Dynamic | From the new species @KB Space, watch the new retail “evolution” of Jinba men’s clothing

“Retail stores are no longer a simple trading scenario, but the emotional connection of the brand and consumer B2C.” After in -depth understanding of Jinba Men’s @KB Space, we see the germination of new clothing retail species.

Speaking from an event that focuses on “sustainable fashion” …

Green consumption is gradually becoming a popular. From July 23rd to August 30th, @KB Space, located near Yunling East Road, Shanghai, is holding a green environmental protection theme near the @KB Space headquarters

“99 Love Event”

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

, Attracted many Internet celebrities and KOL to check in. We can see that this event has brought a lot of sustainable and environmentally friendly peripheral products, such as coffee residue with a cup, a limited regenerative T -shirt made by 50%recycled cotton+50%organic cotton Polyester dog’s nest and so on. At the same time, we also see sustainable exhibitions in @KB Space, such as beach chairs stitching with edge materials, corners to reconstruct camping scenes, etc.


Hong Boming, CEO and Creative Director of Jinba Men’s clothing

At the opening site of the event, it was also stated that Jinba Men’s clothing has been paying attention to sustainable life. Through this event, he hopes to show the value of environmental protection and life scenes. Behind this also contains the sustainable business philosophy of Jinba men’s clothing.

In fact, this event is only one of the regular actions of @KB Space. This Jinba Men’s multi -brand collection experience store has received high attention since its opening in September last year.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

We have learned that since the beginning of 2020, the “multi -brand and multi -product” fashion group development strategy has opened in 2020. In order to build a richer and diverse consumption scenario in the future, it has created such a new multi -brand collection experience store. This is why the birth of @KB Space.

So, what is the difference between@KB Space vs traditional retail stores? How can it become a new retail format? According to our insight, it is mainly manifested in several “new”.

New positioning: Multi -brand collection, break the consumer circle, from a single brand and single -store consumer group, to multi -level, diversified, and even family consumer groups.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

Consumption demand is no longer a single consumption, but a multi -layer. Nielson reports that consumers are not satisfied with providing rigid needs in the shopping mall, and they look forward to more compatible and rich shopping venues.

In @KB Space, KBXNG, including the main brand Jinba men’s clothing, Jinba men’s high -end series KB HONG, shoe and bags and other boutique accessories, light fashion business brands born for urban workplace youths, simple and children’s clothing hong, international trend buyer collection Platform ENG, under the positioning of business and casual men’s clothing with focusing on eggplant as its core, the birth and collection of these brands/series of Jinba Men’s clothing is an extension of consumer groups and family consumer products of different ages.

Main Dazi Men’s Wear

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

Light fashion business brand Suizhou

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

International trend buyer collection platform ENG

Children’s clothing Little Hong

New space: The integration of the cargo yard, grabbing the keyword “immersive” of the retail store.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

@KB Space not only divides the space according to the brand, but also integrates different consumer experience scenarios. The characteristics of each area are clear. There is also @KB Coffee boutique coffee in the store. In fact, it is the experience that allows consumers to better immerse in the store.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

New scene: From the traditional trading store scene → artistic and cultural integration scene.

Traditional retail stores pay more attention to store trading functions. In some areas of @KB Space, there are special artistic and cultural works, and some of these cultural works are out of the hands of Hong Boming with the background of the art education, and some art works that have been collected by his “heavy money”. In fact, he is thinking about how to combine aesthetics and art, fashion and environmental protection, business and humanities to integrate.

New social: create the third space in social.

In business space, in addition to solving consumer product needs, the brand must also provide some additional experiences to form the third space of socializing. For example, 99 love sustainable fashion activities and various theme flash activities attract more different types of consumers to participate, which has formed a new social field.

Through @KB Space, we see that it is no longer a single store. It is based on human experience as the core and reconstructs the retail store’s “people’s freight yard”. It explores the deepening of clothing, art and culture into the new retail format of business under the trend of new consumption.

Behind this is the promotion of the retail model of B -end brand merchants and the dual spiral development of new C -end consumption.

1 New consumption+new retail driving force

Miura exhibition depicts consumer demand at each stage in the “Fourth Consumption Era”. At present, the third consumer era transitions to the fourth consumption era. Consumers’ consumption behavior is more mature, not only to pursue personalized, high -quality ratio, and price expectations in the product, but also have higher requirements for the consumer experience. Wait.

What kind of retail stores do we need in such a consumption environment?

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

We look at the clothing industry.

Standing from the perspective of B -end merchants. International brands are vigorously innovating retail stores, such as Uniqlo to create “2020 global high -profile retail new space” UNIQLO PARK. Another example is that Nike Unite officially opened last year, representing Nike’s global “retail concept store” has developed fourth generation.

Industry insiders said that physical stores are still the core channels for clothing retail, especially for high -end clothing. But today, the B -end merchant’s retail stores have put forward higher requirements. It is not only necessary to experience the sense of experience in the scene, but also has new retail capabilities such as digitalization, intelligence, and online and offline scenes. @KB Space also let us see this change.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

Standing from the perspective of C -end consumers. The rise of the new middle class is pursuing a new lifestyle. McKinsey’s “China Consumer Survey of 2020” shows that the number of middle -income people in China is currently exceeding 300 million, and it will continue to rise. It is expected that it will exceed 500 million by 2025, covering more than half of the Chinese city population. Consumption consumption is no longer the basic functionality and price label for them, but a lifestyle that shows its own quality and taste.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

For example, the core customer base of Jinba is the entrepreneurial group of entrepreneurs 30-45 years old. In Hong Boming’s view, clothing is a strong experience product, especially high -end quality and high net worth products. High -end men’s clothing is especially valued for details and fabrics. Stores should enhance the sense of experience and respect for the consumer group, and lead the creation of the wealthy group to have a aesthetic dressing aesthetics, making the offline stores a great enjoyment.

