min’s pretending to be stupid when he talked about Ison Zhuora.

This passage tells us that Delsini conflicts with Watak, which may not be as good as the decisive battle with Li Min.

The huge loss in Wartek’s mouth naturally refers to a young talent who has less obedient and superb ability for their mage tribe.

If the mage tribe still believes that the auspicious taboos are unchanged, then even if Delsini produces more arcane equipment, it has only a situation of being melted.

Figure 8 Mist

Delsini once said that this mask was his own masterpiece, but he was demolished by himself.


Soon after, his masterpiece disappeared, and Delsini disappeared.

Where did Delsini go?

The magician in Diablo III is divided into men and women. The prototype of the female magician is naturally Li Min, who is familiar with, so who is the representative of the male magician?

Figure 9 Truth armor

We look at the appearance of this Delsini suit, the most obvious feature is the gem of the chest and the bare chest.

Then let’s look at the Diablo Artist Settings to focus on many sketch settings about the male magician,

Figure 10 Sketch collection

Based on the appearance of the German set in the Diablo III game, it is easy to draw a conclusion. Delsini’s design of clothes is like this bare chest wearing gems. It can also be said that the prototype of these male magicians is Delsini.

Beauty is everything.

— Wartek Turdini

Delsini’s disappearance may also be pursuing Li Min’s footsteps and left the Saturi Institute. As a representative of the male magician, he went to the meteorite place.

Third, I don’t know the future

A stone aroused the thousand -layer waves that had long been brewed. The magician as the former mage tribe rebel rose in the place of shelter. At the highest point, the arrival of Nafei.

So at this time, is they the future of the mage tribe? Or is it the goal of Wizjata?

Powerful arcane, dangerous taboos.


— Edited from “Fireflies”, Watak.

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