Lixia should wear a T -shirt! Black and white are too ordinary, these “T -shirts” are popular this year

In the spring and summer seasons, I think there must be a T -shirt in the wardrobe of most young ladies. The T -shirt item is so popular because it is really durable and versatile.

If ordinary people want to enhance their personal charm, they should learn some stylish T -shirts and do not always wear ordinary styles.

Color T -shirt

You can learn about these tips for bloggers. When wearing a T -shirt, you can use some personality skills to reflect your taste, and you will not feel dull.

Whenever spring and summer, do you only know wearing ordinary black and white?

The black and white T -shirt is really a bit rotten street. For those little fairy who wants to pursue fashion, it is pretty good to consider some bright t -shirts.


After all, this season should try more colorful clothing,

Use colorful T -shirts to make concave shapes, which can highlight the personal taste and look full of vitality.

Compared with ordinary black, in the spring and summer seasons, as if sisters prefer light -colored T -shirts, such as light purple, light pink these colors are very soft, and these colors are super white, suitable for yellow, very suitable for yellow Miss Black Sister.

Use these


Light -colored T -shirts to remove the concave shape, which can not only help you brighten your skin tone, the key is that the effect of age reduction is also particularly good.

Essence There are also some young ladies who have a slightly fat body when choosing. In fact, I recommend that you can try more loose T -shirts.

Using Oversize’s large T -shirt to modify the proportion of the figure, you can avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses. The loose T -shirt is also very temperamental, and it feels lazy, don’t worry about dullness.

Striped T -shirt

The solid color T -shirt looks a bit monotonous? Then you must start with

Striped T -shirts, incorporate some fashion elements, can make the shape look more fashionable,


These personality striped T -shirts are concave -shaped, and black and white stripes are also classic and durable. It is very fashionable to look at it.

The horizontal stripes may not be thinner with vertical stripes,

If the figure is not particularly slim, switch to a vertical stripe T -shirt

Essence But in general, it is very fashionable and worthy of reference.

Printing pattern T -shirt

When wearing a T -shirt, remember to show the waistline. Because the T -shirt we wear in daily life is relatively loose, it is easy to cover the waistline.

Choose this


The short T -shirt with a high waist will appear better

, Can also stretch your legs, the small man must learn. Regardless of whether it is paired with trousers or shorts, you must consider such matching skills.

The simplest way to wear the T -shirt is to match wide -leg pants


This kind of dress is not only very fashionable, the key is that the comfort is also very high. With a simple T -shirt with loose wide -leg pants.

Immediately you can make you have long legs, even if it is a pear -shaped figure, it is extremely thin to wear.

If you want to wear leisure, you can match the denim items in the lower body.

For example, T -shirts with cotton and linen texture, combined with jeans or denim skirts, are very fashionable.


After the skirt with a T -shirt, it can highlight the vitality.

By the way, the shirt is stuffed into the lower dress, showing a slender small waist, and the proportion of the figure is really good.


The denim materials are relatively stiff, and the young lady can also wear it.


If your legs are thin, I suggest you try more about shorts or skirts

, Large -area exposed legs will look lighter, and they will not feel dull with T -shirts.

Under the feet, it is combined with casual white shoes. This method of wear is super simple. It is not difficult to control ordinary girls. You can also use this casual shoes to show a sense of fashion.

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy women. The seemingly ordinary T -shirt is actually a weapon that reflects the sense of high -level. In spring and summer, using an ordinary T -shirt can highlight all kinds of Fashion. Sisters learn the bloggers’ shape.

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