Dr. Lu, can you prescribe some regret medicine?

The article comes from Zhihu

Author: Yama Fox

Drunk home, ate two cold dumplings, and successfully ate himself in the hospital.

The doctor on duty is actually a ex -boyfriend who hasn’t seen a year.

He frowned and prescribed medicine, very angry.

“Why is cool dumplings so delicious? Forgot that you have a stomach when you eat it?”

“Why am I so fascinating, I can’t forget you a year?”

After I finished speaking, I regretted covering my mouth.

I want to say that I am dumplings. Do you believe it?

Girlfriend Ding Ru asked embarrassed beside him: “Dr. Lu, can you prescribe some regret medicine?”



People are in the hospital, asking for help to dig a seam of the ground.

The girlfriend in her ears was chattering endlessly how embarrassing the atmosphere. It was said that Lu Qi’s ears were blushing, and he took the medicine and took the medicine to take us away.

“He took me away because I would hurt if I didn’t get an injection anymore.”

Originally because of drunk headache, plus Ding Ru’s broken mouth skills only increased, I just felt that I got into the honeycomb and buzzed.

Ding Ru was driven away without a good face. Before she left, she helped me set up alarm clock, fearing that I would forget to change the medicine in the past.

When I opened my eyes, the sky was already on. Sure enough, I didn’t hear the alarm clock, but the needle on my hand didn’t know when it was pulled out.

There is also a coat with a familiar smell on it.

It was Lu Qi.

“Girl.” The nurse stopped in a hurry, and his eyes were full of interesting smiles. “Xiao Lu changed his shift to accompany you for a while last night.”

My mind was not sober, and I just looked at her in confusion.

“He estimated that you woke up and left quietly.”

The nurses sat next to me, and asked gossiply, “Are you two awkward?”

My eyes were a bit sour, looking down at the coat in my arms, and said, “I’m not his girlfriend.”

“Is he pursuing you?”


The head nurse is going to take the coat in my arms: “That’s right. My niece also worked in the hospital. It was optimistic about Xiaolu for a long time. As a result, he didn’t get in oil and salt.

“This coat is a good opportunity. You might as well give me a good thing by the way.”

After listening to this, my heart seemed to be a balloon that was about to explode immediately, and stared at her ugly face with anger.

What position do I have now?

A voice in my heart pulled me out of anger, reminding me that love was a year ago, and now I am not qualified to be jealous.

For a while, my heart was sour and unbearable.

I stood up and stood up. Although I got up anxiously, I still tried to pretend to be normal, and said coldly, “He is my friend, don’t worry about you.”

After speaking, I took the landing jacket and walked out by feeling. I gambled with luck that I could walk out of the head nurse’s attention in the snowflakes.

“Yoyo, what happened to your eyes?”

Lu Qi’s voice sounded beside him, and his face also appeared in the dim gaze.

It was strange that I could see the anxiety in his eyes before I completely faded the snowflake point.

“What is the strange monster? I am in a hurry, just for a while.”

I helped him stand for a while, heard him greeted with the nurse, looked up at him, and in a clear sight, his thin lips were pursed into a straight line.

This is the sign of his anger.

But I don’t know what he thought of. This action disappeared for only two seconds, and there was only a soft sigh.

He should also think of our relationship.

After all, we are awkward even silent now.

“The coat is returned to you.” I handed him the clothes. In order to ease the embarrassing atmosphere, I also asked, “This dress is still wearing?”

“Well, I am old.”

Okay, it’s even more embarrassing.

He put the coat, shook the key to the car, and said he wanted to send me home.

Joke, I am a driver, how can I take my ex -boyfriend’s car?

Well, I sat on his co -pilot again.

I don’t want to do this either, but he said he wanted to make me dumplings.

That’s the dumplings of Lu Qibao!

It can be said that all the dumplings in J City and the supermarket’s quick -frozen dumplings, including dumplings bags wrapped in the aunt at home, are not as delicious as Lu Qibao.

