This sushi is easy to do, it is addicted to taste

By Graceshan



Rice 300g


2 eggs

Cucumber half


Hu Lupu 100g

Ham sausage 50g

6 pieces of seaweed

Moderate amount of sushi vinegar


20 grams of salt

Practice step

1. Cut eggs, cucumbers, ham, carrots, and boiled carrots for 2 minutes first

2. Put the right amount of salt and sushi vinegar and stir well

3. Take a piece of seaweed and put it in the side dish roll into a long roll

4. Finally slice, with sushi soy sauce and mustard, you can enjoy it


When rolling sushi, use bamboo curtains to roll it tightly, otherwise it is easy to spread when slice

There are tricks for delicious food. Each of my dishes has a small trick. Everyone searches for “bean fruit” to directly view my recipes!

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