Mao Xiaotong passed the winter seriously, and the down jackets were wearing two pieces and also stacked with sweaters.

Winter is the dominant season of down jackets. A fluffy and heavy down jacket can achieve the sense of security in winter. At the same time, it gives people warmth. However, if you want to wear down jackets into practical and fashionable effects in a few degrees and zero weather, it is not an easy task!

The bloated feeling of down jacket has become our biggest problem. It is difficult to achieve 100%avoiding it. Then we should change a thinking to see how to put the down jacket out of the fashion effect. I suggest you learn from Mao Xiaotong,

She wore a down jacket in winter, and she seemed to be serious in the winter seriously.


1. Analysis of Mao Xiaotong down jacket wear

Color analysis: collision between neutral and macaron colors


Mao Xiaotong’s set of down jackets are worn with two large blocks for matching. Large -area taro purple purple is gentle and beautiful. Hidden mint green on a short down jacket inside without losing age reduction.

In particular, the neutral effect brought by neutral color not only avoids the tenderness, but also highlights the beauty of wearing.

Putting on highlight analysis: Chanel knitted wool cap

In the overall dressing, Mao Xiaotong did not use too much accessories. After all, when the clothing items are too much, the accessories will only look more cumbersome, but use only a simple wool hat as a match. The down jacket inward echoed


And the white Chanel logo also added a lot of highlights to the overall shape.

Single -product analysis: plush sweater+hat -long down jacket+double -sided down jacket+Snowy wide -leg pants

The advantages of single products are a must -have for winter wear. For example, Mao Xiaotong breaks through from color, thereby avoiding the lack of clothing too fat, and letting people have the vision on the color matching. The down jacket combined with short thin down jackets dual warmth,

The white -tone plush hooded sweater and Snowy wide -leg pants have a good weakened color.

Sharing of wearing skills: stacking and wearing treatment is not bloated but more fashionable

The use of stacking methods is very widely used in winter, not only for down jackets, like some coats, cotton clothes, and plush jackets, but also a very good choice. When you wear down jackets, you can be the same as Mao Xiaotong.


Choosing furry items and the same down items, creating a sense of fashion is a matter of minutes!

2. What should be paid attention to when choosing down jackets?


Note 1: Do not be too dull, and the proper bright color embellishment is important

When choosing a down jacket, a temperament woman can try more bright colors. It can be used in large areas. It can only be used in small areas.

Essence Especially in the use of bright colors in the interior, with a long down jacket with a classic color matching, can you instantly improve the highlights of wearing.

Note 2: Avoid choosing too slim down jackets


When choosing a very well -wrapped down jacket jacket, it is recommended that you do not use too slim style. This kind of silhouette can effectively shape the fashion sense. Create a full warmth effect,

For some jackets, using loose hips is the key to avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

3. Recommended down jackets wear look

Look1: Bean paste color short down jacket+black hooded sweater+small foot pants

In winter, some warm color matching should be matched. This kind of bean paste color is not only warm but also gentle, but can set off the skin state to the greatest extent, and achieve a white and translucent effect.

Essence With low saturation bright colors, as the leading items, other items are mainly simple. The black foundation of the hat -style style should be paired with small pants, which is thin and age -reducing.

Look2: lapel candy down jacket+striped sweater+denim microbes

The down jackets of candy elements can bring unlimited girly sense to women. The entire down jacket is designed with fluffy feel, combined with candy elements to embellish, and large -scale white and color are embellished, which looks playful and cute.

With a dark -colored striped sweater, it is shallow, showing a sense of layering, and the light blue denim microcrapered pants are a symbol of fashionable.


Fashion summary:

1. Under the premise of choosing down jackets, we must first understand its advantages and highlights, and to understand the effect of shaping long and avoiding shortcomings, in order to effectively achieve the effect of fashion and warmth.

2. Whether it is the wrapping feeling of long down jackets or the playful vitality of short down jackets, it is worth trying, but when matching other items, you need to pay more attention to methods and skills.


Alright! Today’s down jackets will be shared here. I hope that every temperament woman can find their own exclusive wear in the cold winter and become their own warm sun!

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