Miao mom evaluation-how to choose baby supplementary food oil? 5 popular linen seed oil evaluation

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The linen seed oil that participated in the evaluation in this issue comes from:

芽️ Wo Xiaoya

场️ Grandpa’s Farm

✔️ Changbai Gongfang

勒️ Brandler

社️ Line Commune

#00: 07 When will the baby start adding supplementary food oil?

#00: 20 Oil Knowledge-Why is Lineseed Oil preferred

#00: 48 Introduction to latitude

#01: 08 product packaging

#01: 18 ingredient table (core component ratio)

#01: 27 Pressing method comparison and popular science

#02: 01 About the shelf date of linen seed oil

#02: 25 Try to drink experience (method of access, color taste)

#04: 06 Instant price comparison

#04: 20 evaluation results

#04: 41 Precautions for Consumption of Consumption ❣️

#05: 06 Select oil according to the cooking method and smoke (the preferred order of babies supplement oil)

How to choose your baby’s supplementary food oil? 5 popular linen seed oil evaluation!

Hello, Miao mother who loves to do her homework is here again! Today, let’s talk about how to eat baby food oil? How to choose?

Generally, you can start adding supplementary food oil in two weeks after eating rice noodles, because fat is very important for the baby’s growth and development. In order to refuel the baby in an appropriate amount, you can provide sufficient energy for your baby, supplement your body nutrition, and promote growth and development. Prevent constipation. Many fats in our human body can be transformed through carbohydrates, but we must only obtain fatty acids through food. There are two essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid and linolenic acid.

According to Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, it is recommended that infants and young children should be the first choice for vegetable oils of linolenic acid

For example: linen seed oil, perilla seed oil, walnut oil.

Miao Ma also did a lot of homework in the early stage. Our home is basically alternately eaten by linenseed oil and walnut oil. Avole oil and low mustard sacred rapeseed oil are used as hot stir -fried oil.

Let’s talk about linenseed oil today!

I bought five more popular models on the market to make a comprehensive evaluation for everyone. Sorted by “height”, they are the farms of Wo Xiaoya, Grandpa, Changbai Gongfang, Brandler, and Line Commune.

I will make rational evaluation from product packaging, ingredients, squeezing methods, bottle body labeling, use method, color taste, and cost -effective multi -dimensional dimension.

1. Look at the packaging first, these five models are dark bottles. Lineseed oil needs to be preserved from light. The low light transmittance of these bottles can play a good role in avoiding light. From the perspective of packaging, it is passed.

2. The content of more than 50%of the general linolenic acid can be absorbed by the body. The 5 oils we evaluated this time are in line with.

3. When they come again, their craftsmanship: These ways of squeezing are cold squeezing craftsmanship, and Grandpa’s farm is a virgin. Let me have a difference with everyone.

Cold squeezing is the oil extracted at a temperature below 60 degrees, which can be repeatedly pressed after repeatedly squeezed. If it is a chemical refinement, it will be lighter, that is, the so-called refined oil, α-linolenic acid has been destroyed, and it is not good to eat too much. The meaning of the virgin of the low temperature virgin is squeezed only once. It will not be squeezed repeatedly. Therefore, from the perspective of the craftsmanship, Grandpa’s farm uses a virgin process. The oil output rate is lower and the cost will generally be higher, but the oil will be relatively better.

Lineseed oil is easy to oxidize, so pay attention to preservation of low temperature avoidance. Usually linenseed oil is 18 months according to the international shelf life. The nutritional content of linseed oil during this shelf life is the highest. Some manufacturers will be adjusted to 24 months or 36 months, and they may add “artificially synthesized antioxidants” to linen seed oil. These five models, except for Brandler’s shelf life for 24 months, are 18 months.

Today Miao Ma will drink oil online. Let me talk about my evaluation criteria first, because I see a lot of bloggers, I want to choose a taste that she thinks her baby can accept, and I prefer to accept the taste of linseed oil.

I also did a lot of homework in the early stage and checked some documents. I asked some experienced people. The original ecological linen seed oil is thick and smooth, slightly bitter, and has obvious incense. However, refining oil is relatively slippery, no bitter taste, and the incense is not obvious.

Nest small bud

It smells light and drinks lightly, without any taste. This taste is too light.

Grandpa’s farm (telescopic oil mouth, oil is very convenient)

It smells the fragrance, and it tastes a bit bitter. The mouth is a bit sweet and fragrant.

Changbai Gongfang

It smells light and the smell is lighter, and the taste of the grass


It smells the smell of oil than the previous two, which is a bit boring.

Line Commune (I have a small amount of cups, but I have to clean it every time, but I have some chicken ribs)

It smells a bit of rapeseed oil. It drinks a little bit bitter, and the aftertaste is more fragrant.

是 ️ The taste is also a reference for everyone. I also added them to rice noodles to try. The taste of mixing with food is acceptable.

Finally, compare the capacity and price. For fairness, the price I can get the price at the moment. Let me sort it up.

Nest small buds 100ml 45 (0.45)

Grandpa’s Farm 250ml 79 (✔️0.316)

Changbai Gongfang 255ml 89 (0.349)

Brandler 250ml 138 (0.552)

Line Commune 500ml 70 (✔️0.14)

The above price is for reference only, or the actual price is prevailing.

Based on the evaluation results of the above dimensions, if it is a baby who adds supplementary food for the first time, choose Grandpa’s farm. His family is better in the virgin process, and it is organic and cost -effective. What is a good choice?

In fact, you do n’t need to be too tangled with oil. Determine what kind of oil you want to use. Based on the rational choices in all aspects I said today!

Finally, Miao Ma summarized it:

Each oil contains fatty acids, and the effect of human body is different.

The suggestion is several types of oil alternately consumed

New nutritional sciences recommend balanced oil ratios, especially the proportion of Omega-6 and Omega-3. The best proportion is linen seed oil.

Choose different oils according to the method of eating. Different cooking methods use different oils, mainly based on smoking points and saturation. Lineseed oil is consumed at low temperature daily at low temperature. High temperature will break down the nutrition of linolenic acid and produce harmful trans fatty acids. It is recommended to stir -fry if it is hot -fried.

If you don’t know how to choose, you can choose in the order I organized.

Well, this is here today’s flaxseed oil assessment. Everyone wants to see what I measured? Tell me the comment area!

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