The overall image of hotel clothing! Has an extremely important role

The design of the hotel should reflect the hotel style. Hotel clothing plays an extremely important role in the shape of the overall hotel image. Modern hotels are no longer the concept of simple catering accommodation. They have extended different types such as leisure, entertainment, business, vacation, and their styles are diverse. Due to the different demand for the hotel, the design of the hotel must reflect different styles to meet the psychological needs of different guests. The form of clothing is the basis of clothing design. Different types often express different personality and personality.



For vacation and tourist hotels, guests have a strong demand for leisure. The design style of the former waiter or catering service staff’s clothing is young, lively, and reflects leisure, entertainment and fun. It is generally used to feel the youthful vitality and vitality through the shape, and it looks strong and brisk.

Elegant style, usually used in the design of night dresses, has the characteristics of elegant and dignified, noble, and other characteristics. This design style clothing is suitable for mature women and wears in communication occasions. Ministry staff.

Business hotels require that guests come to the hotel. The first thing is to be convenient. Everything must reflect the high efficiency of the hotel. The requirements for the staff of the staff are stiff, conservative, moderate makeup, and moderate style. It is necessary to design a popular type. Most people can wear it. There is no obvious age boundary, bland and unswerving.


The mature, the proportion is beautiful and soft. Although it is full of youth, it is not a teenager. This shape often leaves a noble impression. This design style is suitable for personnel above the hotel leaders, and it is also suitable for people from the Ministry of Public Relations, Personnel, and Finance Department, which can reflect the hotel’s good sense of order.

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