I like to shake around him when he and the stuffing. The dumpling filling he tuned was really delicious, and it was the kind of extent that people couldn’t wait to take a bite.

Not to mention, I really tasted one day, and the nausea was erected, and Lu Qi could not laugh at his waist.

I looked at the face of the landing and drove, and I couldn’t help feeling, how good it was at that time, and now I can only look secretly.

“What are you thinking?” Lu Qi asked.

“you guess.”

“I can’t guess.” He laughed unconsciously after he said, a pair of peach blossom eyes, “but I was thinking, that day you took a bite of raw dumplings stuffing.”

I looked at the building that came back outside the window, but Lu Qi’s smile just now.

It’s so good, it’s not all grievances after breaking up, and you can think of a beautiful moment.

We can also do nothing.


He took me to the vegetable market, and it was the one we used to go.

When I was together, it was always difficult for me to think of a clean white coat, and I thought of it with the fishy and noisy vegetable market.

Later, I bought more foods together, and I knew that people lived this way, but my chai oil and salt were bought out by money.

Some people may laugh at me, saying that it is not good to cook in person, how many people are reluctant to cook.

But no one understands, I want to taste the craftsmanship of my family.

Whether it is a lover or a loved one.

“Child, I haven’t seen you two for a long time.”

The old grandmother who sells eggs is full of white hair, but she has not seen it for a year. Her eyes seem to be unclear, and she is even worse than in the past.

She held my hand and said lovingly, “Xiaolu said,” Are you awkward, now it’s reconciled? “

“Grandma,” Lu Qi said, “Your eyes should be reviewed these days.”

Grandma nodded with a smile, and a rough but clean hand patted me gently.

She slowly said, “Life has been so decades, and what she missed is to miss.”

I looked up and looked at Lu Qi, and wanted to see even a flaw on his face.

But he didn’t.

I couldn’t help but turn away. He followed me silently behind me, and there was no speech after getting in the car.

I didn’t change the number lock because I was too lazy to remember the number, or I couldn’t remember other numbers.

According to his simple character, I never thought he would come back.

I never thought that I had to enter the previous password in front of him, as if I told me that I hadn’t let go of the past.

Very shameful, really shame.

The moment the door lock opened, I seemed to hear his laughter.

But I couldn’t control so much, and embarrassment made me squeeze into the house as flexibly like a cat.

His slippers asked me to throw it away, so Lu Qi could only wear a disposable slippers with a smile.

Finally, I tried to enlighten myself.

I leaned next to the wine cabinet, watching Lu Qi’s car hanging well, seeing him selected vegetables and washing vegetables in one go. Seeing that he was familiar with every place as he was in his own home.

In the end, he brought a pot of meat to smell me, and the long -lost fragrance called me back.

“How?” He asked me.

“I want to take a bite.” I laughed a little embarrassed.

He also laughed succeeded, and the empty hand was habitually pinching my tip of my nose, but stopped immediately when it touched.

We were silent, and no one would speak anymore.

He returned to his kitchen, and I leaned against my wine cabinet, but in front of me like a movie, flashed the pictures he made trouble for cooking.

After returning to God, he found that he didn’t have the band of the apron. He walked over and helped him tie it, getting him a faint “thank you”.

What are we doing at this time?

Oh yes, he will kiss me with a dragonfly.

At this moment, I looked at the dumplings in the pot, as if I saw my heart, and there was no landing.

He brought out two plates of dumplings, and had mixed side dishes, and helped me adjust the sauce skillfully.

Everything was like the day we broke up, but the vase on the table disappeared for a year.

He obviously found it, and his hand was still rubbing twice in the position of the vase.

The scene of that day appeared in front of my eyes.

The day of breakup is the anniversary of our love.

During the day, I cried and called him more than ten calls, and he didn’t answer it. Sending a WeChat message, he did not reply.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock in the evening that he returned a sentence, “I’m sorry, I was in the operating room before, and went home to find you.”

