Summer new beach sun hat is full of vacation style

In the summer, wearing a sun hat to the beach not only plays the role of sunscreen blocking the sun, but also makes your shape particularly eye -catching and full of vacation.

01 Bowing Smooth Hat


Vacation, travel, beaches, and dating are suitable for a sun hat that is suitable for wearing ~ Even if you wear it simple, wearing such a hat can make your shape fashionable.


02 Tourist holiday big brim hat

This travel holiday large eaves shading hat, hand -woven is very delicate and beautiful, the color is naturally excessive, it is very simple to wear, the design of the brim is more suitable, suitable for MM with most head type D.

03 hollow lace woven sun hat


The super beautiful lace woven sun hat. The wavy texture of the brim is more delicate and beautiful than the general woven hat. It has a fresh literary tone, which is very popular.

04 Korean version of the big beach sun hat


In the summer, how can you have a sun hat if you go out? The big brim blocking the sun in all aspects to prevent the skin from being black. The black bag is surrounded by the hat to add a sense of design.

05 Folding beach shading cap


The beach shading hat that can be convenient and folded. The hat is beautiful and elegant in the design of the shape. With the bow of the bow, fashion is more stylish.

It is really necessary to put on a sun hat when you go out in summer ~ Fashion makes you full of style!

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