Exclusive twelve constellation dance mask, Pisces noble and cool, Gemini mysterious sexy and charming!

The mask is covered with all or parts of the face and open eyes. It is usually camouflage as a dance, carnival or similar festivals, drama, etc. Let’s take a look at the premium of the exclusive twelve constellations, Pisces is noble and cold, Gemini mysterious sexy and charming!

Sagittarius Dance Mask

Don’t look at the piggy, but you will not contact others casually. The active contact of the Sagittarius may be to go out to play. Sagittarius’s dance suits are white, the eyes are painted with blue, black and purple strokes, and beautiful black patterns are painted around.


Pisces Dance Mask

If Pisces actively contacted you, it is not rare. They usually like to chat with friends. They will not stop when they talk. It is boring to contact you to contact you. The Pisces’s ball suits are white and exquisite pattern masks. They are purple on both sides. There are many beautiful rhinestones and gems on the mask, which looks noble and cold.


Liona Dance Mask


Leo will only take the initiative to contact the people they like. If they are not interested or do not like it, they will completely ignore it. Leo’s dance mask is in line with Leo’s temperament. The golden mask has many glittering golden powder on it. On the left is a Phoenix -shaped design, which is noble and luxurious.


Cancer Dance Mask

Cancer’s initiative to contact you represents the meticulous care. They will not take the initiative to contact anyone, and make Cancer passively active because you are an important person. Cancer’s dance suits are silver texture, exquisite and beautiful lines, without particularly dazzling decorations, but it is very attractive.

Aries Dance Mask

It is normal for Aries to contact you for the initiative, and generally does not represent any special meaning. Aries’s dance suits are white lace bottom with many pearls, rhinestones, white flowers on the left, and a white feathers, look elegant and charming.


Taurus Dance Mask

Taurus is a particularly passive constellation. It would be difficult for him to contact you if he took the initiative to contact you. If you contact you, it must be boring, because Taurus more likes to say more. The suits of the Taurus ball are the shape of the rabbit head, with many metal decorations on it, making ordinary rabbits more gorgeous.


Scorpio Dance Mask

Scorpio is the most hidden in the constellation. They do not necessarily mean that they are interested in you. Keeping a distance from you does not mean that they don’t like you. It is difficult to judge what he takes initiative. Scorpio’s dance suits are black patterns, which look sexy and charming, like beautiful butterfly wings, exquisite and mysterious.

Gemini Dance Mask

Gemini may be okay if it is okay, and it is normal to take the initiative to contact. It is so accustomed to a casual greeting. Don’t think about it. Gemini dance masks are made of black feathers. The eyes have a circle of rhinestones. They are painted with deep smoky makeup, which looks mysterious and sexy and charming!

Libra Dance Mask

Libra is also a passive person. If you let Libra take the initiative, you want to date or confess to you. Libra’s dance suits are white, with a circle of white pearls and transparent pearls in the eyes, white hair on both sides, and two cat ears, which look cute and sexy.


Virgo Dance Mask

If the Witual Virgo contacted you actively, there is nothing but missing you. If there is nothing to say, it can be understood as missing you. The Virgo’s dance suits are pink, decorated with many sequins, and the middle is made of a flower style of many pink and white rhinestones. There are pink elegant feathers on the left.

Capricorn Dance Mask

Capricorn’s active contact is to discuss with you. If it is not that you like you, there are only two situations, there is no other possibility. The Capricorn ball suits are silver, and the side of the mask is printed on the pattern. What attracts the eyeballs is the high blue feathers on it. The return rate is 100 %.


Aquarius Dance Mask


Aquarius is a person who does not necessarily want to find you if something is wrong. If you take the initiative to contact you, you must be very important, and you have persuaded yourself countless times. Aquarius’s dance suits are relatively simple and generous. There are no decorations, only white pattern masks, and small rhinestones, which look elegant ladylike temperament.


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