“Huaiji and Hui Rou” wear a retro couple outfit, and it is also matched outside the screen

The tragedy CP Huaiji and Hui Rou in the costume drama “Qing Ping Le” are filming the fashion cosmo blockbuster! The original names of the two were Ren Min and Border, only 21 years old and 16 -year -old girls. The face value of the two is very good, and they seem to have the kind of quiet and good classmates, as if they have two little guesses. Although Ren Min is going to be a few years old, her baby’s face does not feel like her sister, and the two outside the screen also match.

The large blockbusters of this issue are made in the wild. The background material is high, green grasslands, free wild horses, and lush trees with lush branches.

This set of knitted stripes of couples spring clothes are rich in color, showing the impact effect of contrast+retro. Ren Min is wearing light apricot+brick -red striped buttons, with naked pink skirts and black boots; the edge is wearing striped sweater, paired with khaki casual shorts and black high -top boots. The two of them have the elements of common interchange and their own characteristics. They are simplicity of the retro wear of couples.

The following group of wind wears, stylish and stylish, Ren Min’s white trailer cape cover+black shorts+brown boots, A again. The marking military green jacket+black trousers+camouflage elements shoes, the military style is full of coolness.

The shape is also very burning and fried. It changes the obscure and docile image. Ren Minza stood up with short hair, exploded casually, put on metal earrings, and led a sex girl.


Black and White Jun with fashion retro wearing, full of artistic sense, too beautiful. It is not the pink sweetness of Prince White Horse and Princess White Snow, but the retro and chic of denim knights and tight girls.


Ren Min is wearing a black sleeveless suit, and the trousers suit is a bit professional, but it shows retro handsome in the wild scene. With one -handed black leather gloves, standing next to the white horse, the black and white visual collision is formed, and it looks good!


The edge is wearing a denim color matching suit, which shows mature charm. The design of the top and belt makes the entire set look very atmospheric. The side of the dark horse is really Yushu’s wind, and it is ingenious.

Under the dense trees, they wearing white couple suits and interpreting the campus forest. Ren Min’s light makeup+student short hair+white earrings, pure and youthful, like a young lady who came out of the campus. The side face of the side is very cool, with a perfect three -dimensional features, and playing a cool cool boy.

Ren Min, wearing a white sleeveless sea piano -style top, is too good to wear a white pattern POLO shirt. Together.


The couple of the younger screen CP is retro, and the picture is beautiful and emotionally in place. There is no smile, which continues the tragic and beautiful emotion in the play.


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