Tide Comment: Conduct Rate 76652-03

Can this conductors apply to HG/T2003? Users often take problems with problems. In this issue, the north -south tide also tabosses this conductive conductivity from the United States.

The technical parameters of the resistor are like a person’s measurement, and the tide is too lazy to abandon my tongue and directly sunbath

Measuring range

潮评:电导率仪 76652-03

KV: 0 to ± 199.9kV; UA: 0 to ± 1999.9UA; Kn: 0 to ± 1999.9kn; Mn: 0.01 to 199.9mn

潮评:电导率仪 76652-03


Painting resistance rate measurement, 76652-03 contains 76634-00 multi-function host instrument and 7922-00 paint probe.

潮评:电导率仪 76652-03

Table name: 76652-03 Conductive Ritual Specification Parameter Table

The technical comparison can be directly compared by the North-South Tide System. 76652-03 This conductivity instrument impress the paint resistance rate test; it contains 7922-00 paint probe; can be selected for other different probes.

In the past year, 1604 users have learned in detail on the north -south tide. Xiaochao’s brothers and sisters also took a set of physical maps of 76652-03 for this, and enjoyed it together!

潮评:电导率仪 76652-03

So, whether this Lanshi conductivity meter is good or not, the quality is not stupid, the brothers and sisters say that existence is useful. Different conditions are used to use different resistors, which is suitable. In addition, I remember that 76652-03 is 365 days in the warranty period of North and South, including host X1, resistance probe X1, ground electrode X1, instructions X1, don’t say I didn’t tell you!

潮评:电导率仪 76652-03

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潮评:电导率仪 76652-03

[American Lang’s paint resistance rate meter 76652-03 paint resistance rate test] Price

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