The most trendy net red duck overnight! I ate 20 meals? Intersection

The most popular net red duck is here in Beijing ~


That’s right! It’s the cute and cute B.Duck

Speaking of duckling duck


I believe everyone is no stranger to

It was born in Hong Kong in 2005

With a signature smile and fat body

Let children and big friends love it!

But this time the protagonist is not B.Duck Ben Duck


It’s the tea house opened by his sister Buffy

From Macau to Shanghai to Chongqing

Nothing is not popular!

Taking advantage of the new store just opened

Follow the Raiders to find out!


Emperor Capital’s first buffy ducky duck tea house

Sister Buffy everywhere

From the welcome Buffy in front of the store to the giant buffy in the store, all of them are attracting friends of all ages to compete!


On the wall, the door, or even the tableware and paper towels, cute

Ducky ducks can be seen everywhere



A different duckling toys will be placed on each dining table

You can eat with the companionship of the duckling duck. Of course, the most important thing is: pat it! (Reminder: Please clear the memory in advance on your mobile phone, crab and crab ~)

Delicious and fun

Little yellow duck -like food

One duckling toy at each table

The little yellow duck sold on the cage is steamed delicious

Little Yellow Duck Book -Flail Sand Milk Yellow Bag


The golden rhodium milk yellow bag, which is a little yellow duck, is right! Wearing flowers, cute enough to eat! Intersection

Not only is the value high, but the belly is more ingredient,

Dow the filling as soon as you bite

Intersection The skin is soft, the milk is full of fragrance, and the taste of the Liusha is endless!

Although a little bad, the quicksand bag must be played like this ~


Angry duckling -flame barbecue bag


I was used to the stupid ducky face, but you must have never seen it!


, I’m so angry that my head was so angry! It’s okay to let me eat you!


The dough is soft, the taste is soft, the pork stuffing is fresh and sweet

The only regret is that the filling is not too large, and it is a bit dissatisfied as the barbecue control ~

One duck -shrimp dumpling emperor


The shrimp dumplings in the tea restaurant have eaten a lot, but the first time such a soft and cute shrimp dumplings have seen it?

Big shrimp


Hidden in Buffy’s little face is looming!

Because it’s so cute, it’s best to eat one by one!


The epidermis is very thin and soft, the shrimp is fresh and full,


A sip is full of shrimp

, Meat Q bombs with bamboo shoots, the taste is light but not rich ~

Thin skin large filling -barbecued intestine powder

If the pork bun is not satisfied, use this thin -skinned pork intestine powder to make up for it!

The outer skin is transparent, and the large pieces of barbecued pork can be visible to the naked eye


In the intestinal powder, there are sufficient amounts of barbecued pork, and finally you can eat soy sauce and peanut oil ~


Tea restaurant must be eaten -steamed ribs of sauce

Already ordered the staple food? The steamed pork ribs that must be eaten in the tea restaurant is a good choice!

The ribs are soft and flavorful, with the soft and sweetness of pumpkin


It may be because the children eat it, it is relatively light, the taste of the sauce is not heavy ~

Salted egg yolk with everything -salted egg yolk chicken wings

Salted egg yolk is really a well -deserved cargo king! With the favorite chicken wings, it will not make a mistake ~

A layer of salted egg yolk outside wraps the chicken wings tightly, and the chicken wings have become yellow!


The outer skin is full of salty fragrance, the inside is soft and tender ~


Ducky yellow duck dessert with pink bubbles


Bubble bath of duckling duck -bath milk frozen

The most important thing is pink bubbles with a bubble bath. The shape of the girl’s heart in the shape of a second is in the shape of a second, and even our photography teacher has fallen!

Of course, the popularity is not only because of attractive appearance, but the taste is also excellent.

Ice and silky, milk fragrance, delicate taste


, A spoonful of one spoonful, can’t stop at all!

You can also eat stickers -Buffy egg tart


The appearance of the busty Buffy egg tart, the table is still hot,


The milk taste is strong, the outside is crispy and tender inside

Not only that,

Even the little yellow duck stickers on the egg tart can be eaten with confidence

Intersection The taste is a bit like the glutinous rice sugar coat of the big white rabbit coffin!

There are surprises at the bottom of the bowl -Yangzhi Magna


How many people have the initial cognition of Hong Kong -style desserts from this bowl of Yangzhi man?

The sweetness of mango is mixed with a faint milk fragrance


, I ca n’t help but scoop up a spoon and put it in my mouth ~

The transparent Simi and grapefruit flesh burst between the lips and teeth. Simi’s Q bullets, the softness of mango plus the bright acid of the grapefruit, will be found in the end when you eat it.

Little yellow duck hidden at the bottom of the bowl


Take the little yellow duck home

Various genuine little yellow ducks

After eating, I turned around and found that there was a one behind

Ducky Duck’s Commodity Area

, The little yellow duck products of all kinds of attitude are placed on the shelf, Ren Jun choose!

Various sizes and various materials, small yellow duck toys

, Soft, hard, standing, sitting … seemed to be talking to Raiders: Take me home!

Large and small life peripheral


In addition to toys, there are all kinds of little yellow ducks that can be used in life. This




After my back, I felt that I became a primary school student instantly! I really want to memorize my home duck like this!


There are T -shirts, pillows, pencil bags, water cups, mobile phone cases … What you can think of can’t be thought of here!


Send yourself, give your girlfriend or send a child at home

They are all good gifts ~

Such a cute tea house

I believe the fans of the yellow duck duck

I have already kept my heart to be impatient

Don’t hesitate!


There are not many people who know

Quickly pull the girlfriend to suck the duck together ~

Buffy duckling tea tower


Guangqu Road Heshenghui Shopping Center L3 layer 01 No. 01




per capita:

100 yuan


The WeChat public account is about to be revised …

To prevent everyone from missing the push of Raiders


I specially made a small tutorial

Set the Raiders to


Star label

Overlord meals, massive benefits will accompany you from here!

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