But at that time, I was holding Ding Ru while drinking and crying. Without thinking about watching my mobile phone, I missed more than a dozen news later.

I think it is probably the fate. If he answered my phone, I saw his news, maybe we would not come to the end.

But life is not if.

I was already at four in the morning when I got home. There were no begonia flowers, and some of them did not sleep with roses and Lu Qi.

He looked at me straight, I ignored him, and walked directly to the bedroom and changed clothes.

“Wu You.” He called me.

“Usually like a party, there is no problem, do you have to play overnight on the commemorative day?”

His thin lips were pursed into a straight line, holding the real estate certificate I originally put on the coffee table in his hand.

“People are no longer shadow, and remember to give me a house for gifts. I really can’t afford it. I know that there is inequality between us, but I have been escaping, thinking that I will work hard to promote, one day, there is always one day Will be equal. “

“I know you want to give me good, I know your heavy heart. But my shit self -esteem, he can’t accept this gift I can’t return to gift.”

Lu Qi laughed with a mockery, and my wine was crushed by his laughter, and his head gradually sober.

I don’t want to see him laughing for 800 to hurt the enemy.

So my hand tremblingly stroked the corner of his mouth and whispered: “Don’t, don’t do it …”

He gently pushed my hand and walked towards the kitchen with the dumplings on the table. I heard the sound of the microwave oven work.

“After a while, the dumplings are hot, and then sleep again, save your stomach and uncomfortable.”

As he told me, he opened the suitcase and quickly filled the box under my stingy gaze.

“Are you going on a business trip?” I asked for a bully.

“I return you free.”

He passed by my shoulders, and finally patted my head, sighing, “Go home so late, pay attention to safety.”

“let’s break up.”

He closed the door before I reacted. This empty house really left me alone in the future.

The sound of the microwave oven was particularly loud that day.

The dumplings he wrapped were so delicious, but they just ate while crying.

When I packed the chopsticks, I overturned the vase. I looked at the fragments of the ground, as if I saw myself.

Everything is messy and broken.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lu Qi’s question brought me out of my memories. I shook my head and didn’t speak, and a dumplings were blown up.

It should be the heat of dumplings that I have fascinated my eyes, otherwise how can I see his eyes red?

He stared at the cabinet next to me, frowned a little confusing, and pointed at it and asked, “Why is there the family portrait of you and his uncle and aunt?”

I was stunned for a long time, and I pulled out a release smile for a long time.

“They divorced, just the day we broke up.”

Lu Qi looked at me in surprise, and his expression changed.

I have guilt and distress.

“They are business partners who have worked for a business in their partners. I should have recognized it for a long time, and I can not deceive myself for years.”

I saw him staring at me stunned, but his lips moved but didn’t say a word. He smiled and sandwiched a dumplings in his bowl.

“It’s passed, and they have left me a lot of family property, I don’t lose. Also, the dumplings will be cold if you don’t eat it anymore.”

When he was my boyfriend, he did not receive a passion to me, and missed the drunkenness of my tears in the middle of the night.

Now that I have broken up, I won’t tell him how I struggled out of the quagmire again and again.

Let him think I don’t care.

Although our reunion did not open with “long time, how are you”, I still want him to know “I live well.”

He looked unhappy, his brows were locked and sighed secretly.

After meals, I went to wash the dishes, and he leaned on the door to see me, just like us.

Different, he did not smoke before, and persuaded me to quit smoking.

At this moment, he swallowed the clouds next to me.

I have to say that handsome guys smoke are handsome.

I wiped my hand, the ghost made the cigarette case in his hand, pulled out a cigarette, and lit his cigarette through the Mars of his cigarette butt.

We are very close, so that I can feel his breath and see the faint stubble in his mouth.

What should I do, Lu Qi’s eyes are like 蛊, I can’t escape at all.

Fortunately, he missed his head first and fled.

He turned his back to me, holding his hand on the door handle, but did not open the door.

He said like his child, “I have to eat well.”

He said, “Goodbye, Youyou.”

When the door was closed, I was alone.

