It is not popular in winter, the shape of the “Cordurox” is eye -catching, and the actress supermodel loves to wear

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In the colder winter, the chills of breathing every day are getting deeper and deeper. Many people say in their hearts that winter comes really.

In terms of dressing, people no longer release them as casually as summer, and in this season,

Warmth and temperament

Fang is Wang Dao, and it has also become many women

Wearing a key point,

From light and elegant skirts to free -free pants, it has also achieved

Unforgettable fashion


Speaking of pants in the overall matching, the proportion of its occupation is quite large, which can be adjusted

Different temperament,

Can also wear out

key point.

If you want to be stable and proper, then which item you choose to choose your pants will become

Plenty of priority

As a warm and stylish in winter

Core pants trousers

, Can create a beautiful appeal of mature women,

Calm and warm and beautiful.


How to choose light core pants?

How to choose the light core pants to wear to wear the shape that you like, so you must learn from

Start at different angles

, To wear the most in line with your own style

Characteristic characteristics.

Make winter wear

No longer monotonous

And the fashion is high enough, the girl who likes can learn together.

See color selection

Don’t wear jeans in winter, “Cordyel Velvers” shape

Eye -catching


, Actress supermodel loves to wear. Cordyel pants color also

A lot of samples

In autumn and winter, you can try some slightly dazzling colors to compare these

Fashionable color

Put on, inject the dull season effect into some


But in the color matching with the top, try to choose a low -key


In this way, avoid the bright colors of the pants, and form a top with the top

Confusion vision

, So as to lose the shape

Primary and hierarchy.

The advantage of the light core pants

Cordonic pants will not be the same in terms of pants, and there will be straight tube, micro, small feet, wide legs, etc.

Different shapes

Essence The leg shapes are suitable for different pants types, a little bit of small foot tube, etc., which is more suitable for body figure



Wide -leg shape

, Can shape the big woman’s





The style is also quite strong.

Look at the waist selection

Core velvet pants on the waist design, there will be

High school and low,

The high waist looks long in the lower body line, and

Middle waist

It will be more moderate to meet the needs of most women, while the low waist is more sexy, with



At the same time, it is also a look that many fashionables prefer.

Can match some


Short top


Navel jacket

Come to create a charming and tender style and release charming



Cordylike pants have a different advantage on their sexy. This is also a kind of becoming a kind

Classic pants

The standard.

If there are not many people like it, it will not be able to be done

Undefeated pants type

And because of these, it also shows its advantages in the invisibly. And the woman who likes it also needs to learn about its advantages first.

Cordon pants+shirt

This pants defeated jeans and dominated the winter of 2021. They were thin and temperamental. Cordyel pants band

There is a certain thickness

As a autumn and winter pants, it is very suitable, and because of its thickness, it has achieved its strong texture, and the warmth brought about

Very strong.

Upper body

Higher shape

, Can also modify the leg lines well. For female friends who are slightly poor in leg shape, this kind of pants are also more suitable, and they can wear beautiful.

Leg line

Come, release your own

Unique temperament

There is also a very obvious advantage in the corduroy pants, that is, with its own


This is also because of its fabric itself.

True -colored pit

In the pants body, the level naturally looks organized.

Show the three -dimensional sense, unlike those tablet pants,

No bumpy feeling

Essence It is also further staged in the charm of fashion and wearing different

Fashionable tone.

Simple match, not a lot of people

Cordonic pants are packed in matching, and also


Can adapt

All ages

Round crowd. It can match the most in line with the changes in its color and different styles.

Style and color.

To put out that one

Free and concise

And no harmless styling style, in the eyes of young girls or older eyebrows, the matching method is not difficult, and it is enough to be regarded as

More versatile

One of the pants.


Precautions for Core Velvet Pants

In the matching of light pants, some places need to be paid attention to, and it still needs to attract the attention of the wearer.

If it is wrong, then it appears

The disadvantage will be strong

It will also affect the overall look, losing the original beautiful appearance.


Can’t make it, you can choose the same color

Novice in dressing in clothing will make more or less commit some or less

tiny error


Corduroy pants

In terms of matching, this kind of group will still face this problem.

So to prevent appearing


Then you can use it boldly

Same color

Combination, this can easily avoid this problem and make the shape more coordinated.

Reduce error.

Follow the contrast, fashionable mirror

The same color is the most basic. For the girl who can wear

No difficulty,

Then you can try some advanced wear, that is

Contrasting CP


In this way, the visual beauty is enhanced.

Fashion is also seen

Essence For fashionable essence and don’t want to

Conservative and low -key

Women are the most suitable.

Corduroy matching practical operation

If the corduroy is specific to the shape, then the intuitive feelings will appear

More intense.

If you are interested, you can take a look together, may

Inspiration of wearing.


Cordon pants+suit

Combine with corduroy pants and suit, beautiful

Full of temperament



The taste is also spontaneous, and the handsome and unruly style is interpreted.

The tailoring is a little bit, then you can wear simplicity and

Dignified charm

As a mature woman, it looks very suitable.

Fashionable charm

Come, it is also a piece of cake.

There are many shirts,

Formal elegance

All of them are, choose the combination of light core pants, the different visual aesthetics brought by it will not be the same.

If it is a color style that fits yourself, then what kind of shape you want



And the two have no connection, they have to re -plan it to find out the most suitable for them.

, Prevent a minefield in the dress,

Affects temperament beauty.

I have seen this

Different choices

, And you need to pay attention


Putting point



I believe that the young ladies and sisters still have a purpose in their hearts.

Put it in the specific dress, there should be few problems, so put it on the beauty and release myself




Characteristic characteristics.

The advantage of the light core pants




Cordon pants+shirt

Cordon pants+shirt

Fashionable charm

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