Professional medical grade compressed atomizer, small and portable, more convenient for home medical care!

Family medical atomizer


Medical atomizers are mainly used to treat various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as colds, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other diseases that occur in bronchial, bronchial, alveolar, and thoracic cavity.

Atomization inhalation therapy

Atomizing inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It uses atomization inhalation to atomizes the liquid liquid into tiny particles. The purpose of quickly and effective treatment.


Air compressed atomizer: Also called a fustorized atomization. It is based on the principle of Venturi spraying. The compressed air is used to form a high -speed airflow through a small tube. Under a high -speed impact, splashing around, the droplets turned into fog -like particles from the pads.


How to use air compressed atomizers

Air compressed atomizer has the following advantages:

① High -efficiency oil -free piston compressor. It does not require cooling water during atomization, daily maintenance, and operation is simpler and convenient; primary drugs are atomized, no dilution, and the clinical effect is good; there is almost no drug residual amount, and the drug utilization rate is high.

Air compressed atomization instrument

② The operation is more convenient. The product has a 2 -meter trachea. The room is large. It can be used by sitting and lying. The atomization components are lightweight. It is convenient to wear and support.

Compressed atomizer

③ The atomization of atomization is used for the primary medicine. The amount of atomization inhaled during the relative treatment time is appropriate. It is not easy to cause the inner wall of the trachea to rise, cause the trachea to block, the atomization particles ultra -fine, and it is not easy to collide with. And it can enter the bronchial, lungs and other bronchial pads. The clinical effect is excellent, and it is suitable for lower respiratory disease treatment.


Haier compressed atomizer


Pay attention to the following points to buy air compressed atomizers:

① Noise, vibration, fever

The noise of the atomizer is an important indicator of its quality. Excessive noise will affect the mood of patients who are not in good best. It is advisable to be within 65 decibels. Generally speaking, if the noise is high, its vibration must not be small. The noise and vibration machine must have a lot of fever. The nominal power of the compressed atomizer is not greater the better. Most of the energy of the machine with large power but noise (vibration and heat) is wasted.


Haier air compressed atomizer is less than 65 decibels

② atomization particles

The size of the atomization particles is directly related to the atomization effect, and the fustorized particles with a smaller (less than 2.5 μm) can achieve the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. The atomized particles are generally involved in the size of the medicine particle, the average pill size (MMAD), and the average medium size (MMD).

Haier atomizer


③ portability


As a household, the volume of the atomizer is also a factor that family users need to consider. The smaller volume means more convenient to carry. If you need a business trip during the atomized treatment, you need to pay more attention.

Haier inhaled atomizer


④ Design and appearance quality

After the compressor meets the basic requirements, the quality of the atomization cup is particularly critical.



Haier’s inhaled atomizer is more convenient for home medical care. Use professional medical -grade compressed atomizers, small atomization particles, and drugs are easy to absorb. Small and convenient design, the size of 159 × 178 × 105mm is equivalent to the size of an iPad (of course, the thickness is no more), weighing only 1.4kg. The one -click switch is placed on the front of the fuselage, and the pores next to it are closed with a sliding cover plate; the atomized cup link is designed to be intimately designed, and the power interface is placed below it.

Haier no oil lubricating pistol pump


The Haier atomizer uses a oil -free lubricating piston pump, which is not only foggy, but also runs smoothly and has a long life. The new generation of atomizes cup is selected. After special design, the drug atomization fully reduces the drug residue, is easy to absorb, can be washed materials, healthy and environmentally friendly, and the elderly and children can use it with peace of mind.

Haier atomize cup

For the processing methods of abandoned ontology, accessories and optional components, please follow the regulations of the local government. Haier’s air compressed atomization instrument only requires ¥ 288.00 particles to be smaller, and the drug absorption is more thorough.


Haier medical compressed atomizer parameter

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