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In spring, everything can be entered into poetry.


The sun is warm, the wind is gentle, and the heart is itchy.

I really want to wear a light spring suit, go out to go out of the city, and embrace the romantic spring breeze!


Unfortunately, the imagination is beautiful and the reality is cruel.

It’s just one winter and the Spring Festival

, The fertilizer of the waist is fierce! Last year, the small short skirts that fit, this year couldn’t pull the zipper!

And getting older, the foundation metabolism is reduced, and after work to drink water toilet,


Basically, sitting all day long, waist fat is difficult to reduce.

The good -looking skirts and pants can’t be worn, either can’t pull the zipper, or the stomach protrudes a large piece, so the number of clothes is more and more …


Spring, not waiting for people, in addition to constantly exercising and dieting, what else can

What about the shape of the shape of the shape?

I used to buy some hot slim pants on the market, but after trying it, I found that:

◎ Either there is no body shaping effect at all, and the fabric is thin and poor;

◎ Either rely on external force, it takes half of his life to lift your body, and he will be out of breath all day;


◎ That kind of fish bone -shaped waist, even if the wire is painful, there is a fracture and squeezing!

What we need is a treasure item that can put on a small size and comfortable and unrestrained!


“Abdominal artifact” with a high repurchase rate:

Ice silk without trace a piece of body panties!


It is obviously just a pair of underwear, but as soon as you put it on, you can “flatten” your belly!

Colleagues have tried it on their own. It turned out that inhalation of pants to barely deduct the pants,


Now you can put it in a palm of your hand.


After the upper body, whether you walk, eat, or exercise,

There is no tightness, you can’t feel its existence, so comfortable as if you don’t wear it!


Mall daily price ¥ 69


This high -waisted underwear, the waist is supported by four memory cartilage. It is worn at a gently pull it, and it is not effortless!

Invisible steel bars design,


now that

It is not easy to rub the meat, and it also plays a certain fixed role.

You are not afraid of rolling.

The fabrics of the pants are also particularly particular! Light and soft, high -bouncing skin.



Stress design,

At the same time that you wear a small waist, you don’t have a sense of uncomfortable restraint. You don’t have to worry about the deformation of the pull.


Unlike ordinary low -waist underwear, this underwear is made

Middle -high waist version,

Give up the trousers to the navel;


This height can form a uniform force in the waist and abdomen,


360 ° without dead ends to hold the fat,

Even if the 3 -layer swimming ring can be flattened, everything is super beautiful!

Not as difficult as ordinary abdomen,

It is as convenient as normal underwear.

Look at the effect of the upper body, go to the belly,

Not only the tight zipper becomes silky and easy to pull, even the legs of the pants feel a lot loose!

Is the effect immediate?

If you think this underwear has only abdomen effect, it will be too underestimated!

While creating a small waist, the hips also add ingenious and careful thinking, root

According to the 3D ergonomic structure, the “heart -type hand supports buttocks” are designed ~

Hip -type version

Costing the aesthetic design of the human body can create a naturally upturned hip curve.



Hand -type 3D design,


Not only can it prevent hips, but also use the principle of flow that can be used to re -concentrate and lock the losses, diffusion, and sagging fats to raise the hip line and optimize the hip type!


After wearing the curve meandering, there is a small waist in front, and there are big hips behind it. The meat is concentrated and mentioned.

The high waist version is very wrapped in the waist and abdomen, the hips can improve the hip curve, stable and fixed type, and easily have an enviable peach hip.

The effect is thin and thin, but

Copy various inside.


When I wear less, I can’t see the embarrassing marks.


It can be said that after you buy one, you will place an order immediately!

Passing through countless underwear is either “too sultry” or “style aunt”.

Sitting for a long time in spring and summer is really stuffy, and it is uncomfortable at all times; it is difficult to dry in humid weather, and it is inconvenient to change washing.

Wearing this abdomen underwear, I know


The body can be comfortable and free, and the underwear can be thin and indifferent!

Whole trousers

The thickness is only 0.014mm,

If you wear it, you will forget its existence.

