Find New Zealand | New Zealand Tour must buy special products. What souvenirs can you buy in New Zealand?

When you travel to New Zealand, you must buy various health products. In addition, all kinds of wool products and milk powder are also famous products in New Zealand. Manuka honey, wool products, gross cultural souvenirs, strange bird peripheral products, etc. are all good New Zealand specialties. The following recommended New Zealand travel to you what souvenirs are recommended.

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买

Manuka honey

Manuka honey is produced from the Muluka tree. This tree grows only in South Australia and New Zealand, and the tree itself has medicinal value. It is not only welcomed by locals, but also loves by different people at home and abroad. Many people buy it through Haitao. Since you come to New Zealand, you have to bring some home. Manuka honey has a clear effect on antibacterial, wound recovery, intestinal conditioning, etc. Manuka honey and flat -time online celebrity products are different. You probably regret it without buying it.


I still remember when my father went, there was a period of going to New Zealand, that is, the feeling of seeing cattle and sheep in the wind and grass. New Zealand has developed animal husbandry, green grass incense, and the quality of wool in New Zealand’s natives. It is very suitable for making wool products. It is more comfortable, soft, and personal compared with other wool. Of course, wool products are not limited to wool sweater, clothes, hats, socks, scarves, baby costumes, sports personal clothing, and even cat nests can be bought. If you also like to make handmade, you must buy some local native wool lines and make unique wool products for yourself.

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买


Since the animal husbandry industry is very developed and wool products are so popular, the treasures on the sheep must not be ignored. Cambodian oil is another local specialty that must be bought. The main ingredients of sheep oil are “wool fat”, which is the closest to the body’s oil ingredients. Therefore, the absorption effect is good and the moisturizing effect is good, especially suitable for dry winter in the north. There are series of products such as foot cream, cream, body milk, eye cream, etc., you will definitely find what you like. Hurry up and buy it home to moisturize.

Strange Bird Peripheral Products

Stars have peripheral products, and celebrity animals also have peripheral products. Strange Bird Kiwi is a mascot of New Zealand. This interesting little creature has become the most favorite pattern of various souvenirs and souvenir shops. Their image is made into a plush toy, refrigerator sticker, and printed on all channels such as environmental protection bags, hats, cups, etc. It is full of unique elements of New Zealand. Of course, in addition to strange birds, alpaca, Phatu penguins, dolphins, etc. are also often used. It all shows the reputation of New Zealand as a wild zoo. It ’s good to use it, you might as well buy one.

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买

Maoeli cultural souvenir

There are various Maori crafts at Rotorua, mainly totem decoration, and wood cups, bookmarks, etc.

New Zealand essential oil

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买

There are many New Zealand farms, and essential oils have naturally become an inevitable product of the New Zealand farm economy. New Zealand essential oils are small in the essential oil industry, mainly due to their natural nature. Generally, pesticides are generally not sprayed in New Zealand farms. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the safety of essential oils when buying. I recommend Trilogy’s rose essential oil and lavender essential oil here. Although it is popular, these two flavors are relatively refreshing, especially Trilogy’s rose essential oil. Essence

New Zealand wine

Basically, every New Zealand special product recommendation has a place for New Zealand wine. The climate of New Zealand is mild, and it is a typical cold climate brewing grape planting area, which makes New Zealand wine have a special flavor. It is generally believed that New Zealand’s White Susowion is the best in the world and is known for its purity. There are also famous wines such as Chardonnia, Ray, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Hei Pinotano, Steam Wine.

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买


LOWREY Dione’s butter butter biscuits, New Zealand’s most famous local brand Cookie biscuits. The brand originated from one day many years ago. A local supermarket in New Zealand. The grandfather David Dolbel found that the birthday of his dear granddaughter’s purchase of a cookie found that the supermarket was full of artificial pigment. The worried old man decided to make pure handmade butter cookies himself. Get a family formula while getting the support of friends, so it has been circulating since 1921. In order to allow more people to enjoy this natural handicraft and create Devon’s, only 4 kinds of natural raw materials are used without adding any anticorrosive corrosion. The chemical ingredients of the doses, the crispy taste, sweet but not greasy. The important thing is the strong butter flavor, reminiscent of the warm family baking in the afternoon. It is the best gift for relatives and friends.

milk powder

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买

The first choice for shopping in New Zealand is milk powder, and every New Zealand shopping list must not lack milk powder. New Zealand has a first -class milk source and dairy product production line, and the export value is also the world’s number one. However, it should be noted that because there are too many milk powder in New Zealand, the milk powder in New Zealand is now restricted. A person can only buy one can in a shop. If you want to buy more, you need to run a few more stores.

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买

The above is the recommendation to everyone in New Zealand. If you have better suggestions, welcome to tell us about the comment area

发现新西兰 |新西兰旅游必买特产,去新西兰有什么纪念品可以买

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