Spring, what skirt is still struggling with? Try the recent “umbrella skirt”, whoever wears thin

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Spring is here, and the weather becomes warmer. How many beautiful skirts are you prepared in your wardrobe? If you are still struggling with what you want to choose to wear, then try the “umbrella skirt” that has been popular recently! This kind of skirt is really thin and who is thin, don’t believe it, follow the footsteps of Lily together ~ ▼

1. What body is suitable for umbrella skirts?


For the recently popular umbrella skirts, what is it suitable for wearing?

Girls with fatness and thick waist are very suitable, especially the pear -shaped figures. It is really amazing to wear this kind of skirt.

Although the umbrella skirt looks very loose, it will not be fat at all. The loose skirt can just cover the shortcomings and deficiencies on the body. Umbrella skirts are also more friendly for short girls.

2. What age is suitable for umbrella skirts?

After a simple understanding of the umbrella skirt is suitable for wearing, let’s take a look at which age of the umbrella skirt is suitable for? actually,


This kind of skirt has no restrictions on age, no matter what age, you can wear it,

The key is to see how you match yourself!

Different ages, you can choose different matching methods. Generally, the top of the umbrella skirt is also very selective. Now this is not too cold. You can match T -shirts, shirts or sweater.

3. What jackets are umbrella skirts?

★ With a shirt, full of temperament

The combination of umbrella skirts and shirts is really the easiest to create a temperament. Clean white shirts, very classic versatile and beautiful styles, simple basic models, for most people, they are more friendly depository depository now.


If you are a woman of thirty or forty, then Lily really recommends that you try this way to easily improve your personal temperament! Black half -body long umbrella skirt, such a version of skirt, has an excellent modification effect on the figure, and can also have a elegant temperament at the same time. Moreover, the length of the skirt is also very reasonable. It just covers the position of the calf belly. Even a small man can easily control it, you don’t have to worry about being pressed down. The small silk scarf tied to the neck has a good embellishment effect. Is such a set of wearing it look delicate and personal?

It is very suitable for a set of wearing in the workplace, a white shirt with satin texture, and its own luster fabric, which is a bit of high -level sense everywhere. Its collar design is different. Pulling the neck lines, thereby visually showing a sense of thinness.

And the lower body is equipped with a high -waisted half -body long umbrella skirt, with excellent skirts, and the design of high waist, the proportion of the lower body after the upper body is stretched, and the thin hidden meat is more taller!

★ With a sweater, gentle and temperament

In the spring, knitwear is the most popular item. Like this kind of slim -fitting knitted shirt, you can wear it directly in this less cold season. Of course, you can wear it as a small jacket to wear Intersection


The color is a very low -key light blue. This color is really very lined with skin tone. Don’t praise the white effect. The pear -shaped figure is most suitable for wearing. It is so gentle and temperamental. It is right to learn.

In the spring, the skirt is a favorite item. If you are still entangled with what you want to choose to wear, then you may wish to try the recently popular “umbrella skirt”? Such a versatile and impatient umbrella skirt, no matter what age, it is OK. The skirt with excellent vertical sense, the proportion of the lower body is extended to the upper body ~


The top is equipped with a light yellow short knitted cardigan. For this low -key color matching, I believe that many skin tone can be controlled. The short design is very friendly for a short figure. Even if the long skirt is matched, there is no pressure!

★ With knitted vest, youth reduction reduction

Green knitted vests are too suitable to wear in spring? It feels like this weather, just wear a white T -shirt to wear it, which is very fashionable at the same time.

The lower body is equipped with the recently popular half -length umbrella skirt. The color of khaki color is also very versatile. It is combined with green knitted vests and white T -shirts. Naturally, there is no problem. A sense of vision. The length of the skirt is covered with the calf belly, which is not too friendly for the imperfect leg shape and thick legs, right?



Well, today Lily has been sharing here. Thank you for reading your little fairy. Spring, what skirt is still struggling with? Try the recent “umbrella skirt”, who wears it!

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