Star Bao Mom sighed: There are a lot of electrical supplies that I only know after my mother.

Fan Fan recently posted a set of maternal and infant supplies on Weibo. The original blog pointed out that “there are a lot of electrical supplies that I know after being a mother ~”, in fact, it is not only Fan Fan. Any mother is for herself. The baby’s healthy birth and growth is working hard. From pregnancy to feeding, step by step must be assured.

There are several very useful maternal and infants necessary for maternal and infants here:

1. Angel Sounds Angel’s Voice of Angels

Relying on the 4th quarter 7 battery driver, the range of the LCD number display range is 30-210bpm, with volume control buttons, safety probes, four modes: fetal heartbeat listening, playing prenatal education music, played heartbeat recording and fetal heartbeat recording, suitable for 16 weeks of 16 weeks There are 5 music above pregnancy, and the heart rate of the fetus at any time ensure the healthy development of the fetus.


2. Beaba babycook baby non -staple food adjustment machine


4.74 cup large capacity, without BPA, safe and practical, simple and time -saving! Easy to clean, you can wash it with a dishwasher. It has the functions of steaming, grinding, thawing, and heating. It can be completed within 15 minutes. Intelligent CNC can be used as: infant nutrition supplementary food machine, nutritional puree machine, bottle disinfectant machine, warm milk machine, and fragmented machine.


3. PIGEON Pigeon Baby Elder Temperature Meter


Use the CR2032 battery to drive, just put on the baby’s forehead in just one second, that is, the baby’s body temperature can be accurately measured without leaving a uncomfortable feeling. , Express the temperature range: 32.0 ~ 42.0 (degrees Celsius), how to use: After the switch for the first time, you need to press for 5 seconds, and the sun logo becomes a baby face. Every time you use it in the future, the first picture appears, then the second picture, you can measure it when you wait until the third picture. It is best to measure between the indoor temperature of 15-35 degrees. The amount of temperature at the measuring temperature can be considered as the underarm temperature.

4. Oregon Scientific Dream Science

Built -in 20 models of situations, 6 color mood lights, can replace songs to help sleep, and emit soothing brain waves to improve sleep quality.

明星宝妈感叹:当妈以后才认识的电器用品真不少啊2、Beaba Babycook 宝宝副食调理机

5. Kangbei Micro Computer Efficient Steam drying and disinfection cooker 39434

With disinfection, drying, storage three -in -one functions, using other small objects in the family, one disinfection 9 bottle (within 7cm, below 18cm high), 40 minutes of vortex mute drying, the amount of bass is not early, LCD LCD display display , Micro -computer fully automatic control, 2 key operation keys, quickly get started. Multiple safety protection: micro -switch, water -free disinfection power off, 30 seconds of functions without starting automatic shutdown, ending automatic power failure, triple circuit protection device and other multiple safety protection measures, which fully meet the CCC certification specifications to ensure home use safety.


6. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

The breast pump can reduce the many unnecessary time of mothers and ensure that the baby’s food is sufficient. The unique bilateral dual -rhythmic milk -absorbing technology saves time, making mothers more comfortable, lightweight, small and convenient to carry, and it is more convenient to use the suit.

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