“Sweet Economy” fire

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On April 23, as the “May 1st” approached, the residents of the residents of the East neighborhood committee of Daxing Town, Yuyu District, Rural E -commerce Demonstration Village, the provincial rural e -commerce demonstration village are getting busy. Wedding supplies such as the candy box are sent to all parts of the country with the logistics vehicle every day. According to reports, 90%of the cylindrical paper citrus boxes sold online each year are issued from here.

“Now is the season of wedding. We have a full amount of sugar boxes. There are hundreds of orders every day, and the payment of thousands of dollars is thousands of yuan.” Wu Jianghong, the owner of the Spring Store of Paris, the East Separational Committee, introduced it every year. “Marriage fever will make the” sweet career “of Jidong Neighborhood Committee ushered in another peak of orders for the year, and the” sweet economy “is a red fire.

After years of development, the Xikan Box industry of the East Neighborhood Committee has formed a one -stop service system for “base production, resident processing, network sales, logistics and distribution”, and also drives most people of the neighborhood committee to start a business at the doorstep.

“Being a happy candy box, other lives at home do not delay to do it. During this time, it is too busy. It can process 3 or 4 boxes a day and earn dozens of dollars.” Wait for the decoration while introducing. She was originally a low -income household. She made money by processing the candy box, and her life gradually became better. (Zhu Rui Shen Jingjing)

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