Tissot small beauty series watch-interpretation of excellence and ingenuity

Tissot small beauty series watches can usually attract eye -catching at once. The big reason is that the design and production of this watch are excellent. It is a superior work. From a visual perspective, it is very round and comfortable. Can stand up to scrutiny and carefully.


The reason why it is called “Beauty” is not because this watch is like beauty, such as classical or modern beauty, but the design and workmanship of the watch. The name of this watch series is really the name.


This watch is ingeniously derived from the classic rose pattern in the Tianguan family badge, combined with rose round flowers, and then engraved in the center of the watch back and dial. The aroma and strength are with me, my gorgeous color is not faint. “


One of the most important functions that the watch is at 6 points at the Little Beauty Series Watch is the date window we often call. Like many high -end gorgeous women’s watches, the crown of “Little Beauty” is also inlaid with a white. Ceramics convex gemstones reflect the high -end luxury, and then the unpleasant side, the details are clever and beautiful.

The above is the introduction of the Tissot small beauty series watch. We can discuss the knowledge about watches.

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