The suffocating Valentino of the Roman aristocracy

Beijing time, 1:30 am on July 10th, Valentino opened its new season of high -definition catwalk in Rome; this season can be said to be the most original restoration of Rome, the iconic clothing of the ancient Roman period: “Toga” (Toga “( TOGA), “Tunica”, “Stola”, etc., were disrupted by the two designers, which were beautiful and beautiful.

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

Mayor Rome once said, “In my city, I can’t find anyone more famous than Valentino. Rome is inseparable from the Pope, and Rome is even more worthwhile.” No disappointment.

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

Valentino is rarely criticized. The new works of each season make people clamor. As always, the immortal atmosphere and the unique costumes of the Romans really make us appreciate the “Seven Castle City” that cannot be surpassed. Cultural history.

Compared to the colorful colors of the previous season, this season is relatively stable, but the exquisite details abound. The exquisite embroidery technology and the slow tulle are just right; Sexy side.

The golden accessories marked the brilliant achievements of the Roman Empire. During the ancient Roman period, the color and pattern style of clothing symbolized the rights and status of the nobles. In this high -definition work, it has fully proved that Valentino’s position that everyone cannot shake in everyone.

Use hanging lines to reflect the natural beauty of the human body

When wearing ancient Rome’s clothing, only folding the rectangular cloth into two folds, extending the head and hands, putting it on the shoulder back and forth, and then fixing it with a buckle and a needle. Fold, there is no need to cut it at all. Once such clothes leave the human body, it is just a piece of cloth. The shape is concise and simple in pursuing nature. Therefore, Valentino believes that beauty is human and must be formed through the human body. The beauty of human body has been better appeared through clothing. Ancient Rome’s clothing shows the natural beauty of the human body with its beautiful lines. Toga’s folds are heavy and depth, especially Roman men wearing, showing their mighty and proud.

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

Roman inspiration source

Roman costumes were influenced by Idraria and ancient Greek clothing, and were later influenced by Oriental culture, but it did not simply imitate them, but formed by the characteristics of the nation, geographical environment, aesthetic consciousness and other factors. With its own clothing style and type, the development history of Roman clothing reflects the rise and fall of ancient Rome to a certain extent. From the analysis of its causes, the actual situation of the economy, politics, and culture of the society at that time was theory. Roman costumes have continued to modern times because of their unique charm and did not disappear with the demise of ancient Rome.

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

The stars gathered in Rome just to see her face

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

Shu Qi graffiti skirt appeared in Valentino

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

Brand founder Valentino

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz

罗马贵族 美的让人窒息的Valentino

Philippine fashion blogger Bryan Boy

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