The birth of @KB Space is the product of new consumption+new retail promotion, and what supports it is the foundation and strong system for 41 years of development.

2 “Evolution” of Jinba Men’s Clothing

From the perspective of time, after 41 years of development, Jinba Men’s clothing has gone through three generations of heads. With the background of design institutions, the young “post -90s” Hong Boming is the third generation head, and he also brings a new development concept.

But in the process, there are changes and unchanged.

“One person can do one thing in a lifetime.” During the development of the industry, I saw that many people wanted to do a “fast” business, but in 41 years, Jinba has been solidly focused on eggplant and insisted on making business casual men’s clothing. Hong Boming continued the strategic policy of focusing on eggplant.

We have observed that the iteration of the clothing retail environment is faster, the new models have emerged endlessly, and many clothing retail brands have gradually been eliminated. However, Jinba Men’s clothing is exactly the persistence of the field of eggplant. In the 41 years when the clothing industry has been baptized in the clothing industry.

In 2021, the value of Jinba men’s clothing brand climbed to 80.557 billion yuan, and was selected as the most valuable brand list in China for 18 consecutive years.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

In terms of channel strategy, Jinba Men’s presentation has nearly 2,000 brand stores, covering nearly 900 cities and counties across the country, with third- and fourth -tier cities as the core market, and gradually increased its market share in first- and second -tier cities.

Judging from the overall market of men’s clothing in China, the China Business Institute is expected to reach 657 billion yuan in 2025. Although the cake is continuously enlarged, there are typical problems, such as the high -end men’s market, most of which are international brands, and the state -owned brand share is low.

To break the status quo, it is still the rise of state -owned brands.

Well, how today Jinba defines his brand, and the answer given by Hong Boming is “high -end new domestic goods”.

“High -end represents adherence to brand positioning, high quality, and high -quality.

From 2020 to 2021, Jinba Men’s clothing walked out of the country twice and landed on the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week, showing the high-end quality, humanistic charm and ingenuity of China to the world fashion stage.

In 2020, Milan Fashion Week official schedule “Seeing Vientiane” show, the world’s first Jinba men’s high -end series KBhong

In 2021, Jinba Men’s High -end series KBhong then boarded the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week, confident “liter” to start the new journey of the “century -old” in the next 60 years

And what is the strategic support point behind the “high -end new domestic goods”? We interpret it from several key points: multi -brand and multi -product strategy, professional+technology+digitalization, online+offline full scenes, dressing and aesthetic housekeeper service model.

The first is the new strategy: multi -brand and multi -product strategy.

Jinba’s “multi -brand and multi -product item” includes the upward creation of Jinba Men’s high -end series KB HONG, leading men’s aesthetic fashion with higher -level fashion and quality; Preferentially wearing clothing.

In addition, there are also boutique accessories KBXNG, international trend buyer collection platform ENG, and children’s clothing brand Little Hong to take care of the segmented groups of all ages and different dressing needs. It is also reflected in the @KB Space store.

The second is new technology: professional+technology+digitalization is a tricycle -driven.

The first is professionalism. Jinba focuses on the 41st years of eggplant fields. The Chinese eggplant industry standards are revised and relying on CNAS certified national eggplant laboratories. high quality.

The second is the performance of science and technology. In recent years, Jinba has developed a 3D printing “thin” warm “wisdom” product, attachment eggplant, and sincere hot coat that can lead consumer trends. In terms of digital performance, it is the first to establish thousands of types of databases and style files based on the characteristics of the Chinese body, and to adapt to the needs of consumers with diverse models to meet the needs of different regions, age, and preferences.

The third is the whole scene: online+offline whole scene.

Jinba has created an exclusive “Jinba Cloud Store” for physical stores. At present, more than 1,400 people are online. During the epidemic period, “Jinba Cloud Store” breaks the boundaries of the space and establishes a private domain position for the rapid communication between stores and consumers.

In the spread of online to offline brands, it establishes brand content positions and matrix in different platforms, which drives consumers to coordinate and integrated content from planting grass and long grass to plucking. For example, CEO Hong Boming also lived in the live broadcast.

The fourth is the new mode: steward service mode.

The “dressing and aesthetic housekeeper” created by Jinba, as long as consumers submit dressing requirements on the applet, the costume aesthetic consultants with strong professional skills will bring more choices for customers to provide wearing and fitting services than the need for products. The WeChat Mini Program “Jinba on -door installation service” currently achieves a 100 % transaction rate.

3 Future retail thinking

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

There is a word in economics called “consumer surplus”, which refers to the part that consumers purchase products, services, and experiences, and thus get the return of their payment costs. Continuously amplifying consumer surplus is to make consumers get higher satisfaction.

Thinking about future retail, a little bit is to maximize the surplus of consumers.

Hong Boming also has his own understanding. “High -end is not necessarily an excessive high price, but gives consumers more than expected consumer experience and help consumers become a better self.”

Only when the brand culture is upgraded and the brand becomes a representative of a certain kind of mainstream values ​​or a certain lifestyle, can we realize the long -term road in category expansion. With cost -effective products and services, consumers can feel the value and complete the deep emotional link between the brand and consumers.

But this must adhere to long -termism. @KB Space, let us see a new link method for clothing retail.

We noticed that on the display wall of the @KB Space store, there was such a painting, and a person supported a mountain with his hands. There was a heart above the mountain, representing the original intention and confidence.

Hong Boming was carrying the mountain and continued to move forward steadily as he was identified.

动态 | 从新物种@KB SPACE,看劲霸男装的新零售“进化”

Hong Boming, CEO and Creative Director of Jinba Men’s clothing

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