Adding a drain of the water on the sink, he adds a grid to the bottom.

I have seen a drain of the water tank, and I have never seen a mesh at the bottom of the sink!


You see, this is the dual slot of the girlfriend’s house. Except for the layer of the grid at the bottom, he is not different. Isn’t this superfluous?


With such curiosity, I asked her specifically. After all, in my opinion, using this grid, it is better to use the filter to use the filter at the water outlet. Originally, I only need to wash it in the sink. Now I still have to clean up this grid, but in fact it is just the opposite of what I think.


Observe carefully, the gap between this layer of grid is not very small, and it can prevent some big things well, such as: vegetable leaves, vegetable roots, etc. In this way, it will save you labor when cleaning. Just go. What’s more important is that it can be empty at the sink’s sewer, and it will not affect your daily use.


Especially in the process of cleaning, it can avoid dishes and discs as much as possible, and directly contact with the bottom of the sink to produce bumps, which has a certain protective effect. Even if you clean it, just put the bowl directly on the other side or the other sink empty, which can be used instead of the drain.

There is no doubt that this layer of grid is overhead, with about 1cm at the bottom of the height, and some edges and bracket parts will also have black rubber rings for non -slip. If you want to take it out on the table, or directly change the direction frame on the sink, it is not a problem.

According to the different positions of the outlet at the bottom of the sink, some merchants will also adjust and leave different positions. In this way, wash the bowls, fruits and vegetables, etc. You don’t have to rush to collect it. Just put it directly in the pool. It was drained and put it up.


Of course, if you do n’t like the bottom of the bottom, you can learn him. The part of the water outlet is concave to increase the small area of ​​drain. This is basically customized.

Even if it is not used, it does not delay your borrowing of this trick -the inner concave of the edge of the sink, you can put drain, lid, etc., combined with the bottom use, the better the sink’s custody!

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