“Goodbye, Lu Qi.”


After Lu Qi left, Ding Ru called.

“Youyou, there is a bureau tonight, pack up.”

“Ancestor,” I was a little weak. “I came back from the hospital. Are you looking forward to me, so do you inherit my company?”

“The project you talked about recently is not stuck. Tonight has their boss. I think about bringing you a friend.

I said for a while, but my heart was in my heart, how can I miss the opportunity to expand the connections. So I promised her to be present, and obeyed her for a meal.

After a while, all the dreams were Lu Qi. It is better not to sleep when sleeping, but he has a headache.

Rush to the bar with Ding Ru, and people have almost arrived. Zheng Yan came to the wine in person, and opened his mouth to let me and Ding Ru punish three cups.

I punch him: “You hurry up to accompany your female star!”

Before Zheng Yan stopped the idiots of the words “His Family Star”, there was another short -haired girl who came to us.

I like grabbing life -saving straw, and pointed at her in a hurry: “Look, there is a later one, it’s time for her to punish three cups!”

Ding Ru kicked me secretly, gritted his teeth and said to me, “Fool! This is your customer!”

I petrified in the same place, and Ding Ru covered her face in a fate, and the remaining friends were laughing.

The short -haired girl seemed to be funny by me, raised the glass and said, “There are a little bit of three cups, let me drink a cup.”

She drank the wine in the glass and reached out to me: “Hello, I’m Wenjing.”

When I saw her carelessly, I naturally forgot to embarrass and shook hands with her to introduce herself.

“I know you, I have been talking to us the customers who have been talking about the project.” She sat beside me with a sigh of distress.

“It’s not that I don’t cooperate, it’s my designer, that is, my girlfriend, I have been awkward recently with me.

I looked at her sympathy, but I thought of my own things, and there was nothing to qualify for people. I could only hold up the glass to accompany her for a drink.

After three tours, I went to the bathroom and made up for a makeup. The stomach pain still made the complexion pale.

On the way back to the card, I saw a familiar figure on the high platform.

It is Lu Qi.

Without control, I walked towards Lu Qi, who was lowered.

He should be drunk, we should all get drunk.

Otherwise, how could I hold his face, and his fingers kissed his lips regardless of his red eyes.

Like eating a cherry, familiar cherry.

He tightly lived in my waist and responded to my kiss almost crazy. It seems that the thoughts of this year did not pour out at this moment.

We pantingly let go of each other, the warm forehead offsets each other, and its breath hit the opponent’s face.

What is the next thing to say that the light of the bar is too ambiguous, or is it difficult to hold his own liquor?

Without waiting for me to speak, he buckled his hands behind my head and began to rub my hair gently.

His voice trembled deeply.

He said, “How can I leave you when you are so helpless?”

My tears fell down.

I touched his face and said to him, “All are over.”

As a result, I felt tears in one hand.

He choked and opened: “Actually, I was very sad that day.”

“I have been the operating room and rescued a child who had been treating for more than half a year. But he could no longer open his eyes that day and couldn’t call my doctor brother.”

“He is only eighteen years old … he should have sweated on the court, and he should have been on the examination room as a row. He should have laughed with friends in the blue sky.”

“But under my surgery knife, his heartbeat turned into a straight line.”

“I miss you so much, I really miss you at home and wait for me to laugh at me. I can hold you tightly as soon as I reach out.”

“But I didn’t find you, I lost you.”

Our off -forehead is separated.

I looked at the man who opened the scar in front of me, and tears blurred for a while.

He is a Xueba I am extremely admired, the leader among the young doctors of the municipal hospital, and the doctor Lu, who is as tall as a deity in my heart.

I was afraid that I would not match him, and carefully avoided all the quarrels in front of him, for fear that his golden body showed a gap.

But I forgot that he also had the pressure of life. He was not stubborn, and he would be injured.

Just as he did not learn to open his heart to me.

I also cried, watching his tears, and seeing the helplessness he had never showed.

