iPhone 12 must enter the magnetic card package, one sticker changes to the phone support, and you can install 5 cards

Mobile payment is so convenient. You only need to bring your mobile phone when you go out? Intersection

of course not! Also carry some cards, documents, and change in case in case.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

But the wallet was in trouble, and he was panicked when he put his pocket, and was afraid of being stolen.

Therefore, we need a card bag that can be combined with mobile phones.

For example, Apple’s MAGSAFE leather card bag, which is the iPhone 12, is very beautiful and convenient, but the price. Essence Essence Pork hurts!

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

Today, I recommend a very fragrant price, only a lot of functions, and more invisible and lightweight magnetic mobile phone brackets!

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

Designed for the iPhone 12 series

US Nuphy Magnetic Mobile Phone Book Card Bag

Perfectly meet your needs!

First of all, it is a ultra-thin card bag, stealth card space design, which can be put in 2-5 cards, or a small amount.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

At the same time, it is still a mobile phone support with 3 support angles, so that the mobile phone has the best angle in various use conditions.

Suitable for the full series of iPhone 12, including:

iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

, Can be paired with Magsafe mobile phone case to give your mobile phone dual protection.

Card space design, easy deposit card to pick up the card

Nuphy magnetic mobile phone bracket card bag is hidden with 2 card pockets, which can store 2-5 cards.

And have a certain tightening, so that the card will not throw it out.

Identification cards, access cards, bus cards, etc. can be stuffed in.

You can also put a small amount of change for backup, so that you do not ask for people at a critical moment.

In addition, the card bag has also done protection. After the card is set, do not worry about the card experience and damage.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

Magnetic invisible adsorption, “click” sticker is more free

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

Nuphy magnetic support card bag is very easy to use. Installation, one sticker in 1 second, take it in 1 second.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

It cleverly uses a circle of built -in magnets on the back of the iPhone12 series.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

Without sticky glue, you can directly adsorb the back of the phone, or the mobile phone case with a magnetic suction function, and strong adsorption, not easy to fall off.

When not in use, you can also remove reuse at any time, without damaging the appearance of the mobile phone without leaving traces.

In addition, it can be absorbed on the refrigerator and magnetic car bracket ~

Clever folding design, 1 second turned into a mobile phone support

Nuphy uses an invisible folding design, which has both practicality and portability.

It can be folded out of the tilt angle of 3 angles to build a stable structure of the Golden Triangle. It has strong support, transformed into a mobile phone bracket, and it is not easy to shake the mobile phone.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

The 75 ° vertical mode is the best angle for Face ID. It can not only unlock without delay in real time, but also read, brush Douyin, and video chat naturally and comfortably.

35 ° Hengli mode, watching movies and chasing dramas in horizontal screens bring a comfortable movie viewing experience.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

The 25 ° Hengli mode is very suitable for calculators or when it is required to support a certain angle.

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

I still do not affect the handheld. Even if I lie down and play with my mobile phone, I don’t have to worry about being smashed ~

Small and exquisite, light luxury high -level

The overall thickness of the Nuphy Magnetic mobile phone bracket card is only 5mm, which can seamlessly fit the phone.

Very lightweight, only 46g, and there is no heavy feeling in pocket.

Selected high -quality PU leather made, with delicate and comfortable feel, soft, smooth, wear -resistant and durable, and high -level texture, which is very good.

In color matching, the contrasting color design is simple but extraordinary.

4 classic colors to choose from, including yellow, blue, green, brown.

It is convenient to mobile payment. When you go out, you still have to bring ID documents and a small amount of change to have enough sense of security.

The United States Nuphy Magnetic mobile phone bracket card package perfectly fit the mobile phone, and can also refuse the traditional mobile bracket that is stupid. It is the standard for mature men ~

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

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iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

Magnetic mobile phone bracket card bag Magsafe leather folding lazy frame

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

¥ 99

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡


iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

iPhone 12必入磁吸卡包,一贴即合秒变手机支架,能装5张卡

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