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There is an open space on the campus, and it is a pity to idle! The principal told his wife: “You plant some vegetables on this open space.” In the spring, his wife planted tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, and bean horn, loofah and bitter gourd in the vegetable garden. Lobilic. Looking at the fruits and vegetables in the vegetable garden grew lushly, his wife couldn’t agree with his smile. I can’t help but think of the vegetable field cultivated by the mother in childhood. The small vegetable field brings the infinite fun of me, and so far I have unforgettable the green green in the garden.


That dish is the self -retained place when the production team disintegrates. Self -staying is next to the village. The north of the village is located. The villagers planted vegetables in their own land. The vegetable field became a vegetable garden. Between the vegetable garden and the village, there is a flat wheat field, a few stone pier, such as a sack full of grain, squatting stout in the wheat field. The surroundings of the vegetable garden are crops. In spring, wheat seedlings are full of vitality; in the summer, corn trees stand upright, such as loyal guards guarding the vegetable garden; in the autumn, the crops are golden, and it is in the season of harvest. Rui Xue arrived unexpectedly, covering the thick quilt to the winter wheat. Therefore, in the seasons of the year, the inside and outside of the vegetable garden was full of poetry.

Spring is here, ice and snow melted, everything recovers, a cloth bird, “gurgling” screaming, passing over the field. Mother plants cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, beans, and ginger and other vegetables in the vegetable field. Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are seedlings bought by mother. Bean horn is the seeds saved by the mother last year. Inside, ginger seedlings come.

There was a water pressure machine at the head of the vegetable land. The mother planted a seedlings, and bent down and pumped the vegetable field with water pumping water. At that time, the mother was still young, and the white tender face was filled with a strong smile, and there was no white hair in the dark hair. I watched the water flowing into the vegetables and poured into the thirsty soil. I couldn’t help but picked up a handful of water and fluttered on my face. The coolness was so pleasant. Since I was volunteering, I pumped water with a water pressure machine. When I was looking forward to summer, the mother was filled with a table of dishes on the table.


In the blink of an eye, in the summer, after school, my brother and I went to the vegetable garden to “gold”. The eggplant and pepper are cooked, and my brother and I have taken one eggplant and picked a few peppers. So we had a meal.

We carefully studied the way of eating eggplant. First throw the eggplant on the stone pier in the wheat field for a while, and then eat. The hard eggplant becomes soft and harmonious. When you eat your mouth, it is a kind of cool, sweet feeling, and then bite a bite of green peppers. Come on. I was hissing, biting a sip of eggplant, and the spicy taste faded a lot. At that time, eggplant mixed peppers became the deliciousness of both of us.


Tomatoes and cucumbers should be brought home, so that the mother is cooled with boiling water. After mixing the tomato cucumber powder on the iron basin, the mother began to gobble on the table, and we started to gobble, and it was about to get up until the table was borrowed.

When we are lucky, we will find a few melon in the vegetable garden. My brother and I eat the melon, and then take one back to the mother. The mother who was so tired of being scattered, tasted the sweet melon fruit, and soon recovered her physical strength. As a result, the mother came to a rich lunch again.

In autumn, the mother planted the cabbage in the vegetable field and sprinkled the spinach seeds in the ground. My brother and I were busy digging the underground ginger. Ginger cannot be eaten raw, it is a bit strange, and the mother marinates them in the jar. After half a month, there is an extra deliciousness on the table. The marinated salty ginger is crispy and refreshing, and the scent of sesame oil was mixed with sesame oil hemp. A basket of gimmicks distilled, and soon disappeared, and the mother’s heart also had a strong sense of accomplishment. I patted my round belly, went to school bag, and went to school to go to school. At that time, I was satisfied and happy, although the family had just solved the problem of food and clothing.

Winter is here, and the mother is busy in the vegetable field. When she is snowing, she must take the cabbage home before snowing. The mother shovel a large Chinese cabbage with a shovel and transported it home with a car. In the New Year’s lamb soup, there was the scent of cabbage. Every morning, the mother will also cook a pot of spinach and egg soup, that is the food I love …

The wife picks a piece of bamboo shoots from the vegetable field, as well as lettuce, cucumber, etc. After cleaning it with water, then dip it in a plate of sweet noodle sauce. They become the deliciousness of the world. On the dining table, a happy laughter came out.

The wife became happy, and a smile was rippling on her face, just like the mother of the year.

About the author: Zhang Fuxian, formerly known as Zhang Huifeng, a geography teacher of Chengwu Bole No.1 Middle School in Shandong Province, a trivial author. I like to record the joy and sorrow of life with poetry, and use words to describe the beauty and evil and ugliness in the world. I know that my writing is poor. Although I work hard on the top, it is the tips, and I hope that the teachers and friends are right. Chinese original novels signed a contract writer, authored the novel “Auspicious and his partners”, with millions of poems, prose and novels, scattered on various network platforms.

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