The “crying eyes and crying eyes” sung in the song are at this moment.

How to feel sad, how miserable, and how to share it?

I can only use my hands to gently wipe off his tears.


Lu Qi later said a lot. We cried and laughed like two faucets.

He said, “One day I came here to meet with my colleagues, and you were not far from us, and I smiled with my friends. That was a smile that you never had before me. At that time, I was I know, you are not comfortable with me. “

Since then he has wanted me to fully trust him, let go of the most authentic me, and live freely.

So his clumsy way to find various reasons to quarrel with me, but I was always like a scumbag and perfunctory him.

I cried and laughed, hammering his shoulders: “My parents can’t speak without quarrel. Of course, I must try my best to avoid this kind of thing in my life. To coax you, you can settle only when you smash money. “

He gurgled a lot again. I didn’t hear it clearly, just watching his lower head and laughing for his alcohol.

I used to drink a can of beer at home to sleep. Who gave him the courage to drink?

I pushed him and asked who came with him.

He said he came to borrow wine by himself.

As a result, the black man who had been afraid of shrinking raised his hand and responded, saying that he was called “himself.”

Lu Qi, who was drunk just now, turned back quickly and glared at the man in black.

Coincidentally, I know the man in black.

He is Lu Qi’s golf friend, named Tang Yu.

We used to double date together, Lu Qi took me, he also took his girlfriend Xu Lizi.

I pushed Lu Qi to him, and did not poke through Lu Qi’s vulnerability, and asked him to rush a honey water to the drunk.

Watching them walked out of the bar crooked, I was startled by Wen Jing behind me.

“My God, don’t you say nothing?” I patted my chest.

“I have a few tons of weight, and I can get out of footsteps on this occasion.”

Wen Jing stuffed my bag in his arms, and said fiercely, “If you don’t look good, I am too lazy to help you.”

“Note, you have a girlfriend.” I knew that Wen Jing was talking about jokes, and also fun her.

“Besides, what are you?” I looked back and thought about her, and I was confused.

“First of all, I want to declare, I don’t deliberately hear your dialogue. But you are really too grinding, and say a basket, just don’t say the most important sentence.” Wen Jingyi His face looked at me and said.

I was poked in the center, my eyes dodged a little, and asked her: “Why don’t I know which sentence is.”

“Both of you are about to make the four characters” find me back “, can you write it on his face?” Wen Jing poked my head with anger, gritted his teeth and said, “Speak it clearly, really Is it so difficult! “

“Originally, there are fewer and fewer handsome guys and beautiful girls. Do you want to dismantle my cp?”

“When will the two of us become your CP?” I asked with a smile.

“Just now, now! Oh, this is not important, the important thing is …”

Before she finished speaking, I ran out of the bar on my back, leaving only the sentence “Thank you, I know” dissipated in the wind.

I ran out of the bar and didn’t know where I should go. I just gambled in one direction. If I could meet, I had no fate.

If you can’t meet …

I will send him WeChat!

I ran forward regardless of my head, and my mind was all of us. Those memories that were called sweetness were always unable to fully invest.

I didn’t know why this was, so that we went further and further.

Now in this long thirty second red light, he saw him on the opposite side of the road, and I understood it.

Neither of us will love.

We all thought that we were standing at our own perspective, but never said nothing, and never asked the other party what really wanted.

Three, two, one.

The green light was on.

We ran towards each other. In the crowd, we dodged all obstacles and hugged each other tightly.

“I don’t miss it with you.”

“Let’s reunite.”

We said at the same time.

“It’s really tacit.” My face buried on his shoulders, and his voice was stuffy.

“There is still a lifetime of cultivation,” he said.

The car beside the horn was pressed, and then we reacted on the zebra crossing. It was ashamed to embark on the sidewalk a second before the red light was on.

Perhaps we are still a young beginner in love in the future, but what happened.

We have a lifetime to practice.

(Lu Qi & Wu You warmly reminds, the move just now is very dangerous, don’t learn it.)


