How to match the wardrobe hand, if you want to be more beautiful, you must choose the right style and color

In modern people’s family decoration, custom wardrobes have become a mainstream decoration method. When customized wardrobes, in addition to the appearance and internal structure design of the cabinet, there are some details to pay attention. There is a significant impact on the appearance and experience of the wardrobe. This article will introduce the related matters of the wardrobe handle in detail. Netizens who are going to make custom wardrobe can refer to it.

1. What is the difference between different wardrobes?

As an inconspicuous detail, the wardrobe handle is different.

Appearance effect, experience experience


There will be a certain difference.


① beauty

What can be seen on the surface of the wardrobe is the board and handle of the cabinet, and the handle is packed on a large -scale unified cabinet plate. Therefore, from the appearance of the wardrobe, the wardrobe handle is still a more conspicuous existence, so the wardrobe door door door door door The matching effect of handle will also have a certain impact on the aesthetic effect of space. For example, the light luxury bedroom, if the closet pulls the hand with gold, it can echo the overall decoration style well.

▲ Although the wardrobe is very small, it has a obvious impact on the appearance of the cabinet.

② Use experience

Different styles of wardrobe handles will also have a little difference in experience. Normally, conventional exposed pull -type handles, large size of the handle position, will be easier when opening the closet door.

▲ Different styles of cabinet doors are pulled, and the feel used in different styles. You can test more when you go to the shop where you customize the cabinet. Don’t patronize the price.

2. Common wardrobe pull -hand design

Common wardrobe door pull -handed designs include: buttons, short pull hands, long pull hands, long pull hands, hidden handle, creative shape pull hands, etc., let’s introduce it below.

① button

The button -type handle is the simplest cabinet door. This type of handle is stressed by a single screw. The appearance is more mini. It can be installed with a small handle in the hanging cabinet area of ​​the wardrobe. If it is a large wardrobe door, it is not recommended to use the button. Pull the hand.


▲ Please enter the text.


② Short handle


Short -pulling hand is a relatively classic common wardrobe handle style. Generally, free delivery of free delivery of furniture stores is this type. The common “ㅕ” type and C type are common. According to the space style, different ones are different, different ones are different, and different ones are different. It is also beautiful to match the short hand.

▲ Short handle.


③ long pull hands


At present, modern minimalist style is a more popular design, and in the design of modern minimalist style wardrobe, long cabinet door pull hands can highlight the sense of lines of the wardrobe and create a minimalist effect. Therefore The handle of about 1 meter) is also a mainstream trend of modern decoration.

▲ The size of the long handle is large, and the visual effect is obvious.

④ Hidden handle

If you like a minimalist design, you can also adopt a hidden hand -pull design. The hidden handle is generally a design that combines the handle and the door panel. From the appearance point of view I feel more advanced and simple.

▲ As a pull -ups at the door panel of the cabinet door, the appearance of the cabinet is more concise.

⑤ Creative styling pulls hands

Creative pull hands are more suitable for children’s rooms. It requires some creative childlike elements. For example, the effect of making the handle into the moon, stars, clouds, or cartoons can increase the fun of children’s room space.

▲ Creative clouds and stars are made of cabinet doors, making the space more childlike.

3. The color matching of the cabinet door

In addition to the style, the color of the cabinet door is also directly related to the design effect. Common wardrobes are gold, black and silver. You can choose according to your decoration style and personal preference.


① golden color

The appearance of the golden cabinet door is more luxurious and noble, suitable for European -style, light luxury space design.

▲ Golden handle is light and luxurious.

② black

The appearance of the black cabinet door is low -end and dignified, suitable for the matching style of modern and minimalist decoration.

▲ The black handle effect is modern and simple.

③ silver

The appearance of the silver cabinet door is cold, and it is suitable for simple style cabinets in terms of decoration style.

▲ Silver handle is relatively simple.

Although the wardrobe handle is an inconspicuous decoration detail, as long as we are more thoughtful in design details, we can decorate the house more delicately, and then make the decoration effect of the entire house be beautiful.

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