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On February 17, the State Drug Administration recently issued the “Notice on 50 batches that do not meet the prescribed cosmetics”. The notice showed that the two projects of Haro Fit Infant Retain Cream, which were produced and imported by Germany, were unqualified. The Pharmaceutical Bureau ordered to stop sales.

The announcement shows that in the 2021 National Cosmetics Supervision and Sample Inspection, after inspection, the Haro Fit Infant Raps Cream of Haro Flash Infant Rapid Cream, which is derived from the inspection of the German Masterpiece Company, and the distribution of the Haro Fit in Beijing Longshengtai Health Technology Co., Ltd. The total number exceeds the standard and detects copper green single bacteria.

Infant soft moisturizer, label the batch number SL 04 20220190820, the unqualified project is the total number of colonies 2.5 × 10^4CFU/G, and the copper green counterfeio is detected.


my country’s “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications” clearly stipulate that the total number of cosmetics and children and infants must be less than or equal to 500CFU/g (ml), and the total number of other cosmetics icons must be less than 1000 CFU/G (ml). This time, the Haro Flash Infant Land Protector (for infant skin), the total number of drops was as high as 25000cfu/g, which is 50 times that of compliance requirements.

The total number of colonies refers to the number of colonies in the cosmetics of the unit, which means that the product’s degree of bacterial pollution is an important indicator that is related to human health and safety


The use of cosmetics with a total number of colonies can easily lead to skin infections and cause inflammation to threaten human health. On the other hand, cosmetics with a total colonies exceeding the standard are also easier to deteriorate.


At the same time, the product is also detected to contain copper -green monolithic bacteria, while copper green monolithic bacteria are prohibited in the specifications.

Copper green fake monolma is a common condition to cause pathogenic bacteria. It is resistant to dryness and is not sensitive to ultraviolet rays. It will cause skin purulent infections, especially those with burns, burns and trauma infection with copper green single bacteria often cause If the condition worsens, it can cause blood disease in severe cases; when the eyes are injured, if the infection of copper green monolithium can cause corneal ulcers and perforation, it can cause blindness in severe cases.

For infant groups, whether it is the total number of colonies exceeding the standard or the detection of copper green single bacteria, such product risks are high.

This is not the first time that the brand has been on the list. In 2020, the Haro Flash Baby Clean Two -in -one shampoo shower gel was ranked among them. Judging from the detection data, the total number of colonies of the Harro Flash Baby Cleansing Two -in -one shampooing shower gel exceeded 1220 times the standard.

Can the products involved in Harbin and the products involved still use it? I think everyone should have their own answers. From a personal point of view, I dare not use it. My child has always been sensitive, dry, and easy to itch. I will pay more attention to when buying baby moisturizing products:

1: Choose the ingredients as simple as possible;

2: Avoid risk ingredients, such as some Nepalese preservatives;

3: The fragrance cannot be too thick

Let’s talk about the common infant moisturizing products in the market, and give you some reference for everyone.

The brands mentioned in all articles are makeup names. Make -up name products do not contain hormones. The difference is various ingredients and production processes. The review of the article will not particularly emphasize the ingredients, because the individual differences are large, and the ingredients are suitable or not.

The price part is just a rough reference price, which is related to specific merchants and discounts.

Ai Weino Aveeno

Reference price: light blue 88 yuan/227g; deep blue 110 yuan/227g; multi -effect cream 110 yuan/141g

Aveeno Aveeno, who is almost unknown, is a skin care brand in the United States. Many babies are using it. The more distinctive is the added oats.

Light blue cover-moisturizing milk refreshing and moisturizing

This is a daily moisturizing milk, which is suitable for babies with all skin types. There is no fragrance type, thick texture, suitable for daily moisturizing and moisturizing the baby’s skin. It is suitable for spring and summer. It can be used as a cream or apply it all over.

It does not contain pigments, flavors, and preservatives.

Deep blue cover-cream is more moisturizing

The texture is slightly thicker, and the moisturizing intensity is stronger, which can relieve mild eczema, and it is also available for ordinary skin.

No fragrance, moisturizing and non -greasy, good ductility, suitable for dry skin, as cream or local use.

