Entering Suzhou Mingyue “THX Certification Private Cinema” Experience Center Zhenxiang Family High -quality Audiovisual Feast

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 18, Xinsu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

Design Unit: Suzhou Mingyue Home Technology

Contact: 13646201646 Ms. Xu

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

Designer profile

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

Ma Lei, chief technical director, THX certification engineer in the United States, and American ISF certification video adjustment expert, has obtained a number of CEDIA certification engineers. He has more than 20 years of experience in the electronic audio and video industry, and has the experience of cooperating with international well -known voice experts. Design, installation, and debugging dozens of high -end audiovisual system engineering cases, have superb professional technologies on the theory of speaker theory, architectural acoustic and audio adjustment.

In 2017, in order to allow consumers to truly enjoy the sound effects comparable to the public cinema and the comfortable experience better than the public theater, the American ThX Association and the world -renowned brand SensaSound officially opened the “THX Certify Home Cinema) project (ThX Certified Home Cinema). Further bring high -quality theaters into more families. SensaSound has performed hundreds of inspection and testing through THX in the early stage, from a single product to the overall system, which meets the requirements of “THX certification private theater”. Therefore, Victory has become the world’s first audio brand to be selected as the “THX certified private theater” system, which aims to bring high -quality audiovisual experience into more families around the world.

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

Since the “THX Certification Private Cinema” in November 2017 has officially implemented it in China, many partners across the country have joined the “THX Certification Private Cinema” project. As of now, 13 companies across the country have been authorized by the “THX Certification Private Cinema” and have successively completed a number of excellent “THX certified private theater” demonstration halls, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing and other cities Essence The above -mentioned “THX certified private theater” authorized dealers can be found on the official website of the United States.

Today we focus on the demonstration hall from Suzhou, and belongs to the “THX Certification Private Cinema” experience center, which belongs to Suzhou Mingyue.

Clever hidden layout

Simple and atmospheric

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

Entering the theater, the eyes were instantly attracted by the 180 -inch arc -shaped curtain in front. The simple and atmospheric step -type side wall transition made the entire theater look simple and atmospheric, and the space was extremely extended.

The overall layout inside the theater is very clean. All the speakers are installed in a hidden installation. No speaker equipment can be seen within the field of sight.

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

The speakers are hidden inside the side wall. The theater uses a reward SensaSound brand 4 only surround speakers TP900SS certified by the new ThX Ultra certification. This surround speaker is a designated speaker of “THX certified private theater”. It uses Mono-Dipole hybrid design inside, which can create a wide sound field and produce a good sense of siege. sex. This is completely designed for home theater.

The left, middle and right three front speakers behind the sound of sound transparent, and also selected a TP900 certified by the new THX Ultra certification of the SensaSound brand. Therefore, the main style of the theater’s overall simple main style is maintained.

Simple space design hidden truly “mysterious”

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

The unusual and comfortable theater environment, at a glance, is a simple space design style, but the details are available.

The special ladder structure is designed in the theater, which fully uses the available space range. The non -parallel wall design can also effectively prevent the production of the resident wave.

THX professional certification

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

Customized private theater is more intelligent

In order to meet the harsh requirements of ThX acoustic certification, the theater was installed with a special sound insulation door to control the bottom of the bottom noise and sound insulation. From these small details, we can see the meticulousness of this “THX certified private theater”.

The player side also strictly follows the “THX-certified private theater” standard, and adopts THX-certified Integra’s pre-stage and THX Ultra certified SensaSound TPO-7300 rear power amplifier.

The projector is a 4K projection machine certified by THX, W11000H from Benq, and a deformation lens of 2.35: 1.

走进苏州铭悦“THX认证私人影院”体验中心 臻享家庭优质视听盛宴

Suzhou Mingyue’s “THX Certification Private Cinema” experience center is also equipped with a smart light control system.

At present, the “THX certified private theater” has established the first batch of experience centers across the country. In the future, the overall level of Chinese private custom home theater will be pushed to a higher step.

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