3D family, sleep better, younger good night’s new home mattress release

Power interpretation of super energy, new ecology of technology. On the afternoon of August 12, with the theme of “empowering the terminal and leading the navigation”, the 2019 new product launch conference of the night home was held at the Foshan Gaoming Fuwan Lake Hotel. A 3D series of new products was released.

3D一家,睡好一点,年轻一点 晚安家居新品床垫发布

Young and super energy, trendy and hard -core, and the strength factions have become a new label for the younger generation. Gathering international energy to support the Chinese people. Good night 3D is a good mattress that allows sleeping people to maintain the spine during sleep, bringing users a comfortable sleeping experience. It is a masterpiece of mattress with both face value and quality.

“Quality, comfort, and strength” is the product hard core force given by the younger generation of the nightmare mattress to pursue comfortable sleep. The 3D mattress was listed for 3 months, and the number of people has exceeded 20,000 people, which is well received by the market and users. Based on this as the background, good night home home continues to create a three -high series 3D products that integrate high -tech, high value, and high -environment.

The newly released good night home 3D series includes 3 mattresses: 3D No. 1 small black brown version, 3D brown master, 3D Martin. 3D No. 1, the first good mattress at home, reflects the owner’s needs for comfortable quality, and is suitable for master bedrooms. The 3D brown master, the second good mattress at home, is suitable for the old people or children for the elderly or children. The front uses 3D materials, and the 3E environmentally friendly brown is used on the opposite side. 3D Martin, the third good mattress at home, full 3D structure, no spring inside the mattress, disassembly and washing of fabrics, providing a full range of tough support. It is a luxurious and high -tech quality mattress.

3D is a polymer polyester fiber formed by the extraction of deep -sea mineral substances. It has the excellent characteristics of non -formaldehyde, no heavy metal, and VOC -free organic compounds. The first use of the seat material of luxury cars has good moisturizing and breathable performance, which can provide tough support and relieve fatigue. After being used to bedding products, it provides users with just right support.

Good night’s 3D mattress material is produced by the Calmayer in Germany. The unique 6 -sided mesh structure makes the overall structure more stable. There are about 1.4 million support points for each 3D mattress. It is an ordinary spring bed. More than 800 times the pad support performance.

This conference once again invited American spine expert David Bellin to help out. David Bellin is a well -known American spine neurology professor, CDAHK Honorary Education Chairman of the Hong Kong Spine Medical Association, and senior visiting scholar of Tsinghua University. Athletes and coaches.

3D一家,睡好一点,年轻一点 晚安家居新品床垫发布

Professor David explained the impact of sleep systems and sleep habits on spine health, pointing out that mattresses and pillows are a sleep system. A good sleep system can reduce physical pressure, relax the body, and play the effect of maintaining the spine. He emphasized the important difference between sleeping people “want” and “need”. If a person wants to sleep hard mattresses, it does not mean that the body really needs a hard mattress, and the scientific spine knowledge is needed to assist selection and judgment.

3D一家,睡好一点,年轻一点 晚安家居新品床垫发布

Good night home will be combined with Professor David and his team to conduct professional spine neurology training for end sales staff of good night to provide users with a mattress matching service for scientific majors.

3D一家,睡好一点,年轻一点 晚安家居新品床垫发布

David demonstrated simple and effective spine protection exercises on the spot, which can relieve spine pressure at the work gap.

3D一家,睡好一点,年轻一点 晚安家居新品床垫发布

Then, he demonstrated the whole bone therapy of the spine neurology on the new 3D small black brown version of the mattress. Through the bone adjustment, the experiencer said that the spine and the lumbar spine have a clear sense of relaxation.

3D一家,睡好一点,年轻一点 晚安家居新品床垫发布

Full of technology to create a mattress to ensure high -quality sleep. A new product 3D product will be fully listed in the end of this month. Consumers will have the opportunity to experience and purchase a 3D series of products at the major home stores in good night home. During the new product listing stage, the store has a preferential premium as low as 50 % off. (Correspondent Ding Mi)

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