Gray Blue Cover-Multi-Effect Cream

The official claim that the multi -effect repair series is aimed at the baby’s skin. This series is used for skin problems such as red itching, allergies, swelling, etc. I personally recommend a similar problem with the baby’s skin. First of all, you need to see a doctor instead of finding the product by yourself.

It should be noted that oats are a kind of allergic source for some sensitive babies and need to be avoided.


Reference price: 148 yuan/50ml


The German brand has a high popularity. Good moisturizing cream, good moisturizing, can cope with dry and cold weather, suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Middle cost -effective. I am very sensitive to odor. I personally feel that Schuba’s fragrance is too strong. If you are sensitive to the smell, you need to consider this.

Yu Meijing Gold Child Cream

Reference price: 32.9 yuan/40g

Old domestic brands, low prices, cheap large bowls, high cost performance. It is easy to push away, absorb faster, the skin is moist, and the moisturizing effect is also very good. The daily skin care as a baby is good.

This brand of moisturizing cream first noticed that it was recommended by Grandma Zhang Silai on Weibo. I was impressed by a deep winter snowball and runny nose.


Although we also try to wipe her nose as much as possible, the snowball likes to wipe the nose with her hands or sleeves. As a result, her cheeks on the left and right sides became red at night. After applying this children’s cream at night, the skin returned to normal the next day, and there was no uncomfortable performance.

However, the product packaging is written in children 3 and over. My snowball is used at about 1 year old. It is also okay to use a few months in the comments of Tmall flagship stores.

In addition, the fragrance of this children’s cream is too strong. The ingredients are added with artificial flavors (with cautious muscle), and mind buying at 2 points above.

Sitap Shurun

Reference price: 89 yuan/250g

Sitap’s big white can, the king of cost -effective.

The effect is simple, that is, pure moisturizing.

Fresh cream cream texture, smooth and easy to push away, absorb faster, not greasy, and the moisturizing effect is good. Guangkou bottle design is suitable for the baby’s body and daily care for the baby in winter.


What needs to be proposed is that Sitap’s big white can contains some controversial ingredients, hydroxybenzylbenzylbenzylbenzylbenzylbenzylbenzylbenzyl is a Nepalese preservative that can be absorbed by the skin, but the US FDA believes it is safe. There are other products below also contain this ingredient. If you mind, you can query the formula and decide whether to buy it.



Vaseline is a very familiar name, a moisturizing mineral.

The Vaselin mentioned in this article mainly refers to the brand of Lianlihua Vaseline. Its products are moisturizing milk with Vaselin (ore) as the main ingredient.


Vaselin repair crystal frozen reference price is about 28 yuan/100g

This product composition is very simple, just three minerals, preservatives, and vitamin E. There is no flavor, it is the smell of minerals, which is very moisturizing and more oily. Our family bought fart cream at the time. I don’t like this more sticky texture, which is better than cost -effective.

Vaselin Beauty Essence Repair Mol watering reference price is about 17 yuan/100ml

Versailles has many different colors packaging, which have different effects. The following four are suitable for children. Green bottles are suitable for spring and summer. The yellow bottle and white bottle are more moisturized. It is suitable for winter. Those who don’t like fragrance can choose white bottle sprout type.

I have been using a yellow bottle, and my snowball has been used for a while. I feel very moisturizing. I am a dry skin. After using it, the skin is not dry at all. The fragrance is light and not greasy.

Picture source: Vaselin Tmall official flagship store


Reference price: 238 yuan/200g


Domestic brands. Jointly developed by Shanghai Xinhua Hospital and Shanghai Mai Kunte Medicine. It is also the online celebrity product of the mother circle, which is slightly expensive.

New Qiang is divided into three models. The ingredients are the same. The effects are moisturizing and moisturizing, but the texture is different.

Division according to thickness: yellow> blue> green

The skin is dry and eczema, and it needs to be strengthened. It is generally recommended to be moisturizing yellow essence cream;

You can choose a moisturizing blue essence milk;

If you like refreshing, you can also choose a light and light quality green essence.


Although New Qiang is recommended by Xinhua Hospital, it is essentially a skin care product with makeup, which can be used daily. It is easy to push away, the moisturizing effect is good, the smell is faint, and I personally feel good. The price is a bit high.


