Fire Eye Golden Deer Antler

Author: Cao Lihui, the Third Hospital of the Guangdong Medical University of Pharmacy, Cao Lihui, Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University



丨 Deer Family Animal Melao Cervus NipponTemmint or Malu Cervuselaphus Linnaeus’s Bucks’ ossifying Mashimi.

[Sexual flavor and returns]

丨 sweet, salty, warm. Between kidney and liver meridians.

【Function and Indications】

丨 Zhuang kidney yang, nourishing essence of blood, strong bones and bones, tuning and reactoring, sores. For lack of kidney yang, deficiency of essence and blood, impotence and smooth essence, infertility in the palace, thin, fatigue, chills, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, cold pain, soft bones and bones, bones and bones Converge.

【Usage and Dosage】


丨 1 to 2G, rush at the end of the research.

The above comes from “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” (2015 edition)

Deer antler can promote wound healing, repair bone defects, improve immunity, improve sexual function, antioxidant, anti -aging, promote protein and nucleic acid synthesis in the body, improve memory, anti -radiation, anti -tumor, and anti -ulcers. In recent years, the market demand for antler has gradually increased, but in order to seek benefits, illegal merchants have faked and inferior products when they are sold. In order not to be deceived and spent money, give you a pair of fire eyes Jinqing, identify the true and false velvet antler.

Fresh velvet antler is dried after drying and becoming a velvet chip. According to the position of the slice, the nutritional value is also divided into wax tablets, powder, gauze (blood slices) and bone slices from the top to the bottom of the antler. The nutritional value is also from high to low.


Wax tablet

It is a selection of the top parts of the antler. The top of the velvet antler is thick, but the internal texture is tender, tissue, oily like fat, color waxy yellow, crystal like beeswax, wax -like luster, and “no honeycomb hole” inside. Its quality is the best, and the cut pieces are called wax tablets. A wax tablet that can be cut out of a whole antler is only a dozen tablets, which is very precious, has good effect, and has the highest medicinal value.


Select the upper section of the deer antler. The thickness is even, one -sided, the tissue is dense, the texture is slightly old, hard and rough, no bone quality, pink powder, and poor oily. The middle part has the honeycomb -shaped pores, smells of smell, quality than waxing tablets, and the quality. Of.


Also known as the “blood film”, it is made from the middle and lower sections of the deer antler into a thin piece. The quality of the gauze is better than the powder. The cut surface is yellow and white or light brown, the sponge -like pores are slightly larger, the peripheral cortex is dark brown -red, without bone quality, and the body is also relaxed. Good gauze films are round and neat; tissue is dense, soft and elastic; the gauze eyes are fine, without leakage; the cortex is tightly combined with the furry tissue.



It is cut with the recent velvet segment of the bone end, and the quality is worse than the gauze. The cut surface is yellow -brown or blood dirty, the sponge -like pores are large, and they are gauze -like. They have been osteogized, the peripheral cortex is thin, brown -red, and the quality is harder.



At present, there are mainly the following types of counterfeels on the market:

First, replace it with osteicized antlers.

Distinguish the main points:

1. Antlers are round, semi -crescent, and other irregular shapes, while velvet antler tablets are mostly circular or oval.

2. The edge of the edge of the antlers is high, and there will even be tooth -shaped protrusions, while the keratinization of velvet antler tablets is low and there is no protrusion.

3. The periphery of the antlers is white, the middle is brown, and the velvet chip will not have white periphery.

4. The holes of the antlers are large and often ruptured, and some holes have dark brown filling.

Second, with the fur (such as pig skin) of other animals, the blood or bone glue of the animal is cut into thin slices and impersonally impersonate.

The weight is hard and not easy to break. The cross section is brown -purple. There is no honeycomb -like pores. The fur wrapped in the outer skin can be stripped away.

Third, the outer skin is a real antler skin, and other substances are filled. If the velvet powder extracted with the pharmaceutical factory is dried, the egg is tuned with eggs, and then wrapped in leather to process it into thin slices.

There is no honeycomb -shaped section, no hair in the outer outer skin, and the taste of the tongue has a sticky tongue. After entering the water, it melts, and the sheet cannot be kept.

Antlers-the shape is mostly not round


Pseudo -deer tablet

The above is the simple and practical way of buying deer antler. I hope to help you. We usually know more about it.

First instance: Liu Lijuan, the third hospital affiliated to the Guangdong Medical University of Pharmacy

Second trial: Feng Shiyin, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Pharmaceuticals, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Distinguish the main points:

Distinguish the main points:

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