High transparency, breathable and humidity,

And it is particularly easy to dry. After washing for less than half an hour, it can be dry!

You can confidently deal with the return of the south to Nantian, take a business trip and travel, and wash it in the hotel.

Add it


The ice silk material selected for summer,

The buttocks slipped in, and the comfort was like you were in a hot day, and suddenly touched the cool mountain spring water.


Putting on the body is like a hot summer, put a layer of mask just taken out of the refrigerator!

Hands with light fluttering, and there are many hollow holes in a closer look.

Even if you are sitting in the office for a long time, you will not feel sultry, you can only

Perceived the coolness, basically the existence of the underwear.

It was comfortable to wear in summer, and it felt like “seeing each other and hate”.

The overall panties are a piece of no trace design, which makes it directly an “stealth” skill.

Once formed, there is no thread head, a pair of underwear = a piece of cloth, it is the same as invisible, tight skirts or light and white clothing, will not reveal the shape.

Considering that most of the grooves of the “bonding at the bonding” are “easy to crack”, it is specially reinforced with the invisible vehicle line on the trousers and trousers.

Pants head and pants and mouth are finely hit jujube to ensure the stability of the product wearing

Underwear, as a private “line of defense” for private parts, has to go through such layers to truly make us feel at ease.

Check the jujube position, cut off the excess header to ensure the exquisiteness of each detail

This is not enough, it is contained in the underwear

Washing labels also achieved no traces.

Acting on the side of the legs, the design of the anti -roll side,


Gently fit the contour of the thighs, not easy to roll on the side of the legs, more comfortable to wear, and more comfortable in action.

The fabric is elastic, and the stretching of each part at will, it is not easy to defore! The meat -beep girl is also highly comfortable.

It is very smooth and soft, which is not as delicate as satin.


You can feel it after you wear it.

In the printing and dyeing technology, this underwear


Using environmental protection printing and dye

Care for the delicate skin of the private parts, and more assured to wear.


I believe that many girls should have tried underwear, exposed traces, and putting on the disaster. It is embarrassed to reach out to sort out.


And this underwear will not have this problem at all! I wore it for a week in a row and felt very clearly:


No crotch or hips at all!

Even if wearing tight pants or skirts, it will not make an embarrassing flesh and panties, and the clothes will instantly increase the level.

Naturally fit the skin, it is not easy to roll the edge, nor does it run in the middle


(You know), don’t mention it more comfortably.


Put on it, the small belly is “invisible”, not only smooth naked, but also light and breathable, and no longer need to worry about the crotch and meat of the underwear ~

It needs to be more concerned than the aesthetics and functionality of the underwear.

It is its crotch material

This body panties use grass coral fiber bottom crotch:

Grass coral bottom crotch

Hygroscopic perspiration ability

Special strong:


Imagine that others sweatlessly, and the panties are uncomfortable with wet and sticky. And even if you wear it to run, you


It’s as refreshing as if it is on the air conditioner, don’t feel the sweltering of summer ~!


Even if the bottom gear is accidentally contaminated with stains, it can be rubbed with only water.


This body underwear is not only easy to pull the buttocks, it is comfortable to wear, but also breathable sweat and sweat.


Very worth starting,

Especially sisters with the collapse of the belly and buttocks must buy!

You must not miss such a good and good -looking underwear, you must not miss it!

Black, skin tone, two colors are available (arbitrarily)

The panties are very elastic, the wrapping is very strong, and the body is suitable for all kinds.

80-145 catties can be worn!

The little fairies can choose a model according to their own situation.


Because the elasticity is very good, the chance of buying the wrong code is relatively small ~


This “invisible artifact” that saves you can not only be thin, cold and breathable, but also self -skin.


Pay attention to the places where others can’t see and be responsible for their bodies. Such women are not only exquisite, but also very smart.

There are many choices for underwear, but not many people know you. When spending hundreds of thousands of clothes and cosmetics, you may wish to spend a little more money to protect and upgrade our “secret garden”.

Start now,

You can start with only 69 yuan!


Get up quickly and prepare for spring and summer!




Mall daily price ¥ 69

Mall daily price ¥ 69

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