“Wenling Manufacturing” takes the “Quality Manufacturing” bus

“Wenling Manufacturing” takes the “Quality Manufacturing” bus

2019-04-10 15:41 | Wenling Daily-Zhejiang News Client Reporter | Zhao Biying Correspondent Kong Jinbin

“The country has been encouraging enterprises to develop high -quality development. In our opinion, the most fundamental core of high -quality development is the improvement of product quality.” A few days ago, Yang Zhi, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Mei Machine Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd., told reporters that in order to improve product quality, Since 2012, the US machine has introduced an excellent performance management model, is committed to the continuous innovation of technological development, has also formulated quality management methods for key processes, and has actively participated in the formulation of many industries and national standards. High -quality development.

Under such a state, the United States has become the winner of the 2018 Wenling Municipal Government Quality Award.

Not only is the US machine, in recent years, our city has been promoting enterprises to the mid -to -high -end, and many private enterprises in Wenling have also realized how important elements such as quality, brand, and innovation are of “heart -hearted”. This includes Xinlei Compressor Co., Ltd., which has won the Wenling Municipal Government Quality Award, and Zhejiang Shang Youdao Limited Company, and Zhejiang Zhongma Transmission Co., Ltd., which won the Taizhou Municipal Government Quality Award. These Wenling companies, which are at the forefront of the market, began to use their experience and grasp of the market, and strive to move towards the high standards, high quality, and high -end products of the product, and continuously improve the company’s manufacturing capabilities and product competitiveness, so as to open the road of breakout Essence

Constant innovation, make the product more gold content

“Enterprise development must have fist products.” This is the development concept of the United States, and it is also the transformation direction that many companies in Wenling have recognized and worked hard in recent years.

In recent years, the products of US machines have been independently developed, including the core electronic control system. “Although Taizhou is the capital of sewing equipment in China, Liao Liao, a truly research and development ability, is the key to our competition. Lin Xueping, chairman of the opportunity, said in an interview that he has always been at the time of innovation. For example, in 2011, industry insiders once saw the industry’s situation. When he contracted unanimously, he invested nearly 60 million yuan to include investment in fixed assets; in 2012, he invested 15 million yuan and focused on the development of 15 new products for development. Essence In recent years, the United States has invested tens of millions of yuan each year for technical research and development. Now it has obtained nearly 200 patents, and many of them are still invention patents.

“Relying on the provincial high -tech research and development center and provincial enterprise research institute, we are committed to the continuous innovation of technological development, and also hosted and participated in the formulation of 26 industry standards, and transformed 26 scientific and technological achievements.” Yang Zhi said, many of them, many of which The product has won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the China Light Industry Federation, the LS-T1900 high-speed electronic set machine, the LS-T1790 high-speed electronic flat-headed eye lock machine are included in the National Torch Program project, and the LS-1900A smart multi-function set machine is rated as rated as Provincial key innovative technology projects.

Make the product more gold -contained, which is the common attitude of Wenling enterprises in recent years.

Since the establishment of the Shangyou tools in 2004, it has been focusing on the research and development of high -speed gear rolls, tooth knives, and shaving knives series tool products. Its self -developed complex knife computer auxiliary design software, tooth knife, rolling knife computer simulation cutting software, shortening the design and process establishment cycle by 70%; the development of the heavy load and high -efficiency double -cut knife Below, effectively increase the number of cutting blades and intensity of the tool, solve the key technical problems of the tool design, greatly improve the processing speed and service life of the rolling knife, and the work efficiency is 5-8 times that of ordinary gear rolling knives, filling the domestic gap in domestic gaps It is included in the National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project.


Xin Lei has used the advanced management model of domestic and foreign enterprises to build a complete management platform in terms of new technology research, new product research and development, product design upgrade, and production process improvement. The operation of the device.

Today, Xin Lei has 26 invention patents, 41 practical new patents, and 10 appearance patents. A total of 77 items have also been formulated. It also participated in the formulation of 4 industry standards such as the Test Method of Screw Air Compressor Test. The rotating air compressor won the first prize of Taizhou Science and Technology Progress and was included in the National Torch Program. The independently developed permanent magnet inverter two -level compressed screw air compressor, with a small volume, large power, and low energy consumption. The full series is better than the national first -level energy efficiency standard. The second prize of the Science and Technology Award was included in the energy -saving equipment catalog by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Reward continuous and give full play to the maximum energy of employees

During this period, more and more companies began to think about how to maximize the energy of employees.

In the United States, many groups are active. These groups have a unified code -named “QC”. Whenever the company encounters the problems of technology research and development, production efficiency, energy conservation cost reduction and after -sales, various QC groups have begun to make suggestions and continue to solve problems for enterprises. In the United States, activities such as “skill competition”, “process innovation”, “research research” and “fast response” have formed a normalized operating model. The ultimate goals of these activities are to create first -class products for customers.

