White nurses are really angels on earth, and I moved hundreds of millions of netizens to take the mothers to go to the toilet.

1 Recently, a writer Jill Krause, the mother of 4 children, saw this photo taken by the photographer Katie Lacer, and was very moved to these nurses who helped mothers! The nurse in the photo accompanied the novice mother to walk through her most precious experience in her life.

2 Jill Krause posted on Facebook: I will never forget those. After I finish my birth, take me to the nurse who goes to the toilet, and I will always remember their faces. When I was the weakest and most tiring of shaking, they were all there. My polite heart is gone with the venting belly. But they still respect and take care of me to comfort me to share my pain. At that time, I felt like a whole village was supporting me behind me.


3 Even if you just go to the toilet for a short time, there are nurses on the toilet and put on ice bags on the underwear. This photo taken by my friend Momakt took me back to that time, and I remembered even that smell. Let’s thank the doctors who help to take care of their births together, and those who teach us how to put the ice bags on the underwear! (Or those who taught us how to take a bath after cesarean section.) “Only one day, this post has been shared more than 24,000 times!

4 Soon, mothers gathered together to share their past experiences, and thank you how to thank those nurse!


5 Leight Kathleen said, “When I was pushing hard, I would never forget it. After that, I slowly pulled my face out of the nurse’s chest. At that time, she was still cleaning up my sweat and tears. I said, “Oh my God, I’m sorry!” She said, “Baby, these are life on my clothes. I don’t want to go except here, let’s push the children out!”


6 Tiffany Barnes said, “I will never forget that one. After I gave birth to my daughter, I took me to the nurse in the toilet. I had been bleeding at that time, and I felt embarrassing there. But this one. The nurse didn’t even smoke her face. I kept apologizing to her. She kept comforting me and said it was nothing. I would never forget that she helped me clean my feet at that time. I always thought about it. “Do you love your neighbors” really mean? “


7 Mandy Morrison said, “No one can really say the situation at that time. When you just give birth to a child, your dignity also goes out with the child, and there are those physical changes that have never thought about it. Then The pain, fatigue and wanting to say that they died. These nurses know, they all know. Thank you! “


8 Lauren Self said: When my daughter was only 23 weeks, my husband lost her with me. But that’s two years ago, in May this year we successfully gave birth to a little boy. At that time, all the nurses I knew were next to it, but when my son’s heartbeat stopped, they immediately sent their sons to NICU emergency. I cried directly at that time, and the nurse beside me also cried with me. They rubbed my back, comforted me, and helped me cheer up, let me get up from my heart, stand up to nicu to see my son

9 Thank these nurses, thank you! It’s really touching. The doctor and the nurse are very great, and thank you for taking care of us like this when we need it!

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