The price of 3,000 to 5,000 is almost the world of Tissot.

Dear cousins, Double 11 is coming soon, is there a little excitement? Have you prepared the money to buy a watch? From today, we will start recommending hot -selling models at different prices. Owatners who have tangled cosmetics follow the masses and have to rest assured to buy watches! Today I will push you 3000-5000 hot-selling money. Who knows the sales champion? Guess?


Tissot Tissot


Licke series

T006.407.11.033.00 Mechanical men’s watch

10,000 table price: ¥ 3,420.00

The size of this dial of Tissot is 39.3mm, which is definitely not a common model. Diamond -grained silver dials with Roman digital scales and classic three stitches, sapphire crystal mirror stainless steel cases with gray stainless steel strap highlights mature and stable, which is mature and stable. Temperament, unique bottom -out design, Tissot 1853 words are across the surface.

Modern youth has an inexplicable love for Tissot. If there are only more than 3,000 budgets to buy a table, at least 5 of them will choose Tissotllock. Indeed, it is not easy to buy imported ETA mechanical movements at this price. Upgrading the original T41 ETA2824 movement to PowerMatic 80.811. Without changing the dial size and thickness, it has 80 hours of dynamic reserves. The application also makes the watch more accurate.

Herbelin Herbelin

Urban series

1669/07go mechanical men’s watch

10,000 table price: ¥ 4,350.00

The first feeling of this French Herlin model is warm and simple. Because of its soft and comfortable retro brown strap with beige dial, it is gentle and elegant. The light -colored dial carries simple digital scale, with three stitches with atmospheric night light, simple but not losing the style, and at the same time, you can see the operation of the gear through the backpage back design.

The watch is equipped with the original SW-200 movement of Switzerland, which has superior performance and stability; the calendar display at six o’clock in the six o’clock direction is also equipped with a 30-meter waterproof function. Romantic French elegant watch design has also been favored by stars. Asian dancer Rain and South Korean national first love Li Taemin once wore this watch.



Baroncelli Bellen Cyri Series


M8600.4.26.1 Mechanical men’s watch


10,000 table price: ¥ 4,530.00

At this price, Mido is also a strong player. This Bellen Cyri can almost be called an explosion. This series inherits the round architectural characteristics of the Renne Opera House. The most pure expression time. The size of the 38mm watch dial, the slender Asian men with bone skeletal are not stress -free, the flawless white dial, with a stainless steel three needle and Roman digital scale, the calendar window at 4 or 5 points.


Stainless steel strap with stainless steel butterfly buckle, the overall wearing is comfortable and close to the wrist. The bottom-up window design, equipped with the original ETA2824-2 movement of Switzerland, is small and exquisite, has a power reserve of 40 hours to ensure accurate and stability when walking.


Originale Original Series


3411. Mechanical men’s watch

10,000 table price: ¥ 4,150.00

The main price of Aibao is 8,000 to 15,000, and this original series close to 4,000 is its entry -level watch. Although I get started, it is elegant. This is based on the further transformation of the classic style 3411, changing the dial scale to Roman lacquer painting scale. In the middle of the dial is exquisitely carved pattern. At the 12 o’clock scales, the brand logo when Aibao is inlaid, so that you can easily recognize its quality attributes.

The case and strap of the watch are made of 316L steel. It has a waterproof level of 50 meters to easily resist daily water drop splash. The underlying steel meter uses a unique back -to -back window design to see the looming scarf in the balanced swing wheel in the SW200 movement, and feel the mechanical beauty that is different from the full back.

Hamilton Hamilton


Jazz series

H32505511 mechanical men’s watch

10,000 table price: ¥ 4,312.00


Hamilton, as a resident in the United States, is also supported by a voting of friends. This high -sales watch is very graceful with some American retro temperament. It is also a clean and simple white dial. The pointer scale is a golden dart -type inner pointed scale. With the golden three stitches, the effect of the disk facing the shaft heart is very obvious. At the same time, the visual effect of the luminous function watch is very tension. At 12 o’clock, the large window display is displayed, which is opposite to the 6 -point calendar display window.


With a dark brown strap, the temperament is more outstanding, which is very suitable for elegant leaders. The watch is equipped with the ETA2834-2 movement. The dual-calendar display function can be seen. The back-through design can see the exquisite movement polishing, and it has a 50-meter waterproof function.


Davosa Davosa

Gentleman gentleman series

16146416 mechanical men’s watch


10,000 table price: ¥ 4,620.00

The gentleman series is a watch series that focuses on the front -facing watch. It can be said that in this price, the Divos’s format watch is sincere and very attractive in terms of face value and configuration. There is no engraving pattern in the simple and atmospheric rice white dial, clean and neat, with classic blue steel willow leaf pointers and simple digital scale, setting calendar display at three o’clock. The crown is engraved with patterns to increase visual effects and conveniently adjust time.


The watch case is made of 316L stainless steel, which has good performance. High temperature resistance to anticorrosion is very delicate after polishing. The thickness of the entire watch is only 9.4 mm. The simple design is easy and comfortable when worn. Equipped with the SW200 movement, you can clearly see the internal operation through the back of the back.


Ernest Borel

Rhyme series

GBR608-8599 quartz men’s watch

10,000 table price: ¥ 4,087.00

Ibo Road watches have always been elegant and gentle style. Which brand of logo can be more romantic than Yipo Road? This watch uses a brown dial, a golden bezel and gold and silver strap, and the color matching is very gentle. The dial was polished with stripes, and the layers were very strong.

At the same time, the top of the 8 scales is also dotted with rhinestones. Show the date window at 6 o’clock. The watches are polished to increase the sense of fashion. The movement is equipped with the Rond705 quartz movement, which is accurate and stable at the same time, and has a 50 -meter waterproof function.

Yonggaso Yonger & Bresson

Beaumesnil, the Royal Castle Series

YBH 8364-10 mechanical men’s watch

10,000 table price: ¥ 3,560.00

The Royal Castle of Angbas was built in the 15th century and has a typical ancient castle building with a typical Renaissance style. This series of watches are solid -color dials, pure white dials and clean design symbolize the people’s longing for human nature and freedom during the Renaissance; this watch also uses simple and generous white dial with a three -dimensional scale. At 9 o’clock, you can see the small second plate design.

The strap uses a porous crocodile pattern leather strap, which can adjust the size at will, and wear soft and comfortable. The convenience type does not need to be adjusted after fixing the holes, which is strong, beautiful and elegant. You can appreciate the finely polished watch movement through the bottom of the watch.

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