Miaosi Le Tian Ya Mol watering cream

Reference price: 188 yuan/200ml


French brand is committed to low sensitivity. The fragrance is unique. Many people don’t like it. They say it is a bitter almond.

The thick and moist texture is a bit sticky, a bit oily, and the moisturizing effect is very good.

Lansa Baby Mountain Tea Cream

Reference price: 98 yuan/68g

Domestic brands, mothers are also good.

The taste is faint, easy to apply, good ductility, fast absorption, and moisturizing effect.

Eucerin Youya Lingbao Universal Ointment

Reference price: about 120 yuan/396g

German brand. Youyelin Multi -Effect ointment has been listed in the United States in 1990 and has been a very well -known multifunctional product in the United States. Because it can solve many daily skin problems, including infant skin problems, it is called “excellent Linwan Wanlian cream”.


The ingredients are simple, mainly Vaselin, glycerin and wool fat, without spices and preservatives, mild and non -irritating. The texture is oily, not very easy to push away, but it is well moisturized after use, and the baby’s red buttocks can be used.

Suitable for dry eczema babies in winter dry season. There are different capacity. The large capacity of 396G is wide -mouth and 198g is toothpaste.

California Baby Castle Cream

Reference price: 120 yuan/57G

American brands generally need Haitao.

The ingredients are safer, and the taste is a bit herbs, and some people may not like it. The texture is a bit like mousse cake, it is easy to push away, it is easy to absorb, and the skin is moist.

The effect of this cream moisturizing is suitable for spring and autumn, and the dry climate moisturizing in winter may not be enough.

Ego QV Little Tiger

Reference price: 98 yuan/250g

Australian brands are very useful for babies. A big can, it is very good for Tu Bao’s body in autumn and winter. Compared to Avino’s thickness and heavier texture, a little greasy, but the moisturizing effect is more lasting.

Natural raw materials, colorless and tasteless, contain vitamin B3 and horned sharkane, very moisturizing and moisturizing, absorbing speed is super fast, and can relieve eczema.

It should be noted that adding ingredient preservatives are controversial, and sensitive muscles need to be careful.


Reference price: 635 yuan/50ml

The French brand, known as the “Hermes” in children’s creams, is high.


The taste is good, a natural light fragrance. The texture of the tofu is very easy to push away. However, in a particularly dry area, the moisturizing degree may not be enough, and it needs to be moisturized with other ingredients.

Overall, this is an excellent moisturizing and moisturizing cream with a good sense of use. Suitable for families with good economic conditions.

Avene Avene Baby Molten Cream

Reference price: 150 yuan/50g

French cosmetics brand is known for its mild anti -sensitivity.

The design of the anti -bacterial warehouse is very extra points. It can be absorbed soon, and the moisturizing effect is also very good. No fragrance.

From the perspective of ingredients, it is very suitable for the baby. The ingredients are simple and safe. Do not contain spices, pigments, alcohol and allergenic preservatives. If it is skin -sensitive skin, this one is more recommended.

Mama kids baby moisturizing cream

Reference price: 186 yuan/75g


Japanese brands, focusing on maternal and infant products, are relatively high. A brand that is also hot in the mother circle.

Two specifications, 75g toothpaste -like packaging, 310g pump -type canned.

No fragrance, no addition, the ingredients are safer. The moisturizing effect is good, very moist, suitable for winter.

Cerave Skin Skin


Reference price: 98 yuan/85G

American brand. Large capacity, a large pot, seem to be used to be old, dry in winter, and it is very good to apply the body to the baby.

The main moisturizing ingredients glycerin, neuride 3, 1, 6II, hyaluronic acid, silicone oil.

The feeling of using it is also good. It is not sticky, not rubbing mud, fast film, has no taste, does not add flavor, is very suitable for the dry season of autumn and winter.

Simple summary:

If you pay attention to the price -performance ratio and the baby is not easy to be allergic, you can choose Yu Meijing and Vaselin. If it is sensitive and cares about the ingredients, you can consider the low -sensitive formula of Avene.

It is better to grant people to fish for fishing, so let ’s talk about the main points of the purchase of the baby cream. This way, even if the brand not mentioned in the article, everyone knows that the following points can be judged whether it can be used.

