Recently, the popular cement is directly painted, and it is beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Recently, the house finally got the key and was ready to decorate. It happened that there was a cousin for decoration. He asked him how to decorate and save money. He told me that it was directly painted on the popular cement floor. Move. So is it reliable? Let me tell you today!

There is no doubt about floor paint, which is a kind of paint on the ground. Because of its low cost, light texture, and convenient maintenance, there are not few people decorated with it.

It is better to choose cement floor paint for cement floor. This floor paint has a protective effect on cement mortar, as well as decorative ground effects. It is widely used abroad.


In addition, the floor paint is directly brushed on the cement floor. It is also important to note that it has high requirements for the quality of the cement. Before brushing, rinse the cement ground, and there must be no dust in the dust, otherwise the effect of the floor paint will be very poor, so you must find a reliable decoration team.

The floor paint you bought is too large and the viscosity is high, so it cannot be directly painted on the cement floor. It needs to be diluted before construction.


In short, the floor paint can be brushed directly on the cement floor, but it is better to use the corresponding cement floor paint.

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