Wen Jing successfully recovered his girlfriend Zhou Meng, and our cooperation was successfully finalized.

“Is my baby’s design shocked!” Wen Jing said proudly in the video with Zhou Meng.

I was angry because Lu Qi was busy at work for forgetting my birthday.

Wen Jing was really good and the scarred forgot to hurt. She forgot that Zhou Meng’s birthday last time. As a result, she was drunk at her daughter’s house and ran Zhou Mengqi to run away.

Oh yes, her daughter’s mother once had a crush on Wen Jing, and Zhou Meng told me.

So my heart was born.

“Isn’t it, not only the design works are first -class, but even the intimateness is first -class. Alas, unlike my family, I am busy saving the wounded all day, I can’t care about my birthday.”

As soon as Wen Jing heard my birthday, his face became pale. If he was busy playing haha, he had to turn off the video.

Can I let it? Of course not.

I said slowly, “I am proud of his rescue and wounds. But some people have not contributed to the society. How can I still miss my baby’s birthday? Well, it is really puzzling.”

Zhou Meng was already angry because of this old account, and Wen Jing screamed. I laughed back and forth on the video, and my tears were about to come out.

When Wen Jing yelled at the camera, “Wu You, you waited for me”, Lu Qi happened to go home.

He sat next to me in three steps and wanted to help me intimidate Wen Jing, but saw that the battle situation over there was too fierce, and did not hold back and laughed.

Before we turned off the video, Wen Jing’s wealth fans did not forget to shout: “The jewelry of your two wedding is not cheap!”

As soon as Zhou Meng’s pillow, she staged her face and yelled with a sweet girl’s voice: “The jewelry of a long wedding, when is it your turn to say it! I said to give it to Youyou, you actually have to regret it ?! You lie to me, you Come and die! “

Lu Qi and I looked at each other, tacitly thumbs up for Zhou Meng, and carved the truth of “not sweet girl” inhaling the lungs.

I watched Lu Qi’s chin coming out of the stubble, and stroked it gently, and said, “It’s hard, my doctor Lu.”

His eyes were smiling, looking at me tenderly, “Happy birthday, my wife.”

The double red background on the TV cabinet is really beautiful.


Lu Qi’s perspective- “Unfortunately, I don’t know much about it in the old days.”


I have been working with Wu You for a year.

I always think of her.

When you hear the love song, you will think of it, you will think of it by passing by, and the patient who sees stomach pain will remember.

She is still everywhere, the more I miss the more torture.

Those regrets turned into criticism late at night, as if a whip was beating on my heart, making me difficult to fall asleep at night.

Later, I learned to smoke, and I also prepared a box of beer at home.

The moon accompanied me to smoke and drink, and she thought of the unique girl with quietly.

When I lost her, I became more and more like her.

I like to put myself in the night and watch the cigarette head Mars, as if she was still with me.

The ghost -like looming smoke turned into her face-

I crimbed my smoke and coquettishly, and a pair of watery apricot eyes were looking forward to it.

She has always been able to grab my weaknesses. At this time, I can only smile helplessly and return the confiscated cigarettes.

She smokes a lot of smoke, but most of them are sweet.

Like her, addicted and sweet.

I regret not remembering the cigarette brand she smoked.

So for the first time, I stood at the stall of the supermarket cigarette, and I was disappointed by a large number of cigarette boxes.

Later, under the recommendation of the supermarket owner, I took the box casually.

I have never smoked, and it has been awkward to ignite it for most of the strength, and I pumped my first bite lightly.

It’s not sweet at all.

Instead, I cough, and even burst into tears.

It’s too much smoke.

Not thinking of her.


I didn’t think about finding her back.

It’s just that I can’t.

She is not happy with me.

She seems to be a bird in the cage, and if she wants to accompany me, she must give up freedom.

The carefulness in her eyes and her behavior of her behavior made me deeply disturbed.

When I had never seen Wu You in the bar wanton, she thought she was just a well -behaved side, which was different from that of Wu, who was ancient and strange in business.

