Recommended toner for sensitive skin: delicate and smooth improvement of the skin’s dullness brings moisturizing and bright


Kose Snow Muscle Symbly Hypoxia Landlinage Landwater

KOSE Snow Muscle Wintering and Brightening Makeup Water is a skin care essence with good reputation and sales. It contains a variety of moisturizing ingredients that can repair sunburn skin, and you are moist and fair and beautiful. Always use snow muscle essence, whitening



The effect is very good, refreshing and non -greasy recommend it to everyone.

Classic blue snow entry selection of Snow Muscle Pure Water Classic Blue Snow is suitable for oily, mixed skin classic toner, moisturizing and mirroring and improving dullness and high pores. Snow muscle refined lotion, full, full, full, moisturizing and transparent brightening, suitable for dryness, sensitive skin, delicate and smooth, improved skin dull

Add Ophiopra extract to maintain the moisture of the skin. Snow muscles, delicate and pure water, deep nourishment, delicate and soft bomb conditioning, suitable for light cooked, mature skin, a variety of plant essence, nourishing the skin, full bombs, and improving skin yellowing, dull and translucent muscle, and whiteness. Snow muscle refined lotion (Yingrun type) (Oriental Qingyun version) The deep blue bottle of the ocean -like deep blue bottle is covered with snowflakes and plant patterns

The intertwined gorgeous coat has a mysterious oriental charm. A gently pressing pump feels a soft and comfortable touch like snowflakes and the essence of plant essence.


Sisley Hei Sili Fragrant Skin Water

Sisley Sisley Hyeli Fragrant skin water contains roses and golden plums. Deep hydration and moisturizing, long -term use can brighten the skin color and rejuvenate the skin. It feels pretty good, and the moisturizing effect is good. In fact, this is the second bottle of Sisley’s flower perfume. The first time I bought it with all -around lotion. As a result, the sensitive muscle indicates that the mineral oil component in the all -around lotion cannot be held, but the bottle of flower perfume was particularly pleasant at the time. The feeling of use is particularly good, but I personally feel that I must use a cotton pad. If you go directly to the face, you will not feel obvious. Later, when I was chatting with the sister of the cabinet, I realized that the bottle of flower perfume was actually strictly a secondary time. Cleaning water, but its moisturizing function is powerful, so even if it is used as a moisturizing water, it is also possible to use a cotton pad. The second clean water generally has softened keratin, gently clean up the skin surface residual quality Efficacy, if you do not use a cotton pad, the dirt is still left on the face, but the pores are blocked. Besides, at the beginning, I didn’t think it was a second clean water at all, because it was really too mild, and I didn’t remove the discomfort of the horny at all. Instead, I felt that the moisturizing function and soothing and calm effect were obvious. The texture is relatively sticky and has a faint floral fragrance, but the face is absorbed quickly, it is not sticky, and the oil is not floating. I was at home at home on the weekend. After washing my face in the morning, I only wiped this. Only left and right to start oil. Generally speaking, the moisturizing effect is still very powerful.

Avene Shurun ​​Landwater

Avene Shurun ​​Moisturizer is a skin care water that can balance water and oil. It is rich in Avene living spring water that can deeply nourish the skin and reduce skin irritation. Skin care water does not add alcohol ingredients to deeply moisturize the skin, supplementing moisture skin care water for sensitive skin and dry skin for skin care. The outer packaging of Avene’s family, the same Avene is irregular, the same milky and opaque color, making it difficult to distinguish. However, this one will be better. The bottle is transparent, and the liquid inside often has flocculent sediments. This is scary, but it is actually natural silicate, which can form a protective film on the surface of the skin. Avene’s things are more suitable for sensitive muscles, rich in exclusive living spring water, non -alcoholic, high tolerance, and no acne formula. It is milky white in the palm of your hand. The taste smells like soapy water. It is not very good, but it is very light. What is the moisturizing moisturizing of this toner? Before using this water, the score of 32%was measured with a skin tester. After using it for 50 minutes, the measured water score was 43%, an increase of 11%, and the effect of instant hydration was average. The absorption of skin care ingredients is also critical. After all, it is not absorbed, and the big pearl is also embarrassed. Crystal soil is a kind of easily foam, which is used to measure skin care products. Soak the crystal soil ball in the toner and remove it for about half an hour. At this time, the crystal soil balls were significantly enlarged.

Huayu Jixu water toner

This Huayu collection of toner is rich in natural rice fermentation ingredients. It effectively irrigate the source of the source, bring healthy and moisturizing, improve the skin, water and oil balance and smooth skin, and carefully tighten the pores. At the same time, whitening and water rejuvenation is strengthened to help resist the attack such as oxidation;

It also contains unique hyaluronic acid moisturizing factors, which contain double hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate deeply and moisturize the stratum corneum, and instantly moisturize, making the skin more tender and smooth. Can lock water and continue to replenish the moisture required for the skin, bringing an unprecedented moisturizing experience, the effect surprises you. Weak acidity, low irritation, without spices and pigments. You can use it with a sensitive muscle.


Use it after cleansing, each time it is in the palm of the hand, and then it will be absorbed quickly on the face. After two or three weeks, my skin became super comfortable, and the T zone was not as delicious as before, and the pores were not so thick. After almost a month, the skin was dull, and now it is slowly translucent. The same skin is dull as me, or the sisters who stay up late can get up.

Recommended toner for sensitive skin: delicate and smooth improvement of the skin’s dullness brings moisturizing and bright

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