“We pay attention to the role of employees in the improvement of product quality. To this end, we will not only carry out QC group activities of different themes at each stage, but also hold quality meetings every month. According to the market, customers, and workshops, etc. The information feedback from all aspects will be improved and improved. “Yang Zhi said that the American machine also established and implemented the” Rating System for Training Points and Training Results “,” Improvement System for Zhejiang Mei Machine Proposal “,” QC Group Activity System “, etc. Let employees actively participate.

Yao Jun is an employee of the Mail Macau Gold Workshop. When he worked in the front line of the workshop, he found that when the Q5 computer car drilled the mold, the nine holes on the front of the drill need to use 4 small drilling molds. Not only is it time, but the drilling size is unstable.凭借经验,他提出了改善提案,将Q5电脑车钻模进行了合并,在不改变钻模整体性能的情况下,4个钻模合并成了一个大的钻模,和原来的相比,不仅The drilling efficiency increased by 40%, and the quality was greatly improved. The adverse rate was directly reduced from the original 5%to 0.

“Employee improvement proposals have become the norm in the United States. According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, we received 320 employee proposals, of which 226 were used to create 1.1 million yuan for the company.” Yang Zhi said, in addition to this, In addition, the popularity rate of the US -machine QC group activity reached 20%, and every quarter of QC group activities will be carried out several times to create 1.5 million yuan in benefits for the company.

People -oriented, this situation not only happened in the US machine, but also occurred in Lio, New Territories, Aishida, China Malaysia Transmission, Xinlei … It occurred in large and small private enterprises in Wenling.

Xin Lei established and implemented the “Performance Evaluation System”, “Reasonable Recommendation System”, “Employee Satisfaction Survey Procedures”, etc., and also implemented employee quality award evaluation in the workshop. The role of the upper play is to be rewarded.

Lio’s quality pipeline has always been active. They introduced creative work activities. Employees have good ideas about product research and development, quality improvement, equipment improvement, management services, marketing methods, corporate culture, etc., and they can make suggestions. If this proposal has passed the review of the special review team, the employee will receive a reward fund given by the company. In addition, Leo has also established an employee points system. As long as employees actively participate in improving activities, in addition to directly generating benefits, they can also get employee points as an important basis for promoting salary increases each year.

The New Territories has established a “quality king” corporate culture system. They introduced the system. If an employee finds a unqualified product and reported the initiative during the production process, it will be rewarded; if it is concealed, it will be punished seriously.

Continuous investment to make production more intelligent

It is not enough to rely on people alone. In the improvement of quality, Wenling companies have adopted automated production equipment and advanced technology to improve the quality management system.

A few years ago, the China -Malaysia Transmission proposed to integrate the big data of the enterprise through the “machine substitution” and realize the construction of the fourthization. “Now the equipment in our workshop is 2 million to 3 million yuan, and the most expensive one covers an area of ​​4 square meters. It costs 12 million yuan. Chairman Wu Jiang confidently said that the world’s advanced gear production equipment can be found almost all in China and Malaysia. This is also to allow the company’s products to truly integrate the world.

In 2014, China Malaysia Transmission invested more than 50 million yuan on the equipment, and also invested more than 50 million yuan in 2015. In 2016, it invested more than 40 million yuan. After listing, China Malaysia Transmission has ordered more than 300 million yuan of automated equipment, and is going to continue to increase investment in the next few years. Prepare the product.

In the past two years, the United States has also invested a lot in “machine substitutions”. “We must break through, and we must use intelligent equipment for production. Only when the production equipment reaches a certain level can we improve the level of technology and ensure the high quality of batch products.” Lin Xueping said. In 2017, the US machine transformed the coating process. The dust and volatile gas of the operation positions decreased significantly before improvement, and the efficiency and quality were improved.

Ye Zhijun, chairman of Shangyao tools, has been paying attention to the media for the title of “equipment control” a few years ago. In recent years, no one can stop Ye Zhijun’s favor for advanced equipment.


He introduced that when the Shangyudian Ge started, he invested more than 30 million yuan to introduce advanced machines to improve production efficiency. At that time, the output value of Shangyou tools was less than 7 million yuan. Within a few years, Ye Zhijun invested nearly 20 million yuan to improve the quality of the product with automated equipment, giving the strength of the superiors and foreign products.

“This is a P26C detector introduced from Germany, with a value of nearly 3 million yuan. The test report issued by this detector is recognized by the international market; this SMS CNC shovel machine tool is worth more than 7 million yuan; and these machine tools, there are these machine tools, and these machine tools. It is also introduced from Germany. With these equipment, the product we produce is higher and the added value is higher. “When I visited the Youdao tool, Ye Zhijun once introduced his equipment to reporters. “Today, our product accuracy is higher than most companies. The expensive knives can even sell hundreds of thousands of yuan. The price of the product is 30%to 50%higher than the previous traditional equipment production.” Ye Zhijun said.

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