The expansion curtain rod freely adjusts the exquisite appearance and enhances the beauty of the house.

For retractable curtain rods, the selection of high -quality steel pipes is processed by advanced technologies, and the headdress is selected from the top -like zinc alloys, aluminum alloy, and iron. The bracket is made of stamping with a smooth high -quality steel plate on the surface. The electroplating, spray paint, and light treatment on the surface make the luster of the pole fuller and smooth. The general iron rod treatment on the market is rough, with hair or not smooth appearance. The traditional curtain rod is made according to the measurement results, and a certain size is made, and it is fixed in the holes of the wall with fixed screws. Different from the traditional curtain rod, the expansion curtain rod does not require holes and fix it on the wall. Therefore, telescopic curtain rods can be adjusted according to actual needs, that is, the size can be used to adapt to the decoration needs of spaces in different areas and different sizes of curtains.

In terms of use, there are still many uses for the telescopic curtain rods. First of all, the most important thing is to support curtains. Since it is an expansion curtain rod, the curtain rod can be retracted and has the advantages of long or short, so it can generally be suitable for many length curtains, and the curtain rods are smooth, with stylish details, with beautiful light yarn thin curtains The whole is very romantic and very temperament. And it can also make a half curtain rod, and it can be paired with curtains. The decoration effect is very good. Secondly, the expansion curtain rod can also be used for shower curtain rods. The curtain rod can be retracted, so it is very suitable for installation in the bathroom. When it grows, it is shortened. And the curtain rod is light and convenient, and it is very smooth when used. The curtain rod is exquisitely stylish. It is installed in the bathroom. It feels like the entire bathroom has become upper grade. In addition, the expansion curtain rod is installed lightly and fast, suitable for any indoor area. Whether it is that place, as long as the length of the below curtain rod is slightly adjusted, it is very convenient to install the place where people want.



1. Measted size, the distance between the screw can be used to be used.

2. Draw some drilling holes according to the hole distance at the tail of the bracket.


3. Fix the bracket on the wall with a screw.

4. Adjust the tube to the distance you want.

5. Put the hanging curtain rod on the bracket and screw the screw.

Step of the installation of the expansion curtain rod -the expansion curtain rod:

1. Clarify the structure. The structure of the expansion curtain rod includes a coat tube, inner sleeve, spring support, and bracket support. To clarify the expansion curtain rod installation skills, the first thing to be clear is the structure of the expansion curtain rod. If the structure is not clear, then a lot of jokes will be made when installing the expansion curtain rod.

2. Prepare preliminary preparations. When installing the expansion curtain rod, check whether the expansion curtain rod is intact and determine the location that needs to be installed, so that you will not be busy when installing, or you find that there is a problem with the product after the installation, it will waste a lot of manpower and financial resources Essence

3. Tips for installing. In fact, the expansion curtain rod is similar to the installation of the orbit of aluminum louver curtains, and the installation of the expansion curtain rod is easier and faster than the installation of aluminum shutters track track. It only needs to let the inner sleeve cover in the jacket tube. Even if you are just a decoration rookie, you will be sure to learn.

4. Free adjustment as needed. Because the telescopic curtain rod has the vertical and horizontal position that can be adjusted freely by installing a bracket to adjust the stretch rod, you must not miss this feature. Adjustment.

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