But after I met that day, I was annoyed.

The colleagues dinner that day, and I had to drag me to the bar after dinner. I looked at them happily, and I was not able to quit, so I went with them.

Coincidentally, Wu You also had an appointment tonight, and told me in the morning that she didn’t have to wait for her to have dinner.

I didn’t expect me to see her in the bar.

We are not far away, and I can see her in a boring way, and she can’t see my angle with laughter.

The colleagues next to me asked me what I smiled so happily.

I said I was watching the moon.

He joked that I was drunk before the wine, where to find the moon in the closed room.

He was wrong.

My moon was pulling the clouds and fog, exuding her bright clear.

The colleagues in the department knew that I had a poor alcohol, and no one wanted to send a drunk ghost to go home, and did not persuade me to drink.

I pursed the wine in the cup, and I never thought about it. Why did Wu You hug yourself with the shackles that do not belong to her and why it becomes unhappy.

She also loved to laugh, but did not laugh so wildly.

I can’t bear it, and I don’t want her to love me because of loving me.

Even if the sky collapses, it is much more important to be yourself than to love me.

When I played a boring role, and she gave me all kinds of gifts, I didn’t know if she was too careful, or I was not important for her.

I chose to say nothing, but I went back to the previous model.

Escape is shameful, but it is useful.


The details of the breakup torture me every day.

Facing the first long life and death in his career that day.

For more than half a year with the Death, there was no recovery of the young life, and failed to save the family that should have been happy.

The bad emotions accumulated at the peak in the collapse of the day and waiting all night.

And that real estate certificate.

The anniversary gift she gave me was actually a house.

A house that cannot be purchased with my current salary.

I understand her love for my heart, but I am unable to reply.

The roses in my arms and the necklaces in the bedside table look so light.

This makes it difficult for me to accept.

The real estate certificate in my hand was heavy, as if to bend my spine.

The hands of the operation of the operating knife also trembled slightly.

In the face of the income gap between us, there is no sense of inferiority. I understand that the income is naturally different in different industries.

I have no men to make much more than women in order to show success, so that I can stand straight at home.

I believe that in my career, doing the best self, which is enough.

But her gift was too expensive, and I couldn’t stand it.

I saw the hot air of dumplings, which became cold and stiff, and finally condensed on the plate.

I saw the clock pointer turn around again and again.

At four in the morning, she opened the door.

I didn’t want to break up, but she was also angry with the anniversary of anger.

What is too much is no news and disappear without warning.

She didn’t care about her safety at all, and I had thought of calling the police here.

I made the most wrong decision.

We also chose the wrong way, I don’t communicate with her, she doesn’t explain to me.

In our stubborn opinions, we are good at each other, under the banner of maintaining this relationship, and repeatedly avoiding escape as tolerance.

Until the final outbreak, it also spoke to each other and refused to communicate.

I think this is the most regrettable thing in my life.

But I don’t regret breaking up.

I also gave her freedom, and I couldn’t bear to see her restraint.

She was herself first, and then the one I love.

She smiled solemnly, it was really beautiful.

4. 4..

In this year, many people want to introduce me to me.

Even my mentor.

Every time I say, “My work is the main, and the patient is first.”

Dr. Jiang, who forcibly the nurse, found me again, and once again talked about the story of children’s affection.

I subconsciously pursed my lips, and after listening to it, I rejected her in that sentence.

She did not endure anger as before, but instead asked me why she couldn’t accept her.

I pointed out the window, the night was heavy, and the lonely moon was high.

“There is only a round of moon in the sky.”

Only Wu You’s perseverance will make me happy.

Since her, any death has become rude.

Dr. Jiang dropped the door.

I looked at the moon and wanted to smoke a cigarette, but I couldn’t.

The finger touched the cigarette case, and the door was opened from the outside.

Wu You, who was pale, was supported by people, and broke into my silent duty room.

I finally saw her, night after breaking up.

I still want to give her a lifetime dumplings.

——— 番

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