Yulin City’s 8 recommended food, these places are worth your taste

Yulin was known as the Linlin, located in the southeast of Guangxi, adjacent to Wuzhou, Guangdong Province, connected to Beihai, Guangdong Province in the south. It is an important and convenient channel for the southwest of China to go to sea. It is known as the “Lingnan Metropolis”. The following editors will share with you 8 local foods that Yulin City wants to taste.


1. Yulin Baba

Yulin Baba, its color is translucent, colored like coffee, bright, rich in flavor, salty and delicious, delicious and refreshing, tough and not strong. The color is dark, the smell is mellow, the meat is fine and chewy, the entrance is fragrant, which is reflective.

2. Yulin Beef Powder


Yulin Board Powder is a famous traditional food. It is the name of Guangxi Yulin -flavored food.

3. Putang roll powder

Putang roll powder has a history of more than 100 years. It is full of jade forests with its white, bright, tenderness, flexibility, strong taste, and chewing and chewing.


4. Yulin meat egg

Yulin meat egg is also known as meatballs, which is one of the local specialty snacks of Yulin. Yulin meatballs are white, tender, crispy, slag-free, delicious, rich in elastic, throwing from a high place, can play 10–20 cm for 10–20 cm, made from pork and beef.


5. Crispy beans


The crispy bean is one of the top ten specialty snacks in Yulin in Guangxi. Choose pork, ground beans (peanuts), slice pork, add ingredients, marinate for 5 hours, and fry it with starch. Also fry the peanuts to golden yellow. The finished products are crispy and tender, sweet and delicious, and unique flavor of the ground beans.

6. White cut chicken

Yulin Bai Bai’s white cut chicken can be said to be famous in Guangxi’s food industry. Walking on the street, you often find the words “Bai Bai flavor”. The most primitive taste of the ingredients, without using too much condiments, it tastes light and delicious, it becomes unique and delicious, it is a must -have food.

7, raw material powder

Raw material powder is one of the snacks characteristic of Yulin, which is characterized by a fresh. Whether it is soup base, noodles or ingredients, it is fresh. Whether it is breakfast, dinner or supper, it is very popular. As soon as the fan was on the table, I smelled an indescribable taste. The taste was clean and the soup was strong. It was appetizing in summer, and eating in winter can drive the cold.


8. Intestinal powder

Intestinal powder is one of the locals from Yulin from snacks to big food. Handmade traditions, intestinal powder, pink, smooth eggs, juicy, delicious taste, delicate and smooth, and a little tough. So it is a must -have food that men, women, and children love to eat.

The above are the eight local foods of Yulin shared with you. The taste is very good. Friends who go to Yulin can find it. Welcome friends of Yulin to add a message to supplement.

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