The thin “pants” that burst into fire this summer is the pants! The age is elegant and versatile, almost one person

Summer has arrived, and many people have changed into a variety of dresses, but the skirts are not suitable for any occasion, and it is still not convenient enough.


At this time, a piece of versatile “pants” is needed to match the T -shirt or suspender shirt.


Many people are blindly thinking that only trousers can achieve a thin effect. It is not known that this understanding is not correct.


Sometimes, you ca n’t just look at the surface of the clothes, to understand the mystery in deeply. Today we are thin “magic pants” are not shorts or trousers, and they are both elegant and age -reducing middle pants.

1. What is the pants?

Many people mistakenly think that the pants are pants worn by the old man, but this is not the case. This kind of pants are very fashionable pants. As long as you can master the matching ideas and easily wear fashionable effects.

Today, I will introduce to you the more common pants version. Come and learn with Xiaoao!

① suit pants


The suit pants are pants with more popular fabrics and very cool fabrics. The pants are loose than ordinary jeans, and this smooth and vertical fabric can modify the leg shape well, which will block the flesh of the legs. Achieve the effect of being thinner.


The color system of the pants in the suit is relatively simple, often using black and white gray as the classic color system, which is very good.

It should be noted that when choosing this version of suit pants, you must choose high waist, not only lengthen the leg lines, but also more fashionable and thin.


② Cotton pants

The cotton pants are more elegant and simpler than the suit pants, and they will not pick a man at all.

With a shirt, it will be more age -reducing. The more popular colors are khaki and military green. The upper body is proper two different fashionable styles.


③ jeans in jeans


Denim pants and denim shorts are not a type. Do not confuse everyone. The jeans in the denim are tough and fashionable. It is more suitable for small girls to wear. With a pair of Martin boots or sneakers, they are all beautiful. The taste of youth and vibrant girl.

Second, fashionable dress guide


Shirt+cotton pants+loaf shoes

The shirt vest is paired with a khaki cotton pants. The literature and art can make the overall dress very temperament, and the white shirt and khaki are matched with color, which is more intellectual.

With a pair of TarraMarra’s loafers, it instantly improves the grade and modify the leg lines. There is a retro and artistic adjustment.


The more recommended is cotton pants. This kind of pants are better than controlling. Today’s sharing is here. Don’t miss it easily if you like the pants!

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