What are the advantages and disadvantages of non -woven wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a decoration material used in wall decoration. There are many types of wallpaper on the market. Today we are going to understand non -woven wallpapers. I believe that you do n’t know much about non -woven wallpapers.

What is the material of the non -woven wallpaper?

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What materials are non -woven wallpapers made

1. The non -woven wallpaper is also called non -woven fabric. It is composed of targeted or random fibers. It is used on wall decoration and belongs to the new generation of environmental materials.

2. Non -woven wallpaper is currently the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world. Its color is pure and breathable. It has the advantages of moisture -proof, flexibility, non -combustion, easy decomposition, non -toxic and irritating.

3. The non -woven wallpaper has the same appearance as a cloth, so it is called cloth. Its area is calculated according to the volume. According to the quality requirements of the product, the product is divided into many categories, such as coating wallpapers, coating wallpapers, pressure pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, and pressure Flower wallpapers, etc., have different textures and patterns, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers.

Non -woven wallpaper wallpaper advantages and disadvantages

1. Advantages of non -woven wallpaper

(1) The non -woven wallpaper is very environmentally friendly. Its raw materials are natural materials (fiber silk, silk, etc.). Do not add chemical ingredients during the production process. decorate.

(2) The non -woven wallpaper uses non -woven processes in textiles, so it is breathable. Even if the phenomenon of bubbles appears during the laying process, it can also spread through the wallpaper to ensure the beauty of the wallpaper.

(3) The paste of non -woven wallpapers is fast, the construction technology is convenient and fast, and the walls will not be humid. During the later use, the paste will be found to be firm and effectively extend the service life.

2. Non -woven wallpaper disadvantages

(1) Extremely expensive is the biggest disadvantage of non-woven wallpapers. Because it is made from natural materials, its price is several times that of ordinary wallpaper. At 100-450 yuan/volume, imported non-woven wallpaper price is 500 Above/volume above.

(2) Although the non -woven wallpaper itself is non -toxic and harmless, natural and environmentally friendly, but the glue of the non -woven wallpaper with non -woven wallpaper contains formaldehyde. Therefore, pay special attention when buying, and avoid buying cheap glue for cheaply.

(The above price comes from the Internet, for reference only)

无纺布壁纸是什么材料做的 有什么优缺点

Non -woven wallpaper brand and price

There are many brands of non -woven wallpapers, and their prices are gap. Here are the prices of several different brands of houseless than the wallpaper:

1. Palimi

(1) Palimi TV background wall wallpaper European -style living room non -woven wallpaper, price: 128 yuan/volume

(2) Pali American Chinese -style living room background wall porchless woven wallpaper, price: 52 yuan/volume

2. Banhang

(1) Banner Wallpaper European -style non -woven wallpaper Simple and modern TV background wall, price: 98 yuan/volume

(2) Banner Wallpaper Environmental Pure Pure Paper Wallpaper Modern simple TV background, price: 168 yuan/volume

3. Yasha

(1) Yasha wallpaper modern minimalist non -woven thick fabric thick wallpaper deer pill TV background wall, price: 109 yuan/volume

(2) Yasha Wallpaper Modern Simple Striped Non -Woven Deer Culvert Wallpaper, price: 98 yuan/volume

Note: The above price comes from the Internet, for reference only.

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What is the material of the non -woven wallpaper?

无纺布壁纸是什么材料做的 有什么优缺点

Non -woven wallpaper wallpaper advantages and disadvantages

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