ipad is really dead! Samsung’s release of Android tablet king Tab S8 Ultra: 14.6 inch giant

IPAD has long become synonymous with tablet machines, and Android tablets have almost been on fire for various reasons.

Today, Samsung has released the new Galaxy Tab S8 series, including the Tab S8, TAB S8+and the first ultra -high -end TAB S8 Ultra to jointly launch the strongest charge to the iPad.

Let’s take a look at the S8 Ultra,

Use 14.6 -inch oversized screen

This is even more than many notebooks, supporting division of operation, adjusting the size of the window, and at the same time, the size of the whole machine is still controlled at 326.4 × 208.6 × 5.5 mm, weighing 762 grams (Wi-Fi) or 728 grams (5G).

iPad真正死敌!三星发布安卓平板之王Tab S8 Ultra:14.6寸巨无霸

The screen material is Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2960 × 1848, a pixel density 240ppi, and supports 240Hz high brush

, Screen fingerprint recognition, with Book Cover keyboard sleeve and bracket protective cover.

It is worth mentioning that the S8 Ultra uses the under -screen optical fingerprint scheme and the AMOLED touch solution of Huiding Technology, which not only has a more sensitive touch, but also has more compact packaging, and the border is narrow, making the screen ratio of 92 %.

With the redesigned S PEN handwriting pen, the prediction algorithm greatly reduces the delay, and cooperates with the CLIP Studio Paint exclusively. It can use the mobile phone as a color palette, a S PEN as a brush, the TAB S8 series as a canvas, and can even create it. Take the color in the photo.

Samsung also cooperates with Google to optimize video conferences and video sharing. You can watch oil pipe videos with friends, share browsers, Jamboard, interactive whiteboards.

The processor adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 of the flagship mobile phone, with 8/12/16GB memory, 128/256/512GB storage (maximum scalable 1TB), the battery capacity is an amazing 11200mAh, and supports SFC 2.0 fast charging, the highest power 45W.

Taking pictures is also quite powerful,

The rear dual camera includes the 13 -megapixel main camera, the 6 -megapixel ultra -wide -angle lens, and the flash. The front dual camera includes a 12 -megapixel wide -angle and the 12 -megapixel ultra -wide -angle.

other aspects,

iPad真正死敌!三星发布安卓平板之王Tab S8 Ultra:14.6寸巨无霸

For the first time on the tablet, support Wi-Fi 6E

, Support Bluetooth 5.2, Beidou and other navigation positioning, four-dimensional speakers (AKG/Dolby Atoms), three microphone, USB 3.2 Type-C interface, 4K30FPS video recording, 8K60FPS video playback, Android 12 system/One UI Tab 4 interface, KNOX Safe, there is only one black appearance.

The S8+and S8 are upgraded versions of the previous S7+and S7. The specifications are also a lot of streamlined compared to the S8 Ultra.

iPad真正死敌!三星发布安卓平板之王Tab S8 Ultra:14.6寸巨无霸

S8+screen is 12.4 inches

iPad真正死敌!三星发布安卓平板之王Tab S8 Ultra:14.6寸巨无霸

, Thickness of 5.7mm, resolution

2800 × 1752

, Pixel density 266ppi, under -screen optical fingerprint recognition (Huiting plan), the front camera was changed to

A single 12 -megapixel ultra -wide angle

, Memory does not have 16GB, the battery is 10090mAh, and the color matching is black, pink, and pink gold.

S8 further reduced to 11 inches

iPad真正死敌!三星发布安卓平板之王Tab S8 Ultra:14.6寸巨无霸

, Thickness 6.3mm, the panel is changed to


, Resolution

2560 × 1600

, Pixel density 276ppi, battery 8000mAh,

iPad真正死敌!三星发布安卓平板之王Tab S8 Ultra:14.6寸巨无霸

The side fingerprint recognition and the power key are two (Huiting scheme).

The Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets will start pre -sale starting from today, and officially launched on the 25th. The first batch of landing in South Korea, the United States, and European markets.

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