Valentine’s Day watches are also inner rolls? These five high -end women’s watch competition is too fierce

The first festival after the beginning -Valentine’s Day, accompanied by white snowflakes and warm sun in winter, more romantic and poetic. The watch brand that attaches importance to this festival has also created a dedicated Valentine’s festival limited edition watch to express love and praise love. Especially in the field of high -end watches, the head is full, and it can be said to be very rolled. Let’s take a look at what watches are there!


Breguet Naples Series 8905 Watch 2022 Valentine’s Day Special Edition


With the signboard of Queen Naples series, Breguet is a monument in the high -end women’s watch market. Breguet’s Limited Valentine’s Day limited edition is full of sincerity. The white pearl mother watch disk to present the vivid scene of “clouds and mist”, which makes the moon phase display, hour clockwise, and second hand dials as if floating. At 12 o’clock, the red “trajectory of love” instructed 45 hours of power reserve. The echoed red second hand is based on the design of Zhu Qi Shuangxin. With the blue steel pointers and handmade carved flower patterns such as hand -made carved flowers, it is exquisite and elegant, romantic and charming. The bezel is inlaid with a crown inlaid with a ruby, which echoes the unrestrained red symbolizing warm love. With a sexy red crocodile leather strap, it becomes the finishing touch. The watch is limited to 28.


Glasteti original Lady Serenade Ms. Watch Ms. Watch 2022 Valentine’s Day Limited Edition

Breguet chose the enthusiastic and sexy and charming red. The original 2022 Valentine’s Day Limited Edition of Glasteti used the pink purple color. The brand draws inspiration from the gentle power of the saffron and the beauty of the world, creating this Valentine’s Day watch. Eight pink sapphire glass heart -shaped time marks echoed the bright bezel inlaid with 52 diamonds. The convex circular diamond crown and the pearl shell dial with glorious pearls and the time -plated Roman digital pressure embedded and pointer form an elegant contrast. The saffron color Louisian crocodile leather strap has become the finishing touch, like a fairy in the table. The watch is limited to 50.


Blancpain ladybird women’s series diamond dance 2022 Valentine’s Day limited quantity watch

Blancpain has always been a tradition of launching a limited edition of the Valentine’s Festival. This year, the brand has made effort at the new new Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond. Based on this, this new Blancpain Diamond Dance 2022 Valentine’s Day Limited Watch has been launched. Diamond dance is made of luxury gems and rare and precious metals. It is a veritable jewelry watch. Blancpain Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Diamond Ball Watch uses white pearl mother shell watch disk with gramon red Arabic digital label. The first echo with a exquisite flash diamond, leading 28 pairs of double diamonds according to different sizes gradient symmetry to extend the hollow willow leaf pointer with one arrow to wear a heart second hand, highlighting the theme of love. A rose -type cut ruby ​​is embellished on the crown. The bezel and ears are cleverly inlaid with 58 shining beautiful diamonds, and they are paired with a red short alligator leather strap. The watch is limited to 99.

Chopard Xiaobang L ’Heure Du Diamant series 2022 Valentine’s Day watch


The Valentine’s Day watch launched by Chopin last year was also a L ’Heure Du Diamant Heart -shaped Watch. This year, the brand strengthened this symbol and launched a heart -shaped timepiece again (heart shape is a symbol cherished by the brand). The watch is made of 18K rose gold that meets the ethical and moral standards. It is paved with brightly cutting diamond bezels, which are abnormal. The pink pearl mother watch disk with exquisite twisting caulus carving and pink leather strap adds a girly romantic atmosphere to the watch. The owner seems to be a princess in the castle.


Hare Winston Zhuo Shi Premier series 2022 Valentine’s Day watch

The theme of Hairwinon 2022 Valentine’s Day is “Love in the air”. The brand combines the childlike thing and the eternal symbol of love -the heart shape, and presented in this lover in a very luxurious way On the section watch. The watch uses the iconic case of the Premier series of Hairi Winston Zhuo Shi, a diamond inlaid bezel, and a bouquet of the heart -shaped balloons carved with precious gems and egg noodles on the white pearl shelter dial, romantic and interesting Completely. The twenty -heart -shaped balloons are on the wrapped platinum wire, suggesting that the powerful bonds are inseparable in the affection. The other end of the silk thread was tightly tied tightly by two huge rubies, implying that he couldn’t give up his life. The watch is limited to 14.

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