Personal car cushion, make the car full of different atmosphere

1. Sexy leopard hair pads, so that you are no longer cold!


In this cold winter, if you have a set of leopard car pads, do you feel that there is a leopard girl holding you when driving? Will it be cold to drive this winter? It’s hot from my heart, is there wood?


2. Garfield car cushion, kill all eyes in seconds

Staring by a pair of sharp eyes that see everything through Garfield, you will definitely improve your force instantly. You must be fearless in your eyes and see everything.


Third, charming lace cushion, let you wear a wedding dress like a dream


Women’s resistance to lace wedding dresses is almost zero. As a female driver, she sat on a lace cushion every day. Is there a feeling of dressed in a wedding dress? Is the happiness and sweetness every day exploding!

Fourth, the national treasure panda cushion with a cute point makes the family warmer

The national treasure panda’s dumb people know that the children’s love for it is not even more important. On your car, the atmosphere in the car must be lively and warm, and instantly closes the relationship with the child.


Fifth, high -end American captain forced the cushion

Captain America’s handsomeness is to explode, using this set of cushions to decorate your car, sitting in it is full of energy, no matter what daily challenges are, you will use your high -profile atmosphere to attack Essence

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