From 1799 to 111910 million pixels+120Hz high screen+Snapdragon 750G, you can consider starting

On January 26th, Redmi Note9 Pro opened a clearance promotion activity on the’s self -operated platform: After overlaying a coupon of 1,000 yuan and minus 80 yuan, 8+128GB to the hand price was as low as 1119 yuan. This mobile phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 750G processor, with 108 million yuan, 120Hz high -brushing LCD screen and 4820 mAh battery. For users with a budget at about 1200 yuan, Redmi Note9 Pro is a very cost -effective choice.

Redmi Note9 Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 750G processor, supports dual -mold 5G network, and provides up to 8+256GB storage versions. Support the three -choice card slot design, and support the expansion of up to 512GB of memory card. For users without dual cards and dual standby needs, the 128GB version with a memory card is also a good choice. At present, the price of 8+256GB is 1299 yuan, and users can buy according to their needs and actual situation.

In terms of screen: 6.67 -inch upper -hole LCD full screen with 6.67 inches, 2400*1080 with the resolution of mainstream, the highest brightness of the screen (the screen



) It is 450 Nit. This screen supports 120Hz six gear shifts, which can match different frame rates according to different content to allow both fluency and long battery life. In addition, this screen also has 240Hz touch sampling rates, supporting Sunshine screen, 1 Nit ultra -dark night light screen, 360 -degree lighting, and German Rhein low blue light certification, which is very friendly to LCD party users. The fuselage uses a double -sided fifth -generation gorilla glass panel, and the side fingerprint recognition scheme is used.


In terms of camera: front 16 -megapixel camera, supporting facial unlocking, super night scene and AI separation of functions. The rear of 108 million main photography (1/152 “, dual -native ISO, F1.75, 7P)+8 million ultra -wide -angle (F2.2, 120 degrees)+2 million macro+2 million portrait AI four -camera combination combination , Support magic changes 3.0, streamer camera, video magic avatar, photos, movies, movie formats, and 4K video recording and other functions. In the same price model, 100 million pixel main camera with the system with the system brings excellent ones, bringing excellent ones Shooting effect and more interesting shooting experience.

In terms of battery life: built -in 4820 mAh battery, supports 33W cable fast charging, 58 minutes can be charged to 100%. The fuselage is 165.38*76.8*9 mm, weighs 215 grams, has three colors of lakes and autumn colors, blue sea stars and silent stars. The top of the fuselage has an infrared remote control function, and the “extremely advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack is retained at the bottom, which further improves the practicality of the whole machine. If you have to find a disadvantage, 215 grams of body is really a bit heavy, and double -sided gorilla glass panels are indeed a double -edged sword.


Other aspects: built -in stereo dual -linear speakers, with linear motors, bringing users a better auditory and tactile experience. This phone also supports IP53 waterproof, dual -frequency GPS positioning and multi -function NFC, which can bring more convenience to users’ lives and travel. In the same price model, it is difficult to find smartphones with three -dimensional dual -boiled and multi -function NFC except for Redmi. Netizens who need it are bought and cherished.

In terms of price: The price of 8+128GB version is different. Among them, the price of the silent star empty version is the lowest, and the price is 1119 yuan, which is also the most recommended version of the Period. The other two ones are 1149 yuan and 1199 yuan. You need to receive a coupon with a redeem of 100 yuan for over 1200, and the address is on the Xiaomi Spring Festival page, as shown in the figure below. The three color schemes of the 8+256GB version are all 1399 yuan, and the hand price is 1299 yuan after superimposed 100 yuan coupon. Such a price is a large promotion of clearance, and netizens need to buy and cherish it.

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Redmi Note 9 Pro

¥ 1199


亓 亓 亓:

For the 1119 yuan Redmi Note9 Pro, the idea of ​​Ji Ji is: Compared with the same price model, this phone has many exclusive advantages, such as multi -function NFC, three -dimensional double -yang, linear motor, 120Hz transmission high brush LCD screen , Double -sided gorilla glass panels, 100 million pixels and 33W fast charging and so on. For users with limited budgets, the Redmi Note9 Pro of the price reduction is a good choice.

I am Ji Ji, the above is the idea of ​​Ji Ji. The original code is not easy. Remember to pay attention to the idea of ​​Ji Ji. You can also like, forward and comment. More interesting digital information is waiting for you to talk. The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting!





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