This “wool pants” in winter this winter, fashionable and cold women are wearing, keep warm and foreign

The cold in winter is really incomplete in the beauty and fashion of people. They can only shout “warm and most important” in heavy clothes. The slimming body can only be imagined in my mind, and the heart that wants to become beautiful can only succumb to reality. A kind of trousers that have been exploded recently have the possibility of warmth and fashion in winter.


It is neither fat and cold -proof, star models are competing to the upper body.

This kind of warmth that keeps warm and fashionable is


Wide -leg wool pants


With a cashmere coat, wearing a masterpiece is simply a masterpiece to save winter. When it comes to wool pants, the first impression of everyone may be the warm -leggings that the older generations often wear, but the wide -leg wool pants are not this type.

It can be worn outside and not embarrassing warm pants.

Different from the traditional effect of warm underwear -type wool pants, this popular wool pants design can be more modified now.

The design of the wide -leg and the decoration of stripes makes it look less monotonous. Simply put, it is a sports casual and wide -leg pants made of cowboy and cotton fabrics with wool fabrics.

There are two different types of wool pants, one is wool knitted models, and the other is cashmere hair. The former has a better sense of verticality, and the latter’s sense of support and plasticity is stronger.

Girls with a slightly fat body can choose wool knitted models, and use its own sense of vertical to create vertical lines, which is thinner and tall.

The thin girl can choose the cashmere fluff, which is more profitable with a coat.

Let’s introduce the places where you need to pay attention to the choice of wool pants in detail.

How to choose color

The texture of wool is originally furry, and it will have a certain sense of expansion in the visual effect, so light -colored wool pants must be carefully selected.


Slim girls can choose light -colored wool pants to create a sense of healthy and healthy. With light -colored down jackets or coats, it is easy to wear a gentle and lovely temperament. vitality.

Girls with a slightly plump figure are about to avoid light -colored wool pants. Choose a dark brown or blue -black wool pants, such as dark brown or blue black wool pants.

Essence Light -colored wool pants are too easy to show fat. Dark -colored wool pants with pointed short boots are more suitable for winter matching.

How to choose supporting shoes

What kind of shoes do wool pants are determined based on the height,

Girls with tall figures can choose a pair of Martin boots to tie the wool pants into it, creating the visual effects of lantern pants, and it is easy to highlight the slender ankle.

A petite girl is going to dress up like lightning. After all, the shape of the “lantern pants” is easy to blur the lines of the legs, and they will wear a short -legged effect without paying attention.


A petite girl can choose low -top daddy shoes or sneakers to match a good wool pants, so that the visually increased effect will be very obvious.


Of course, the length of the wool pants should be controlled, and the long wool pants will wear a short feeling no matter what kind of shoes are paired.


This type of streamlined pants is the most taboo with a strong expansion top, which can easily cause a strong look of the upper body, so choosing a knee coat is the most wise coat.


The medium -length thin down jacket can also be worn with wool pants, just grasp the width balance.

Fashion Tips summary:

1. You can also wear a pair of wool pants to solve 80 % of the fat problem in winter.


2. Wool pants are fashionable and warm. From the two aspects of color and fabric texture, choose a pair of wool pants that suits you. You do n’t need to worry about it in winter;

3. Wool pants should also pay attention to the coordination of other items. The whole body’s items are matched in the direction of shaping outline to maximize the thin effect of wool pants.


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This “wool pants” in winter this winter, fashionable and cold women are wearing, keep warm and foreign

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