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R essinTiel

Leisure strap mid -sleeve dress

After discounted price: 20.65 euros (about 163 yuan)

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R ESSENTIEL is a product line of La Redoute. It has a variety of products and exquisite workmanship. It is known for its simplicity and natural element style. This dress perfectly interprets the lazy atmosphere of summer. The strap design of the neckline also has a hint of laziness. The color of the rose powder injects a hint of playfulness and vitality into the skirt. The whole skirt design is simple and natural. Patch pockets are both practical and eliminated. The skirt is made of 100%polyester, which is not only resistant to heat and wear, but also excellent anti -wrinkle resistance. Every time you wear it, you feel like a new dress.

La Redoute’s official website price is 34.43 euros. Intersection Come and buy it!

In addition, users who have successfully placed orders on the Chinese official website of La Redoute, if they are taxed by that time, can receive the tax paid certificate and order number of the limited time tax subsidy coupon for 20 Euros, and the customers who refuse to accept and return the package will not enjoy the limited time for limited time. Tax subsidy coupons.



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