File storage is all on it, I bought it for regret.

Although the USB is not eye-catching, it is also a job. It is an indispensable technology in life. Today I have organized four products in Jingdong Mall, the lowest, as long as more than a dozen yuan, interested friends can start One, in order to prepare from time to time.

文件存储全靠它 这四款优盘买了不后悔

8GB mini USB flash drive as long as 14 yuan

First of all, it is recommended to have an 8GB product that can basically meet daily needs. Its price is also very affordable, as long as 14 yuan can be started, what are you still hesitating?

8GB mini USB flash drive

This Tablet mini-USB internal chip uses a UDP black gel package, which is not afraid that the rain is clear, even if it is soaked, it can be restored after drying. It uses fashion double arc design, which is not easy to lose, carry more peace of mind with you.

文件存储全靠它 这四款优盘买了不后悔

64GB capacity easy to copy large files

Next, it is recommended that this patriot o’clock, it has 64GB of large capacity, even if the copy HD video can also be paid. This product also standards usb3.0 interface, and the transmission speed is more guaranteed.

Patriot Bow

This patriot design is exquisite. You can hide the interface directly to avoid fly ash. Metal material is also very strong, resistant to resisting. It is priced at 39 yuan in Jingdong Mall, and interested friends don’t miss it.

High-speed transmission work more efficient

Kingston’s USB flash drive adopts USB 3.2 Gen 1 specification, quickly read huge files such as HD video, more efficient, and is very suitable for workplace. Its metal shell is convenient and durable, which can effectively protect data security.

Kingston USB flash drive

Kingston’s Your Price is very small, and the key ring is very convenient to carry, which satisfies your transmission needs anytime, anywhere. It has a variety of memory specifications, of which 64GB of this price is 52 yuan, you can click on the link below to learn more.

文件存储全靠它 这四款优盘买了不后悔

TYPE-C interface matches different devices

Finally, this product recommended by everyone uses a dual interface design. In addition to the traditional USB interface, the Type-C interface has also been added to match more devices to meet the needs of different scenes. Its transmission speed can be up to 150MB / s, and the large file can also be conveyed.



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