Purchase point


Do not buy the “elimination” font size, “weapon” brand size skin care product


As the name suggests, the “font” product refers to the batch number of disinfection products, such as 84 disinfectant, disinfection cotton swabs, and sanitary products such as paper towels, sanitary napkins, etc. are also disinfection products.

It stands to reason that the problem of eczema of the baby should be a drug name, but the threshold of the “national medicine quasi -word” requires a high threshold. It needs to pass the clinical test of pharmacology and pathology to verify that it is effective and safe. R & D funds and more than ten years. The approval of the anti -word number is relatively loose, and skin care products can be approved with bacteriostatic ingredients.

Therefore, some unscrupulous merchants have detoured to the “elimination” name, then selling skin care products, and promoting the efficacy of “eczema”. The “weapon” name is the same, because the batch number review is not strict, and the space can be operated in dark.

Therefore, these baby creams holding the “elimination” name and “weapon” name are crooked thoughts from the root. Don’t use it for your baby.


Buy the makeup name and see it as a distribution party

The cream is cosmetics, and the makeup number product does not allow any hormones to be added, and all ingredients need to be indicated.

The suggestion made by the webmd website to the majority of parents is

“Less is more, and it’ s more count-effective, the simpler too, the better, and the more money is saved. “

The guidelines for children’s cosmetics in my country are also related suggestions for baby cream:

Try to buy the formula composition is relatively simple, a small amount or no fragrance, alcohol, and color agent.


If it is a common -sensitive baby, there is no special attention in choosing. Children’s creams with regular channels for big brands can basically be used daily.

If it is sensitive muscle and eczema, pay attention to avoid the following ingredients, because the skin of eczema baby needs to be used in large areas, and sometimes the skin is still damaged.

① Avoid irritating artificial spice composition, specifically referring to the specific extract of any specific extract, but only wrote spices (aroma/flavors).

② There are some safety disputes in Nepalibal (hydroxybenzyl) and methacopioprotidoline ketones, but the US FDA believes it is safe. If you care about the ingredients, you can understand in depth and then decide.

If you are not allowed to ingredients, you can use the beautiful practice app to query its ingredients.

This APP will marked the safety risk level of cosmetics composition. Before you buy makeup -like skin care products for your children, you can search for target products in this APP.


Not superstitious, natural, no added

We have said this topic before. Let’s remind everyone here, don’t be superstitious and natural, without adding. Pure natural without addiction is not equal to health and harmless. Many people admire pure naturalness, thinking that natural things are better than industrial products. This is really a beautiful and expensive misunderstanding.

Similar words include pure plant extraction, herbal extraction, and so on. Under the guise of pure naturalness, there are often pit.


The mother and infant supplies have been confirmed to be harmful to infants and young children. The natural, herbs, and pure plant extracts include purple grass extracts, mint brain (alcohol), camphor, and camphor.



The toxic substances contained in humans can be absorbed through the skin. Even if it is an external preparation, it should only be used in the short term and follows the doctor’s advice. Capitals cannot be used for open wounds or damaged skin (translators note: original note be applied). Children, elderly, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women should not use purple grass products -even partial. The original link is on the website of the University of Maryland Medical Center, http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/comfrey


Crimdiam is complied with the standards of pure natural, herbs, and pure plants. But it is not a safe component for infants and young children. Therefore, when you buy skin care products for your children, do not be attracted by such words. Often when a merchant emphasizes such words, it needs to be careful.

With “pure natural effects”, “plant extraction”, “without adding any hormone” baby eczema creams, many of the back to the ground contain higher hormones than drugs.


Don’t buy three -free products

Try to buy products from professional and formal children’s cosmetics manufacturers, and try to buy mature and old -fashioned products at the same time, because such products have been verified for a long time, and the safety is higher;

In particular, be careful of products sold by mother and baby shops and micro -business friends.


Is the first use observation whether it is allergic

Note that no matter what brand of cream is used, it is best to observe whether you are allergic when you use it for the first time.

After applying the product to the baby’s ear first, after observing for a period of time, it is not allergic to use in large areas!

Have you ever used the baby cream that feels very good? Leave a message to share with you!


Snowballmom, 80 mother who grew up with the baby.

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