Simple and good hooks, fields: Yunqing classic color matching POLO shirt (with weaving illustration)

Yunqing wire material is fresh and stylish, can be hooked and woven, and we woven a short -sleeved shirt before. I was very satisfied. The interval hooks are simple and easy to hook, and it comes quickly; the cuffs and mouth sticks of the collar clothing are woven. Although the thin needles are woven slowly, it is just right to reflect the delicateness of the work.



Yunqing color matching 03 water green, 08 lemon, 2 regiments each (about 20 grams each);


The main color 04 blue 团, 3 regiments (about 10 grams, insurance on the insurance, it is recommended that the main color with 4 groups, my bottom edge is a bit tight, if the needle is added, the 3 group is not enough)


Use needle:


Hook needle 3/0 (2.3mm) hook main body; No. 13 ring needle (2.25mm) weaving collar and clothing,


2.25mm short straight knit cuffside edge, No. 12 ring need


The clothes are 53.5cm long, the bust is 92cm, and the sleeve length is 26.5cm. (There is basically no change before and after the water)


Work Show:


First go to the original town building:


Go to my finished product again:


Weaving instructions:


Try the small sample before starting. The density of the hook needle is roughly consistent with the original work. The illustration comes from the Internet, thanks to the graphic shared

1. Rear film: According to the illustration, use the 4/0 (2.5mm) hook needle to start with a 158 lock needle, change the 3/0 (2.3mm) hook according to the graphic hook, the color is changed, according to the wiring position in the illustration When the color matching, every row hooks to the last needle, you can bring the upper color line, so that the edges are relatively neat

Postpage completion


Rear size

2. Prelimers: The needle is the same as the latter film. At the same time from the sleeve cage, press the opening of the placket in front of the hook, pay attention to the wiring wiring position


3. Switching: Short needle stitching on the shoulder, press 3 lock needles 1 short needle suture

Sewing on the shoulder


Shoulder suture reverse


4 Sleeve tablet: The sleeve crocodile part is adjusted. First, according to the original picture, it is found to be sutured when sutured. Adjust, the underarm part is transferred from the original 14 lines to 11 lines, and the sleeve mountain part is transferred from the original 16 line to 19 lines

Before adjusting the sleeve suture effect

Adjusted sleeve suture effect


5. Circuit: Circle woven, uniformly picked 298 stitches with the diagram 13 (it is recommended to press the needle with one -on -one stitches), weave 38 lines of Monatoplasty The knitted needle is packed, the line is bypassed from the right stick needle, the upper needle is woven and the needle is wrapped.


6. Purghel: Pick 49 stitches at the left and right plackets with 13 needles, and press the single lits according to the illustration. Each ends are 2 stitches, 16 lines of weaving monocular patterns, and the needle closer method is the same as the side of the clothes.

7. Collar: Pick the needle with the graph with the 13th needle (69 stitches after the collar, and the other parts according to the number of stitches marked according to the illustration). Pay attention to the diagram of the upper and lower needles, weave the single lit of the litter Robe 20 rows of needles, the needle collection method is the same as the side of the clothes.

Tips: After adjusting the stretch, the neckline is adjusted

8. Cusk edge: Circle weaving, 96 stitches with short -stitches 13, 20 lines of weaving monocular tattoos, and needle closes.


It’s finished, before the water

After the water

Attached original diagram and adjusted outline map


Red words are adjusted data

• END •

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