Circular contribution: Five riding gloves make a brief review of cycling gloves to make this winter no longer cold

Don’t forget to keep warm in winter, so how to choose gloves in winter, riders Kwjcyr gives him a submission, let’s take a look at which one of the five winter riding gloves is more suitable for you (the following content only represents the car of the car Friend’s point of view).

车友投稿:五款骑行手套简评 让这个冬天不再冷

In November, the temperature in the morning and evening is about -5 to 5 degrees Celsius, and 0-10 degrees Celsius on the weekend. In order to insist on riding, I bought the five -double domestic S -number winter ride gloves, namely Sipa (secondary), Jieku (top), CNRIDE (top), GRC (top), and Speed ​​alliance (top).

1. Sipke

Sipo is a glove to start a home. The quality is good and the fit is particularly good. Because the glove itself is slightly thin, the control of the brake can not have much effect (because of the top -top of the hand, and the top bias, the minimum M, the minimum M M, the minimum M M. No). Sipke’s warmth and windproof and windproof, no pressure above 5 degrees, is suitable for weekends. The disadvantage is that sometimes sweating on your hand, it is a bit difficult to pick it when picking gloves. But it will not feel cold because of sweating.

Summary: good fit, good control, more than 5 degrees, windproof and warm, a little bit of sweat.

车友投稿:五款骑行手套简评 让这个冬天不再冷

2. Jieku

车友投稿:五款骑行手套简评 让这个冬天不再冷

Jieku’s things have always been good. This glove is thinner than the promotional map. The temperature when wearing it feels similar to Sipa Ke. It is more fitted with hand shape and strong handicapytability. However, when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, I can’t carry it. The advantage is that it is not as stuffy as Sipke.

Summary: good fit, good control, more than 5 degrees, not windproof but slightly warm, not sweating.

3. CNRide

CNRIDE’s things are relatively cost -effective. This glove is thick, windproof and warm without sweating, although it is not as thin as thin, but it is also good. The wrist is pasted, which can be well wrapped in the cuffs. The fabric on the thumb is skin and sweat, which can be used to wipe sweat or nose (alleviate the embarrassment of winter). The slightly insufficient fingertips are sometimes cold, suitable for morning and evening at -5 degrees (the cold scene needs to be verified).

Summary: windproof and warm without sweating, applicable to 5 degrees, good control, good fit, fingertips may be slightly cold.

4. GRC

It has always been GRC powder. Its product has a high value and good style. This GRC glove is slightly larger. It is the largest of the five gloves of the S number. It is not so friendly for friends with small hands (S No. S is suitable for palm width above 8cm). It is not necessary to say that the wind and warmth are not to say. There are anti -slip pads at the palm and the mouth of the tiger. When holding hands and changing their heads, they do not hold their hands, and each fingertips have windproof layers.

车友投稿:五款骑行手套简评 让这个冬天不再冷

Summary: windproof and warm,-5 degrees or more, the fit is general, the handling is good, and the overall is large.

5. Speed ​​League

The online gloves on the Internet are very good, very compact, and the smallest of the five gloves. Because the gloves are relatively long, the wrist is tight and not pasted, so I always do n’t know that the gloves should be placed in the sleeve or outside. It is the most windproof and warmth among the five gloves (after all, thick and tight). However, there is no pad at the tiger’s mouth of this glove, and it is a bit handsome when holding the hand (maybe it may be too thick).

车友投稿:五款骑行手套简评 让这个冬天不再冷

Summary: It is excellent in windproof and warmth. It is applicable to -5 degrees or more.


车友投稿:五款骑行手套简评 让这个冬天不再冷

The five gloves have advantages and disadvantages, and the control and warmth must always be selected. Sipo (secondary) and Jieku belong to thin models, which are strongly fitted and suitable for weekend. CNRIDE, GRC, and Speed ​​Alliance are thick models, suitable for commuting sooner or later.

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