The secrets of luxury goods The secret experience of Givenchy’s Little Deer bag and Audrey Hepburn ~

In the previous period, I wrote an evaluation of Givenchy’s handbag


Many small masters expressed their familiarity with dog heads

But the deer bag often looks at the star back

But I don’t feel that there is something different

So why did Uncle Givenchy come out of a deer bag?

In fact, there is a story that is not good behind this


The full name of Givenchy’s Little Deer is Givenchy Bambi Antigona Shopper Bag

The pattern on the screen is the deer spotter than the female body

The combination of the soft fantasy of the two


Caused a strong visual collision for childlike and sexy

The prototype of the deer spots is the cute little deer in the fairy tale story

Although it is full of human plundering and threats in the jungle


But the kind and happy little deer spot is stubbornly confrontation with his companions


It also satirizes human brutality

As a spiritual spirit with Givenchy, I have to mention her — Audrey Hepburn

The heroine destined to be praised for a lifetime

Not only because of its beautiful face

What’s more because of her happy spirit and immortal legend

And this worldly beauty


The most beloved pet is a little deer


“When filming the 1959 film” Cuigu Fragrant Soul “, the plot needs a deer who follows Hepburn at any time. Animal trainer suggested that she take this little deer named Pippin as a pet to cultivate feelings, Hepburn’s The maid recalls the situation of this deer for the first time: “I can’t believe my eyes, it is so harmonious when it gets along with Hepburn” “”

After the shooting


Hepburn reluctant to be different from the deer

Crying sadness

Since then, she has experienced another abortion and illness in bed. The mood in bed is very low

Her husband, Mel Ferrrr, brought the deer back to her to make her happy

Hepburn’s innocent encounter with the dull collision with the deer

Must be full of agility

Just like Mr. Givenchy’s memories of his first impression of Hepburn: but when I opened the door of the studio, a young girl was floating, slender and tall, with a pair of deer eyes. Short hair, wearing casual narrow -foot pants, white shirts, flat shoes, a red ribbon on the sailor hat.

Maybe it was from then on

Xiao Lu’s impression drama is engraved in the mind of Mr. Givenchy

In 1953, Hepburn wanted to make her second Hollywood movie “Dragon and Phoenix Matching” and went to Paris to search for high -end women’s clothing for the movie


Therefore, the encounter with Mr. Givenchy has taken for granted

Givenchy’s design talent with Hepburn’s unique temperament

Can be described as a fish

Since then, the fantasy combination of fashion geniuses and super stars

It has always been a topic of talked about the fashion industry


And then Hepburn’s costumes of almost all movies

Both Givenchy is the designer

Although Hepburn’s life has experienced multiple marriage and emotional setbacks

She and Givenchy’s solid friendship are accompanied by life

It seems to be more lasting than any marriage

Before the end of Hepburn disease


It is Givenchy’s private jet to send Hepburn from the US hospital back to the home in Switzerland

This half -century friendship has not been ended because of this


Some people say that the half -side female image of the little deer bag is the incarnation of Hepburn

Therefore, the deer was printed on various Givenchy products


People value more

It seems to be the friendship of Givenchy, which is more unexpected except Xiaolu itself

Some people say that Givenchy has achieved Hepburn


Some people say that Hepburn has achieved Givenchy

However, no matter what, these two are destined to be in each other

And this is the meaning of the little deer bag. Essence

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